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Original Thread: A Holistic View of Climate Change: Let's Play Atelier Shallie DX



A Holistic View of Climate Change: Let’s Play Atelier Shallie DX!


‘Sylphid’ posted:

As you may recall from years ago, I started and finished an LP of the PS3 version of Shallie. At the time this was the markedly inferior version of the game as Shallie+ had recently been released in Japan, which featured two new party members (protagonists from the prior games), new events, and some altered ones of pre-existing scenes related to them, some gameplay changes, and some new bosses. In addition, even though Solle and Escha were DLC in the original game, they are part of Shallie+ from the start and have more content related to them. Given the fact the game wasn’t available in English at the time I did the LP, I did my utmost to bring you the complete experience of the original game.

I stand by that work, but with the release of Shallie+ on the Vita as well as its home console availability on PSN/Nintendo Switch/PC as Atelier Shallie DX, Jerry Manderbilt, who recently did an LP of Atelier Lydie & Suelle, was kind enough to update the old LP with the new content. 

In terms of new content, everything before beating the Sand Dragon is virtually the same, which is why the slightly-remade LP starts from the beginning of Chapter 6. If there are any changes prior to that point, I am unaware. Once the plot shifts to the eastern continent, however, new scenes will begin to start happening and keep happening until nearly the very end of the game, including a really substantially different, and more satisfying, ending.

Well, the one change prior to the Sand Dragon starts at the title screen, as Shallie+, as well as every other Atelier in the + series (going back to Rorona, even though that was more a remake than a + version) has a costume feature, where you can customize most of the female characters in different outfits (and Logy in E&L+, the only customizable male character in either game), and give accessories to most characters, with some restrictions depending on the game. The Shallies in particular have costumes from Atelier Sophie, the next game in the series, based on the protagonists of that game. They look quite nice.

Once Jerry’s new content reaches the final chapter, and after Solle gives you the last free-roam task (defeat the final boss, basically), I’ll return with another note to go over a few more changes. Until then, please enjoy the substantially different Shallie.

So, with that…

With Sylphid’s blessing, and with the Dusk+ games having been ported to the Switch as Dusk DX, I’m launching this SSLP of Atelier Shallie DX to fill in on what he started. Shallie Plus/DX isn’t just a port of the original Shallie, but a veritable remaster. Shallie DX goes out of its way to not just polish the original plot from Chapter 6 onward, but also to follow up on plot devices from Ayesha and Escha & Logy and close out some hanging threads throughout the Dusk trilogy that the base game only touched on—if even that. Among the fanbase, there was some dissatisfaction over Ayesha and Logy, said two protagonists from the prior Dusk games, being relegated to cameos at the ending of OG Shallie; as you can tell from the box art, that won’t be a problem with Shallie DX. In fact, it’s going to be one of the first things you see addressed in the very first DX update. Overall, Shallie Plus/DX is much more holistic than OG Shallie, and does a fantastic job connecting with its two predecessors and linking Stellard with the rest of the rich setting we're about to return to in the world of Dusk.

Okay, well, there’s a lot of old ground you’ll be retreading. How will you handle that?

I’ll be linking to the original updates from Sylphid’s LP in the Archive and make new DX updates to cover the new ground from Chapter XIII onward—as Sylphid mentioned, this is where the changed material and new plotlines in Shallie DX begin in earnest. I’ll focus on including Shallie DX's changed/added material, since including everything from the base game and original updates would cause me to run far afoul of SA’s 50,000 character limit every time I update. For scenes that were left unchanged, I will include them at my discretion, and summarize/link to them if I don’t include them in the DX updates.

So as for spoilers…

It’s fair game to discuss anything that happened in the base version of the game from start to end, as it’s already on the Archive after all. Hell, I'll go as far as encourage you to read Sylphid’s LP of OG Shallie in the Archives so you can see how Shallie Plus/DX improved on the base game. As for anything that got changed for Shallie DX, if you know, then wait until the LP gets there itself.


Escha&Logy Plus/DX: A Seed and a Promise
Chapter I: The Near Side of the Dusk Sea
Chapter II: The Calamitous Side of the Promised Meeting
Chapter III: The Dangerous Side of the Lush Archipelago
Chapter IV: The Vanished Side of the Past World
Chapter V: The Varied Side of the Converging Stories
Bonus Update 1

Chapter VI: The Financial Side of the Girls' Journeys
Chapter VII: The Unsure Side of the Twin Adventures
Chapter VIII: The Energetic Side of the Talented Girl
Chapter IX: The Final Side of the Separate Paths
Chapter X: The Resolute Side of the Desperate Battle
Bonus Update 2

Chapter XI: The Decisive Side of the Great Confrontation
Chapter XII: The Efficient Side of the Job Taking
DX updates start here!
Chapter XIII: The Mysterious Side of the Eastern Lands (DX)
Chapter XIV: The Ghostly Side of the Ship Graveyard (DX)
Chapter XV: The Close Side of the Two Friends (DX)
Bonus Update 3

Chapter XVI: The Aerial Side of the Alchemist’s Training (DX)
Chapter XVII: The Wrathful Side of the Great Spirit (DX)
Chapter XVII: The Illusory Side of the Floating Ruins (DX)
Chapter XIX: The Daring Side of the Fugitive’s Tale
Chapter XX: The True Side of the Buried Remains (DX)
Bonus Update 4

Chapter XXI: The Contemplative Side of the Momentous Decision
Chapter XXII: The Wistful Side of the Veteran Adventurers
Chapter XXIII: The Valiant Side of the Great Heroes (DX)
Chapter XXIV: The Far Side of the Twilight Ocean (DX)
DX Bonus Update

Chapter XXV: The Other Side of the Cloudy Glass - Homeward Bound
Chapter XXVI: The Other Side of the Cloudy Glass - Taskmasters
Chapter XXVII: The Other Side of the Cloudy Glass - The Great Work (DX)
Chapter XXVIII: The Other Side of the Cloudy Glass - Eternal Dream (DX)
Chapter XXIX: The Other Side of the Cloudy Glass - My Fated Person (DX)

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