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Part 11: The Wistful Side of the Veteran Adventurers

Part XXII: The Wistful Side of the Veteran Adventurers
Original Update

Role Models

I want to know too!

Let’s see, in my case, there was something I wanted to accomplish.

Something to accomplish…?

Yeah. With me I always wanted to fly, and also bring happiness to everyone in Colseit… As I concentrated on that work, I started liking alchemy more and more. I think that’s about it?

For me, there was something I wanted to obtain… No, it was something I needed to obtain. I kept moving forward, engrossed in that thought, and ended up here before I knew it… Or something like that.

…I see. I feel like I’ve been going forward blindly, and getting nowhere…

Me too…

That’s not true! When people really want to do something, they can work harder than they think they’re capable of.

Is that really how it works?

Yeah! Both of you are working super hard. It’s not a wasted effort at all.

R-really…? I feel a little better…

Alchemy isn’t the power of dreams… We alchemists are capable of creating all kinds of things. However… We’re borrowing the hidden power of materials in this world. That’s why we need to give in return, too…

Yeah, me too… Alchemy has taught us a lot, and I want to fulfill my promise with everyone.

I never even thought of that… I see… You’re right!

Me too… I feel like the things I want to do… No, the things I should do, have grown.

Yeah! And the biggest thing we have to do will be upon us soon. And then… (Then… Hm…)


(Master… What’ll happen after this?)

What’s wrong, Lotte? You don't look very cheerful.

…Ayesha. I think we oughta go somewhere else to talk about what’s on my mind right now…

Sure thing. But weren’t you about to talk to Bell?

That’s exactly what I wanted to talk to you about, Ayesha. I’ve been thinking lately, after we go back to Geofront and shut down the device… that’ll be it and we’ll all move on afterwards, right? Wilbell won’t have any more reason to stay here anymore, since she’s already made her contract with the Lord of Water, and then done something about the water situation here… so will that be it for her and me?

…I see. This is about Bell…

Yeah. Whenever I see her, I remember how she said she won’t be looking after me forever… It’s true that Master Wilbell is a magician, and I’m not… But I thought we could stay like this forever… When I see you and Keith, I start thinking that even more… I really am just a weak coward…!

That’s not true. That just shows how much you like Bell, Lotte.

…Is that really all?

You see, a master and apprentice are like a senior and junior working together toward the same goal.

T-that’s right. Thinking about it that way makes me feel a little better.

You and Stera are already Keith’s apprentices too, you know?

Whaaat!? W-we are!?

Even Keith said that it’s worthwhile teaching you.

I-I don’t know about that…

But you two won’t be with Keith forever, will you?

Y-yeah, that’s true…

Keith and I have times like that, and we sometimes work independently. I think that’ll keep happening, too.

… I thought you and Keith were always together…

The world is a big place. We wouldn’t be able to investigate everything we wanted to if we’re together. But we’re looking for the same things, so I know we’ll meet again somewhere. It’ll be the same for you and Bell too, if the time comes when you go your separate ways.

…I see. That’s right! No matter what happens, Master Wilbell will always be my master…!

It looks like Bell found a great apprentice. I’m a little jealous…

You are…?

Ah, there you are, Lotte! I was wondering where you ran off to!

Stera! …Thanks for your time and advice, Ayesha!

Anytime, Lotte! I’ll see you around!

Anyway, Lotte, I was thinking that we should drop by Miruca’s atelier. Remember what we said earlier? That we should get some better weapons, since the last mission will be upon us?

Right! And the weapons she imbued should be ready right about now, to boot. Let’s go!


…By the way, when this is over, do you plan to go to Colseit and meet Nio?

Yeah. That’s what I intended to do, but…

Huh? Ahaha, you realized it?

The Stellard region has become a very popular topic… You and Keith should have already known that there’s a safe city here.

Escha, you’re really sharp… To be honest, that’s right. Nio said that Colseit is very pleasant to live in, so I wanted her to stay in a town that she was already accustomed to. I never expected to meet you, the person who was looking after her, though.

Yes, me too! …But can you explain why you did this?

Well… To tell the truth, I want Nio to live as normal of a life as possible. Keith and I basically have to hide from society, but Nio’s different.

Huh? But weren’t you traveling together?

Nio hadn’t decided what to do with her life yet… That’s why I want to make it so she can choose for herself.

Choose for herself?

Yeah. If Nio decides it for herself, I wouldn’t mind if she lives like us. And if not… then she’ll still be fine. You can use alchemy anywhere. If Nio finds a path in life among other people, then that’s wonderful too…

…You don’t feel lonely?

Do you mean Clone? That’s… Of course! I do want to see her from time to time, but I can always go and see her!

I think it’s similar to that.

…I see. Nio has a great older sister…

This is nice! I want to be included too!

I hope we’ll be included, someday… Maybe if our paths ever cross with Nio’s!

Or even if we don’t… old friends like that are so wonderful! And speaking of old friends…

Proto Phantom

It has a very complex design… Logy can use something like this…?

The gimmicks aren’t just for show. They help an alchemist draw out their power… Apparently.

Huh? “Apparently”?

I didn’t understand some parts of the blueprints I received… I made it while researching. But I think it should work.

Yes… I’m sure Logy will be able to use it!

From what Logy said when he handed me the blueprints, this was apparently the first alchemic sword ever designed…

I’ve seen a few back when I was in Central, but they’re nothing compared to this.

Anyway, next up…

Fairy Queen Staff

Wow… Ayesha’s weapon is modeled after plants…

Yeah, it’s perfect for Ayesha! You’re really amazing, Miruca!

…Oh? I made it while imagining Ayesha, and it just turned out this way… In addition, this can also be used to mix cauldrons…

Now that seems picture perfect!

I’m sure Ayesha will be really happy!

Happy about what… As a staff, or as a mixing rod?

Hmm… Both, I’m sure!

Speaking of this staff… Ayesha really does look like a fairy queen!

That’s that, then. Thanks for your business.

…Hmm, I seem to be running low… This isn’t good.

You’ve been smoking too much, master.

It’s true that quitting wouldn’t affect my life much, but… It’s good to have some luxuries. I’m sure you can sympathize with that. There’s something that you can’t seem to live without either.

A luxury… I suppose you mean my sweets. I agree completely.

Oh, yes. What do you need?

I’d like you to gather the herbs listed here. I don’t mind if other varieties are mixed in, so try to hurry.

Hmm… Looks like we’ve already got all the herbs Keith wants!

Sorry about that. I’ll be more careful not to run out in the future.

Gah! What’s this flavor!?

I… Did I bring the wrong thing!?

…I can’t smoke this! How awful…!!

Yes, this is the flavor… Oh, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to say that what you brought is bad. It seems that I’ve grown accustomed to this medicinal herb mix, and can’t use anything else…

(I thought it smelled good, but I didn’t know it was medicine…) Is there something special in it?

It’s simply not harmful to the body. My unworthy apprentice would get angry when I smoked tobacco, after all… I’ve been using this herbal mix since then, so she stops pestering me about my health…

(Wait, was this mix synthesized by Ayesha…?) Does it have any special effects?

I’m not so shameless as to go around calling you my “one and only” apprentice, that’s all.

Those herbs have the effect of purging the filth from all the tobacco you smoked, and strengthening your lungs.

…Well, it’s true that it’s easier to breathe after switching to this.

…It seems he’s finally calmed down. Perhaps I should eat some sweets myself…

Should I make some tea?

I’ll prepare some snacks!

…When it comes to mixing herbs, it seems none can compare to the greatest of herbalists. …Well, I suppose a break like this is good once in a while, too.

Secret Smoke

Keith, are you smoking?

Here you go, more of your herbal smoking mix. You were running short, right?

Yes, thank you.

I heard about it from Stera. You seemed to be acting odd lately… I told you to let me know if you ever start running short.

I wasn’t acting oddly. I just wanted to start making it myself…

I’m sorry to tell you, but there’s actually a trick to making this herbal mix. And while they may be herbs, it isn’t good to smoke too much of it. You’re always saying not to be excessive.

I know. However, I need this when I’m thinking. …Besides, you’ve already learned all of my techniques. My death shouldn’t inconvenience you in any way.

That’s why you need to stay healthy forever.

You’re simply being idealistic. As you already know, humans have a limited life span. However… I’ll try my best.

I feel like we saw something great…!

Right! We should get going!


…Master? Master Wilbell!? What’s wrong!? What happened…?

…It happened.

…Huh? Wait, was someone picking on you, master!?

No, you idiot… I was finally recognized by the grand witch.

That’s it? I was worried for a moment… Wait, didn’t you just say something really amazing? If I recall, the grand witch was supposed to be really scary. And she recognized you…

That’s right… I suddenly received a message a little while ago, saying “you did well”… In the past, I was disinherited… I thought I’d never see the day when she would have words like that for me.

That means… Does that mean it’s because you formed a contract with the Lord of Water?

Yeah, that seems like the main reason. She even took back disinheriting me.

Are you stupid? Why are you crying over it? Of course I’m happy, super happy. But to be honest, I still don’t feel like it actually happened. I’ve done all this training to have my power recognized, but… Now I feel like I wasn’t very significant. Even though the grand witch says I’m a full-fledged magician, I don’t feel like it at all. Isn’t that weird? Well, I’ll need to think long and hard about how to use this power… And figure it out for myself.

Master Wilbell… You’re so cool.

A-Ayesha…! Uu… Waaaah…!

Hey, Bell? The first time we met, I never even thought we’d have a future like this in store for us…

Ayesha, you’re unfair…!

…Congratulations, master. Ehe, this is making me want to cry too…