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Part 30: Chapter XXV: The Other Side of the Cloudy Glass - Homeward Bound

Music: Alchemist on a Ship -Epilogue-


Oh, Kortes.

I'm pretty tired of looking at the Dusk Sea.

Really? I feel like I'm seeing something completely different from when I first left the village... It feels a little sad and nostalgic...

It's probably because you've changed a lot, miss.


The world itself doesn't change so easily, but the people witnessing it can change. If the world seems different, it's proof that you've changed.

...Is it a good change?

You'll only know for sure once we've gotten back to the village.

Yeah, you're right.

I agree with Kortes, Stellard is a great city.

Thank you, Teo, Kortes... But it's okay. I need to do the things that only I can do. That was my decision. I'm the chief's daughter... And I learned how important that is on this journey. I need to use this strength to keep the water of this village safe. I need to do everything I can.


I wonder how the village is doing now...?

Yeah... I'm sure the village will changed for the better with you in charge.