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Part 4: The Close Side of the Two Friends (DX)

Part XV: The Close Side of the Two Friends (DX)
Original Update

The elusive alchemist

The opening is the same: Solle forwards the Shallies to Perriend regarding Keithgriff…

…who in turn gives them Keith’s profile and mentions Nady. Moving on to the meat of the changed material for this chapter…

Distance (DX)

Music: Droplets of Time

The only thing we really found out was his name.

He’s an amazing alchemist, and he has an automaton following him… That might be enough information.

Yes, although… We don’t even know where to go and meet him…

What!? Shallie, are you intending to go looking for him?

Y-yes… I thought you would intend to do the same…

It’s true I thought that at first, but… But you even said so yourself. We need to continue our investigations on our own.

Even though we might figure everything out if we meet Keithgriff?

You say that, but we don’t even know where he is. Also, always relying on others will never solve anything. It’s more important to do something, with our own strength…

I never said that! …Ugh, why do you always have to take things so negatively?

…I’m sorry. But I really do want to search for Keithgriff. This is the first real clue we’ve found to solve Lugion Village’s problems, after all.

…I knew you’d say that. Well, I guess I can’t help it.

Can’t help what?

In the end, you see the issues facing this town as someone else’s problem.

Why would you say something like that? That’s terrible!

What!? When did I ever say that…!?

You heard that a little issue happened in Stellard, and then, you had to rush back from the Eastern Continent… My village has been affected by drought for a long time already. Everyone’s barely hanging on.

I know that, but…

No, you don’t know. There’s no way you could understand… People living in such a blessed land could never understand our suffering.

You’re acting like you’re the only one suffering! How stupid! It’s true that Stellard is blessed from your viewpoint. But that doesn’t mean that everyone living here is happy or blessed. My mom and I have had to work hard to get by. Yet something like that happened to her, and I have no idea what to do…

“Something like that”? … Did something happen to your mother? That reminds me, back at Mr. Perriend’s place you…

I… See…

…Yes. If our goals differ, then there's no need to force ourselves to work together.

Yeah, that’s right. I agree. This is where we split up.

Hunting down

(That's right, my situation is totally different from hers… She doesn't have any burdens. I'll definitely save Lugion…)

Same as base game. Stera looks for Keithgriff…

A new direction?

While Lotte looks for work around town.

Wait, are you okay!? Don't worry about me, just get some rest!

Don't worry, I'm sure I'll feel better in a little bit… But since you're home, would you mind talking a bit?

… (No, I need to stay cheerful like always! I can't cause mom any worry.)

I can tell that you’re feeling down, you know.

It’s… I need to get work from Raoul, Mom. I’ll see you later. Now rest up!

Take care.

A brave face

You're alone today? That's strange.

That doesn't matter… More importantly, do you have any work?

Hmm, let's see… What about a survey of the open sea? That sounds ideal for you.

The sea? Uhm, you need a ship for that...

Of course you do. That's why I asked you.

Um, Solle? I wasn't in town for a while, so I really want to do something in Stellard!

Work in the city…? I wasn't expecting that. I'll need some time to make changes. I'm sure I'll find something. Mind waiting a while?

Oh, okay!

I didn't expect you to say you won't work out of town. Did something happen?

No… I'll do some work that uses the ship again soon!

Leads and Feelings

Rosemia… Oh! Maybe you'd know!

Know what?

I'm searching for an alchemist named Keithgriff Hazeldine. He came to town recently. He helped fix Stellard's water supply the other day, and he's supposed to be really smart. Since you always stay by the harbor, maybe you saw him, and…

Hmm, so apparently this guy is a really great alchemist, huh? What was his name again?

Keithgriff. Have you met him before?

…No, I haven't.


Was there something weird about him?

He should have an automaton following him… That's it, really.

An automaton, huh…

Yes. Do you know about automatons?

Of course… And actually, I have an idea about the person you mentioned.


Yes, I think he went to the Union.

Thank you so much! I'll check it out right now!

I hope to meet you again, before you die.

Maybe you should ask Escha.

Well then, let’s get to it!

Really? Do you know where he went??

I don't, but he said he was going to be checking out the area for a while. I'm sure he'll be back at some point…

Some point? But…

Oh uh, yeah, he gave me this alchemy recipe. He said, "Make this", but I have no idea what it's for.

Recipe, huh…

...Uhm, may I take it?

Huh? Um, sure! I’m not sure what he needs, and I have other things to attend to, so you can have at it.

Thank you so much!

Now then, I can tell that Keithgriff isn’t the only person on your mind.

I… how do you mean?

Shallie, your mood seems a bit different from usual.


Um, was I wrong?

…You might be right. I did something like THAT, after all… Can I talk about it?

Sure thing! Have a seat.

I… had a huge fight with Shallie earlier today.

Oh. So that’s why you’re alone today…

I accused her of not caring about the burden I carry or the suffering of my people. I told her that someone from a place like Stellard could never understand what my people and I have been going through with the drought in Lugion. But when I think back on our fight, Shallie has burdens of her own, and I just couldn’t see that… or see how that would cause our priorities to differ.

I see…

That was the first time I ever had an argument like that… What should I do?

…Um, is fighting really that bad?


It’s nice to get along with someone forever, but I think that’s actually pretty rare. Everyone has their own point of view. If there’s a difference in the way you think, you can’t get along forever.

That sounds very sad.

That’s right. And that’s why you talk to people, to get even a little bit closer to them.

But I… I said such awful things to Shallie.

People can’t get truly serious with someone they don’t care about. Getting mad at, or sad about someone… Is probably because you really cherish that person, Shallie. I think that’s way more wonderful than just going along with someone, and only appearing to be friends on the surface.

I always thought I had to be gentle with others. Because I’m a chief’s daughter. Because I don’t want to hurt anyone…

Shallie is the first person you’ve gotten serious with. I’m sure she’ll understand.

Escha… Yes, thank you! Now, time to see what Keithgriff wants…

…Ugh, I’m still feeling rotten about earlier! I can’t focus on synthesizing at all! Guess I’ll go crash at Miruca’s for a bit…

True Feelings

Be quiet, Shal.


Did something happen?

Yeah, to tell the truth… I got into a huge fight with Shallie earlier today. I told her she always relies on others, and accused her of not caring about the issues facing Stellard, and I even called her a spoiled little princess… it got REALLY heated, and it’s casting a cloud on everything I do now.

Yeah, I know, but I’ve never had an argument with Shallie before. Everything was always kind of fun when we were together… This is kind of a shock. Also, Shallie looked like she was really hurt…

Then just go apologize.

But what should I apologize for?

What do you mean?

What I told her back then was how I actually felt. Those were my honest feelings. I asked her why she was always trying to rely on people she doesn’t know. I was really frustrated, and sad…

…I see.

I thought things would never change, that we would get along forever… But it seems like I didn’t actually know anything about Shallie.

…My sister gave me some good sweets. You should have some.

Okay… Sorry, Miruca… And thanks.

Meeting him (DX)

Oh… Right…

Shallie was right… Why did it turn into an argument…? I wonder what she's doing… She probably hates me… Anyway, I should be helping however I can right now!

Hello, is Shallotte here?

Ah, no… She's not.

I see. How troublesome… I can't go visit her home myself...

Why not?

She didn't tell you? I guess that's not too surprising… Nady, Shallie's mom, is terminally ill. Has been for a very long time…

Shallie's mom is sick?!

The chairman found an alchemy book to help ease her condition, even if it's just a little bit… I need to get this book to Shallotte without Nady seeing it.

This is a recipe to make heart medicine… Right?

I believe so.

Why can’t you let her find out?

Nady is still hiding something from her daughter. She was even hiding the fact that she worked as the chairman’s secretary in the past… She laughed and said the past is all in the past, but her greatest fear was likely her illness coming to light…

I see… Then that means your predecessor was…

Yes, that’s right. That’s why she’s very important to us as well. Nady is the type of person who tries to carry all her burdens by herself… She could have relied on us more…

(No, I’m sure that’s not the only reason… But I’m sure it’s related. Shallie is the type who tries to carry all her burdens by herself, too…) Shallie…

If Shallotte happens to come by, could you tell her to come visit the Corporation and pick this up?

Umm, if it's okay… I could give the book to her.

Really? That would be helpful. Besides, I’m sure she’ll be happier receiving it from her friend…


Please lend her strength. We wish to help her in whatever way possible, as well. I’ll be around if you need me.

Oh… I know I heard Shallie talking about her mom with Mr. Perriend… Part of me probably just… Didn’t care. Or thought there wasn’t time for that.

(Did I just want to find someone reliable to shove my responsibilities onto? No wonder Shallie would start to despise me…) It’s no good… Right now, there’s no way I can go and give her this book… But maybe if I was able to synthesize the medicine in here…

Ah, right! I just synthesized the item from Keithgriff’s book. I should show Escha!

Oh, Shallie, hi.

(Huh? This person… I've met them before…) I finished the recipe you gave me.

Wow, you must've worked really hard! Keith, this girl is an alchemist, too.

…Keith? You don't mean… Keithgriff?

Yes, this's him!


…Hm. So, you Synthesized this?

Yes. I asked Escha to let me make this.

Hmm... I can use this. You have my thanks.

AH! Uhm, you fixed this city's water supply equipment, right?

Fixed? Haha, ah, don't make me laugh. That's just a temporary measure.

That's good enough for me, please, teach me! The water in my village is drying up, just like it is here. Do you know how to save this city and my home village?

And even if I did, there's nothing I can do. My only goal is to find the truth behind the Twilight.


If you're an alchemist, you should look for the truth yourself. Not for the sake of others.

You said there might be clues about the Dusk in the relics and ruins of this region… Right?

If you study relics from the past, maybe you can find the reason for the droughts?

Maybe… I'm heading out, so how about I pay you for that Synthesis…

You don't have to pay me. But, I would like you to teach me one thing... How to synthesize the items in this book…

This is…

For a kind of heart medicine. It’s for my friend’s terminally ill mother, so I surmise her heart is weakening…

…I see. Read this book a little bit more, and then come meet me at the City Water Source.

Keithgriff, I learned more about that heart disease we discussed…! Could there be a way to cure it!?

Tell me more about what you’ve come up with. Then I can assess your conclusions.

Reading this book more closely… I can tell that the recipe herein will be severely inadequate for treating what was described to me. At best, it can only pause further deterioration…

It seems highly likely that it’s a disease of the respiratory and circulatory system.

…So, why did you decide to come straight to me?

Huh? Well, because…

This is your friend’s mother’s illness, right? You’re an alchemist, why don’t you try to find a solution yourself? It’s true that the recipe you showed me before is useless in that state. It’ll only make her breathing easier, at best. …However, now that you know details of her condition, shouldn’t there be a way to improve the recipe?

I’m sorry. I got too impatient…

First, you need to think of ways to improve her condition. You could come to me after trying that, at least.

I understand. I’ll try and think up a solution with alchemy on my own before asking you again.

Very well. If your desire to learn turns out to be real, I’ll lend you my strength when the time comes. And once you have taken that next step, you know where you can find me.

Keithgriff said that synthesizing it with so little information would be very difficult… Who could I ask to learn more…? Oh, I know, maybe Mr. Perriend would know!

Tell her. She's her friend's mother. It won't hurt if she knows.

Very well, chairman. Nady's illness is a disease of the heart. It could be described as… a weak heart. One that can’t pump enough blood to her lungs, impairing her breathing. When she was with the Corporation, she was fine so long as she didn’t exert herself… but judging from what Shallotte told us the other day, even low-stress tasks can overload her heart now.

…Thank you very much for telling me. If left alone, it’ll just keep progressing, right…?

It's difficult to slow its progress, let alone cure it, even with alchemy. It's quite unfortunate…

I’m sure the medicine recipe you gave me will be helpful. If I use that as a base, I know it’ll work… That’s why I’ll keep looking for a way to save Nady!

I’d like to ask that as well. I can’t bear to simply sit by and do nothing…

That goes for me, too. Nady is… Like a mother to me.

…I understand!

Shallistera. I may be speaking out of place, but…


I asked questions about many things to learn about my current work. Please, don’t be afraid to do so as well…

Linca… Thank you very much! (I should start with Teo. Lugion’s medical tradition may have something that could help cure Nady…)

I know about medicine, but not much about illnesses themselves. According to your diagnosis, this medicine might form a proper foundation…

Thank you, Teo…!

But the disease sounds quite complicated, so I'm still worried, even with the medicine.

No, that’s fine! I’ll use this, and think about it more myself! Hmm… who else do I know who might know something…

If I do this… Then this becomes like this… Okay! (This is everything I can come up with right now… Hopefully this brings me closer to the answer.)

…It’s done! …Just wait, Shallie. Let’s see if Keithgriff thinks this’ll work…

The Wanted

By the way, I wonder if Nio managed to meet up with her older sister yet?


She’s an herbalist I know from Colseit. She’s about the same age as me, but she’s really smart and reliable.

According to Nio, her sister was going to head toward Stellard. Maybe they’re traveling separately?

…Do you two know this sister of hers?

Nope. According to Nio, she’s the apprentice of an alchemist named Keithgriff Hazeldine. Apparently she’s investigating ancient ruins with him, but this Keithgriff guy is actually…

Escha, do you know something?

…I heard about him in Central. He’s a highly skilled alchemist. He’s also wanted for destroying facilities.

Um, I think I’ve heard that name before… That reminds me, Nio’s sister was also wanted for destroying ruins…

Like master, like apprentice.

Right… Anyway, Escha, you were saying?

Uu… Um, well… A little while back, a traveling alchemist named Keithgriff visited me. He asked me to synthesize something…

Escha. I think that’s something you should have immediately reported to Solle…

I didn’t think it was a big deal… I’m sorry!

It’s fine! I won’t tell anyone about it.

To tell the truth, Keith’s apprentice is a friend of mine. But I hadn’t even heard rumors about her. She’s supposed to have come here, right? And if that stubborn old man is here too… You might unexpectedly run into them.

(So Keithgriff is… I can’t let that stop me. I have to get his input on this medicine!)

Many parts aren’t optimized, but the plan itself is fine.


However, this still can’t be used on a patient.

I-I see. So it’s no good…

I don’t like people who give up easily. I told you, the plan itself is fine.

Maybe I overreacted… I’m sorry.

Stop apologizing. You’re making me feel I’ve done something wrong. …Hmm. I’d regret abandoning such a promising matter… I’ll adjust the recipe a little for you. The synthesis afterwards, however, will be dependent on your own efforts.

R-really!? …Thank you so much!

…I simply don’t agree with giving up on something with a chance of success.

(Shallie… I’m sure your mother will be okay! I’ll make sure of it!)

There we go! One Holinica Steel Plate!

Strength and Helplessness

Mom! I told you, you shouldn't be up!

I'm fine, see?

You collapsed the other day, mom! That's serious stuff! Go lie down!

Oh my gosh, you're so scary!

Ah, as I'd expect from my daughter. You've really grown up.

Even the chairman of the Corporation was talking about giving me work…

I'm glad you're working hard, but make sure you're taking care of yourself. I know you get hungry really quickly.

…Yeah. I know. …I’ll be going for a walk, Mom.

Make sure to be home before dinner!

Mom was pushing herself to appear healthy… She should have just rested in bed! …Is there anything I can do for her? I have to know someone, ANYONE who knows!

Yeah… I was just wondering if there’s anything I can do. I thought I became more capable, but there’s nothing I can do myself…

Shal… Complaining to me won’t change anything… I don’t have the ability to help your mother, either. You should talk to other people… I’m sorry that I can’t help.

That’s not true, Miruca. But you’re right! I should talk to lots of people! It’s too soon to quit… Ehehe.

…Do your best, Shal.

(I say that, but who should I talk to? …Oh, I know! Escha!)

I didn’t know what to do about my mom’s illness, so I was pretending that I was just thinking about Stellard. No matter how I looked at her, I could see that she was weakening, but she always pretended to be well. After seeing that, I knew that I had to do something… I thought you, Escha… You’re a great alchemist, so you might know of some sort of way…

Uu… I’d love to help if I could, but… I just studied whatever I liked, so I don’t know much about illness… T-this is no good. I need to study more, or I could never call myself a professional… I’m sorry, Shallie.

There’s nothing to apologize for, Escha! It’s my fault for being so helpless!

…Oh, I know. Are there any people around who have known your mother for a long time? Someone like that might have a hint for you, at the very least. Can you think of anyone?

Linca… My mom isn’t getting any better…

Miss Nady…

I was just trying to act strong last time I came here. But I can’t do anything for my mom. I thought Mr. Gerard might know something that could help. Anything would be fine. If I just have a hint, I’ll look for the rest. I’ll do anything. So please ask him…!

Miss Shallie. The chairman is already searching for ways to save Miss Nady.

He is…!?

We’ll explain the situation later. For now, please just make sure Miss Nady has plenty of rest. Also…

…Also, what!?

Please, put your mother at ease.

I believe the only thing that can do that is you continuing to smile cheerfully. Miss Nady is a very strong woman. She wouldn’t pass away and leave you alone. That’s why… You need to retain hope, and watch over her. You mustn’t give up…

…Okay! I really am useless, aren’t I Shallie? …Oh.

(Shallotte… Shallistera… I have faith in you both…)


No, this isn’t the time for saying such negative things. I NEED to make this. …*Sigh*. But first, I should eat some meat and get some energy…

Huh!? …Okay?

Ugh, I knew it. It’s written like usual. Only I could understand this. Details of materials are the most important part. This medicine is hard to make, after all. Good thing I came here.

Um, who are you…?

Oh, sorry for butting in all of a sudden. This Synthesis will be very difficult, so I came over to help.

T-thank you very much…?

Okay, first… Good, you have all the ingredients on hand. The trick with this medicine is when you put in the neutralizers. That’ll bring out the full potential of your materials.

I see…

Give me your hand, and I’ll help you through the motions. Every move you make must be precise and exacting…

It’s done! I really made it!

(Was that a dream? Or was she really a fairy…? But it’s true that she helped me. Her hands were warm… The medicine turned out fine, too… I really managed to make it…!) No time to waste!

Miss Nady?

Shallie! I’m sorry, my daughter is off running errands…

I’m… not here for her today. I’m here because I heard about your illness from Mr. Perriend. …Take this medicine. It’ll help.

Oh! Why, thank you!

I gave her the medicine, but… Will it really work? (More importantly… Will she really trust me? Shallie’s mother was smiling, just like before, but… I said such terrible things to Shallie… Will she just think it’s too little, too late?)

Wilbell…! To tell the truth… I was here for her mom. You know Keithgriff, right?

What does he have to do with Shallie’s mom?

I got him to help me come up with a medicine for her illness. But even then… I still needed help when synthesizing. Thankfully, a blonde, pretty fairy-like woman came to help me every step of the way.

…I see. You really did it, Shallistera! You’re pretty amazing!

…You think so?

You worked really hard to make that, right? Of course it’ll work. It’ll be fine.

I hope so…

Hey, quit making such a worried face all the time! Smile more, smile!

Still, to think you managed to catch that stubborn old man, and make him tell you how to make it. You’re pretty good.

Do you know Keithgriff?

From the past. We worked together just a little bit. He’s probably still as hard headed as before… Well, there’s no harm in meeting him I guess.


…Nah, it couldn’t be. (After all these years… was it really you, Ayesha?)

It’s never too late (DX)

Good job! You're alone today, too?

Heh… Pretty much.

Huh? You don't normally dodge subjects… Did something happen?

Not really… Nothing happened. We're fine!

Oh yeah? Well. That's good then…

Solle, I sent the documents to Central.

Thank you, Escha.


Oh, hello, Shallie. What're you doing here?

I figured I should get some work done.

Haha, that’s good. …By the way, how’s your mom doing? Any improvement?

No, nothing yet. But I haven’t given up hope!

The other Shallie was asking Keith about it before, too… About her illness.

Shallie was!? (…And by “Keith” could she mean… No way, there wouldn’t be a coincidence like that.)

Shallie looked really worried, you know?

Shallie… I see…

Eh? Go where?

Shallie's place, of course.


It looks like you want to say something.

…I said something awful to Shallie… That's why I…

Don't tell me about it, go talk to her about it yourself!


I'm sure the other Shallie is waiting for you. She was really worried.

She won't turn you away. Get going!

Okay! But first, I should go home and check on Mom…


How are you feeling, Mom? I heard Shallie was looking for a way to help you…

Much better now. Whatever she gave me, it really helped!

So she really…!

Now, Shallie… there’s someone else you should check in with, right?

Making up (DX)

Music: Aquamarine -Game Version- — Annabel


I heard from my mom that you brought her medicine… I just wanted to drop by and say thank you.

N-no, don’t worry about it. Nady has been doing a lot to help me, too…

But she seems to be feeling a lot better because of that… Thanks.

A lot of people helped me make it. It wasn’t just me, so I really don’t deserve any gratitude…

What’s that supposed to mean? I’m thanking you, so you should accept it… You’re acting pretty rotten.

That’s not what I meant…!

My mom was suffering, and I wanted to help her! But I couldn’t do anything… Then you brought that medicine, and I really am grateful about it. You could at least let me thank you!

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, Shallie…

…Don’t apologize. Even I realize I’m just venting my frustration off onto you… But we had an argument like that the other day… Yet you grew up so much while I was just moping around… It seems like you didn’t need me after all, and I’ve been left behind. I don’t even know what to do…

…Shallie, you big idiot!


You think you were the only one who felt sad? I… I was too… But I had no choice but to do this alone…

You’re the one who’s crying, Shallie… Sniff… Ahem! I’ve been thinking all this time. About the other day… No, not just that, everything since coming here. I met a girl with the same name in a city I didn’t know… I felt like the heroine of some storybook.


That’s why I misunderstood. I thought we were special. I thought there was no way we could ever disagree with each other. But that wasn’t the case. We just happened to get along, and didn’t try to get to know each other more deeply… We aren’t special. We’re just normal girls…

…Is that no good?

Nope… And that’s why I started thinking about things that I could do to help you.

Yes, same here…

I think the fact that we’re different people… Is why being together gives me such a warm feeling… I wonder why I couldn’t figure this out earlier. I really am an idiot…

Me too…

We were finally able to make amends because of this. I feel like we’ll be spending a lot of time together.

I’m still worried about things, but we can finally start moving forward. But first things first… should we go to the Corporation? I’m sure that Mr. Perriend and Linca will want to hear the good news about your mom.

Sounds good!

Alchemist of the Dusk Earth

Music: Swaying Hair Clip for Shallie

Still, you’ve really grown, Bell.

Heh heh, I know right? You could say I’ve become more adult-like.

Do you two know each other?

Ah, Shallies. I might have mentioned this before, but she’s an old friend.

You have apprentices, Bell!? Does that mean they’re both magicians?

Nope. Only that one’s my apprentice. But they’re both alchemists like you, Ayesha. Well, except less experienced. Also, they’re both named Shallie.

Shallie and Shallie? I see… Bell’s apprentice, huh… I’m Ayesha Altugle. I’ve come to investigate ancient ruins in this area. It’s nice to meet you.

I’m Shallotte Elminus! I’m still just a novice, if you can even call me that. Oh, also… Please call me Lotte!

My name is Shallistera Argo… Please call me Stera.

Hehe. That’ll be a long story, so let’s save it for another time. This city’s drought seems to be related to what I’m investigating. I think I’ll be able to help you.


Lotte… And Stera, right? You seem to get along really well, that’s nice. I’ll be in the area for a while. If there’s anything I can help with, just let me know!

Ayesha’s a really skilled alchemist. You can rely on her.


I’ll be looking forward to working with you, Ayesha!