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Part 8: Chapter VII: The Unsure Side of the Twin Adventures

Music: Attractive Beach Queen

What exactly are you trying to accomplish!?

That should be obvious!

(Huh? ...I wonder what happened.)

If you continue to let poor residents in from outside the city, public order in Stellard will only deteriorate!

The reason this town is doing so well is because those "poor residents" are here, turning their lives around!

There's nothing wrong with travelers, but that means leaving at some point! That's how the city developed!

So you're saying they're a burden or strain if they decide to live here!? Well, look who's talking!

You're still young, you don't understand what's behind governing a city!

And I don't think some fossil-brain has any right to talk about government!

I believe Stellard is more important than my own individual life!

I feel that Stellard is more important than anything else, too!

(But... It sounds like both of them actually feel the same way...)

(I guess sometimes things don't go well, even when you agree on something... Oh, right! I was going to go Miruca's atelier!)

Music; Daisies and Bells

Oh, Shallistera. How are you today?

Hello, Miruca. I'm very good today, thank you. I wanted to see how Imbuing works.

Certainly. What would you like to make?


Little Miss Moneybags

What are you so excited about?

Hey mom! Check it out! I set a goal for savings and I did it!

Wow, that's great, Shallie! You've always been able to do something if you put your mind to it.

Nooo, stop...!

I have something for you, for all your hard work.

Really? What is it?

Here, it's... More work!


They're looking for people to search for something deep in the Dusk Sea. It's just a search, but the reward is huge!

There's no way to survive out in the desert like that...!

You're my daughter... You'll be fine!

Be back by dinner, please!

Hahh... Okay, mom... (If I keep making realistic goals, I can save even more money!)

Now let's take a look at that book Miruca gave me...

As long as you bring me the materials, I can make almost anything you want. I can't make things like you can in your atelier, but I can make stronger equipment to help you when you leave town.

There are so many options...

Once you've selected what you want to make and the materials you want to make it form, I can handle everything from there.

Almost done...

There you are. Of course, there's a fee for making equipment, but I don't charge very much.

It's so high-quality! I'll be sure to come here often.

You're welcome. ...Come again.

Okay. Thank you Miruca.

I want to get something to eat...


What's wrong, Kortes? Worried?

It's not a big deal. I was just thinking. I didn't think I'd come back to Stellard again. And so soon, too.

By the way, what did you do when you came here last time?

Let's see... I stayed at Jurie's house, and went to a school here. Jurie was still a student then too, and her little sister Miruca was still young. I had to look after her a lot. I never thought Jurie would become a treasure hunter. There were a lot of things I didn't know, either, but I got used to it eventually.

So that's how your views changed!

...I don't think I'm that different from other people in the village.

I thought we needed to bring new ideas to the village, but I didn't think your ideas would be so strange.

It isn't "strange", dad. I just became a little more realistic.


You know how alchemy is pretty much law in the village, right?


When I first came here, everything was a surprise for me. I was like you right now, Shallie.

You weren't good with crowds?

I actually got used to that pretty quick...


You'll get used to it, too.

You look ill, Miss Shallistera. Are you feeling bad?

N-no... It's nothing. I have some things to do. See you later.

Kortes, you really must be more sensitive to Miss Shallistera. You know how she is.

I didn't think she'd get down like that... Are you sure this is going to be okay?

There's nothing we can do but trust she'll move forward. She has a heavy responsibility on her shoulders, and she'll need our full support.

I know... Should I apologize when she gets back?

No, I don't think you'll need to do that. Just be more careful around her in the future.


(...So that's what they think... I have to keep moving forward for the sake of the village...)

Oh, you're back.

Yes, I have something I wanted to make. Do you know what kind of weapon Jurie uses?

...Yes, two swords. You want to make a new set for her?

These weapons are for Jurie, right? It seems like it'd be difficult to use two swords at the same time. Has she had special training?

...She's been training for a long time.

So it's due to years of training... Amazing. Beautiful and skilled in martial arts. I really admire her...

My sister is...

Did you say something?

...No. It's nothing.

(She seems...strange about her sister... Did something happen?) Do you know where she would be this time of day?

...Probably around the Union. She always seems to be there.

That makes sense. Okay, see you later Miruca.

See you.

Look, Jurie, Miruca made some new weapons for you.

Oh, these are great.

Um... Um, I... Is it really okay for you to be helping me like this?

...Why so worried all of a sudden?

You're really serious, and you know what you're doing... I feel like I'm not doing anything in return...

Don't worry about it. I'm not the type of person who does things for free.

Then why...

By which I mean, there're benefits for me by helping you. Like that Sand Ship... With that, I can go anywhere in the Dusk Sea. It's more than I could ask for.

I see... That's good...!

Also, you seem to think highly of me, but I'm not really that great. Back when I was a novice, a lot of people ended up helping me out, some without me knowing, even.

I'm not trying to "use" you...!

...Sorry, bad choice of words. I mean, I don't mind if you rely on me.


...I'm not very good at saying things so straightforward like this.

Thank you very much... I'm so happy you told us! I'm an only child, but... If I had an older sister, maybe it would feel like this...

... Well, thanks again for the weapons. Just let me know when you're headed out again.

Sure. (It felt like...she was trying to change the subject...)

Oh, I have some jobs at the Union to turn in. Want to come with me?

Huh? Something?

The amount of items usable by the Union members is determined by their contribution...

That's right. Keep up the good work!

Thank you... Um...

Do you need something?

No... It's nothing.

Very well, I'm off... I will make my report.

(I can't do it...)

Shallie. Down. Something wrong?

Oh, Homura...

When down. Eat sweets. Smile.

Thank you...

Mm. Solle. Sweets. Always good.

...Have you always been in this city, Homura?

Treasure hunter. Travel. Different cities. Everywhere.

Don't you find it hard to connect with people in new places?

Treasure hunter. Lone life. Anyway.

I... I don't know how to connect with people in the city... I feel like they'd hate me if I made a mistake...

O-okay...! Om... Ah... This is good...

Eat sweets. Together. Make friends. Shallie smile.


Smile together. Become friends. Shallie. Friend.

Yes... Thank you, Homura...

Are you done, Shallie?


Let's see, what I should do today...?

Oh, it's you... What do you need?

I'm here for training, of course!

Oh, right, training. Now I remember, yeah... Ahaha...

I want to become a great alchemist like you as fast as possible!

... U-um, well first...

This old broom...? Wait... S-swing it!? Does that even have anything to do with alchemy?!

Yeah, pretty much. You need a lot of persistence and strength to become a great alchemist.

I see...! Up until now, I've had a lot of motivation for things, but I always get worn out half way through...

Yup, that's right. Anyway, take this broom and have at it.

Master, where did you get this broom? It's kind of old...

It was my broom when I started learning ma- I mean, alchemy. My master made me learn alchemy using this broom!

You're giving me your broom!? Wow, I suddenly feel so motivated! I'll do my best!

She's not a bad kid, at least...

You know, when I'm holding this broom, I suddenly feel like a magician.

R-really!? Hey, it's important that you stop playing around and swing it 10,000 times!

O-okay!! Here I go!

Are you an idiot? I don't have the free time to watch you. Go do it at your house or something.

I understand! I'll come back to report after I finish! Now...where to practice? Mom's probably not going to like me swinging the broom around the house... Oh! When I go outside! I should get going! First, I need to accept some jobs.

Hello, Solle. You seem really busy!

I'm always busy. Oh, also, I just received some information from a dispatched survey team. There might be a shift in the environment around the city soon.

A change? What could happen?

We don't know yet. It's unknown whether anything will happen, but changes do occur in this region quite easily.

Huh... Do you know why?

It's my job to find out. That's why I was dispatched here.

The environment here shows signs of decline. Even the smallest change can affect many other places. However, if this region had already been consumed by the Dusk, the environment wouldn't change.

(I don't get it... But since I live here, I can't completely ignore it...)

When the environment changes, I'll get more information. Come talk to me if you need to know anything. I need to do anything?

No, this information will come straight from our dispatched teams. The only thing you need to do is keep the information in mind when you go out on your investigations.

Shallotte. Head to the north. Find trading post.

Really? Let's get going then!

Just a little. Further.

Is that...Rose?

Hello Shallie. What are you doing here?

Hi Rose. Homura here is showing me around this area. I've already found some great materials.

Homura? You are helping out a lot these days. Didn't I see you with another girl a few days ago?

Yes. Am helping. Humans with their problems.

That's great. I hope you have a fun time with them.

Rose, you come here to sell materials, too?

Yes. This is a good spot for trading with people all over the Dusk Sea. It's nice to get out of Stellard every now and then, too...

Are you still selling all your materials?

Of course, take a look.

Hm, I'll take the Chain Armor and the recipe book.

Excellent choices. Will you be on your way now?

Yeah, see you later Rose.

Just go through. This cave.

Phew...we should probably head back to Stellard now.

Good idea. I'm tired...

Master ... I finished ...!

Waah! You're a total mess! Shallie, what happened to you!?

You're the one who told me... To swing the broom 10,000 times... Well, I was practicing a lot while we were out, and just now... I finished... Ugh...

N-Now that you mention it, I did say that...

Then do that mean I can move on to the next step!?

Huh!? That's... Um... N-not yet! It's still too early to teach you!


The Grand Master always said the same thing to me...

Grand Master...? Wait, was she your master or something!? Wow! I'm sure she's an amazing alchemist!

Huh!? Uh, yeah, that's right! She's really crazy... At alchemy! Anyway, you just need to keep up the hard work. I"ll train you when I think you're ready.

Whaaat, when's that?

I mean, yes, thank you!

I admit it's impressive that you finished this assignment. I know you can do anything with that spirit.

Yes...! I'll work even harder!

So, what are you going to do now?

I was going to get something to eat.


I mean, I'm headed back to my house to work on more alchemy!

That's better. Now get going!

Yes, Master!

Oh, Shallie, Miruca is here.

Really!? I gotta tell her...!

She's still fairly young, but she's very capable with her work. But she's also usually very easygoing and cute. People from Central are so amazing!

What are you talking about? Just because someone's from Central doesn't mean they're skilled.

Huh? But isn't education and stuff a lot more organized in the big city?

True, there's documents and facilities established. But using them is up to each person's drive.

What kind of people did you meet in Central?

Too much money... So Central's filled with rich people. That's kind of amazing on its own.

What about it?


...I'm leaving. I'm going back to my shop if you need me.


Hm? Did Miruca leave already?

Yeah, we were talking about her time in Central, and I said something, and she left...

Oh my... Maybe she doesn't like Central very much?

I think so... She never likes talking about her time there, and always leaves when we start talking about it...

That's sad... Well, did you want something to eat?

Actually... I think might go to Miruca's.

Miruca, I...

Don't worry about it. Do you need something?

Y-yeah! I need you imbue my broom a little.

Certainly, let me see it...

Here, Shal, your weapon's done.

Yay, thanks! So you really DID base it off master's broom.

It might be a broom, but the handle is still a weapon. You can even use it to clean!

Duh, it's a broom, but... Ehehe, that makes my weapon sound really awesome!

Don't worry, I'll always find a way to make sure you aren't totally useless.

Aww, thanks. ...Wait, what's that supposed to mean?

More cleaning jobs. I know, I know, but someone has to do it, and right now most of our hunters are just too busy.

The time of the year for monster hunting?

Yep. Right around this time the monster populations get too large and we have to send out extermination teams. It's not really dangerous work, but we do need more staff this time of year.

Well, at least I'm not ONLY doing trash pickup.

Yep, you have a lot of jobs you've accepted. I hope you can fulfill them all.

You better believe it!

Now where should we start...?

Another busy day, huh?

Yes. I can't waste any time helping my village. Oh, this request is a little strange...

Which one? Oh, that...

Are you going to take that request? I'll explain it for you. It's for items that could help with exploration. It's intended for alchemists.

Items for exploration...

Tools for protection, medicine for recovery, lots of things that are useful for exploration. I've got a list here. I can't give you much unrelated information, but apparently she'll be working on a pretty tough objective.

I see... Jurie sure is amazing.

Anyway, we're counting on you. You seem good at this stuff, I'm sure you'll manage just fine.

Yes, I'll do my best!

By the way, have you met the other Shallie yet? She was just here.

Oh, I missed her? No, I haven't yet, but I know she's working as an alchemist.

That's right. With the volume of requests we get, having a second alchemist handling the requests is a big help. I'm surprised you two haven't met, though.

Me too, but I'm sure I'll see her someday. Oh...why is Homura out?

Oh, I guess he's helping the other Shallie right now. Well, I'm sure you'll be fine if you have Jurie around.

Yes. Well, I have to get started. See you later.

Good luck out there.

Wolves. Dangerous monsters.

Not as dangerous as that, though! Run!

I've never seen this monster before...

Shallie, watch out!

Is everyone alright?

I'm okay.

Yes. Thank you Kortes!

I'm surprised how many materials are here.

Well, it's easy when the three of us work together. I'm doing twice as much work as Kortes here, though.

I'm sorry I'm not as well-trained for this...

Don't worry, Kortes is a big help out here.

Well, he is good for something at least.

This getting kind of heavy. We should get back to town.

Raoul, I've finished Jurie's request. Here you go.

I'll let her know it's done. By the way, every now and then people you know will turn in requests. I'm sure it would be great to help them out. After all, they're doing more than helping you.

Yes. Everyone has their own things to do, and it's the least I can do for them...

It's a..."Small Relic"?

Yeah, I've heard things like this were valuable to alchemists. Thanks to you, my work is going to get a lot easier... Thanks again.

You work as a treasure hunter, right?


So, you need items like that because your work is dangerous...?

Well, yeah... I can't help that. There're lots of dangerous jobs.

But... You don't ever feel scared or anything?


So then why...

Why would you go that far to work as a treasure hunter?

...Because it's the easiest way making lots of money.

I guess so... Is that really it?

Hm... I guess not, but I've been doing this for a long time, and the Union is counting on people like me. Besides, being a treasure hunter can be a lot of fun sometimes, too.

Oh really?

Yeah, but right now, I have some things to do. I'll tell you some stories later, though.

Thank you! See you later.

(Jurie's over there... What kind of book is she reading?) I can't see it from here...

Hey, Jurie's reading books again.

I'm sure she's still trying to find pirate treasure or something.

Even we couldn't find it. Gotta hand it to her... She has persistence. To a fault.

(Pirate treasure...? What's that?) Um... Jurie? What kind of book are you reading?

It's a fairy tale.

A fairy tale...?

You can't underestimate these things. Legends in many places describing treasure are based on reality.

So that means there's a legend in this region too?

Ghost ship...!?

There aren't people or anything. The only things left are silence and darkness, and unfathomable treasure...

Does that mean you're looking for that treasure?

Yup. I'm still not sure where it is, but it's sleeping somewhere in the Dusk Sea... I've been looking for it a long time... I'll definitely find it.

(There's something that amazing? ...But does it really exist?) Why haven't you found it yet?

The Dusk Sea is a big place, and until I met you, I didn't have my own transportation I could use any time. Of course...

I know, we're trying to fix it. But I wonder where it could be...

This book is mostly just about how it sank and what's in there, but I'm sure I can find it. It is strange how no one has found it yet...

Oh! I forgot to tell you, I was going to go back to the ruins to the north again. Do you want to come with me?

Oh yeah. Let's get going.

Phew! That was a lot of alchemy! I'm tired...

Well, looks like we've completed our investigation.

Let's not...attack that big slag right now...

And while I'm here, the water in the village keeps drying up... Well... I can't just wait for someone to help me! I know there's something I can do myself!