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Part 3: Chapter III: The Dangerous Side of the Lush Archipelago

The report is complete, but I don't know if Solle will be with it. We'll just have to submit it and see.

Mr. Solle, here's my report on the Fertile Sea.

That quickly? Let me take a close look...

The little master

Music: Baby Bird -Part 3-

Ugh, my clothes are all stretched out!

Oooh, thank you so much! You saved me!

Ahah, ah. Don't worry about it. I was just passing by...

That was totally amazing! I've never seen a flying broom!

That's nothing, really.

So cool! What're the techniques you use to fly like that?


Master! Please, make me your apprentice!

Huh? ...Apprentice!?

I'm kind of an alchemist, but my skill is pretty low... I'm trying to get better!

As a magician, I can't really do anything for you...

Are you saying I have no talent with alchemy...?

What? No! That's not what I'm trying to say...

Then please, master! I'll do anything!


You're the only person I can count on...!

The only person... Hehehe... Hehe... This is just like back then... But I'm not really sure if...

...Is that a no?

Really!? Awesome! Finally, my time to shine!

Let me show you some real magic. Hehe.

I'm Wilbell. I wander the land searching for great power.

Wander the land? Wow... That sounds so cool...

What about you?

I'm Shallote Elminus! I'm a beginner alchemist here in town.

...Shallote, huh.

You can call me Shallie!

Ok Shallie, I've got some errands to run, so I'll see you again some other time.

What? No training or anything?

You won't retain anything if you start training while you're so amped up. Calm down a little...

Okay...! Sorry! See you soon, Master Wilbell!

Yeah, see ya later...!

(Hm, she's just like her. I wonder what she's doing now...?)

Phew...that was scary! Time to put everything back into the Container and get something to eat!

A natural adventurer


Thank you. Your report is indeed interesting. ...A much better report than I was expecting, actually. I didn't expect this much out of you.

Uh, thank you...?

Not bad, Shallie. It's not often for a guy like Solle to compliment someone.

Uh huh, sure... You're just saying that so we'll work harder, aren't you?

Don't be so suspicious. You really did do a good job. I'd love to work with you more in the future...


Shallistera and Kortes, is it? You both seem to have some skill in this kind of work.

Skill, huh... That means we'll be paid, right?

Of course. The investigation will go much smoother with you helping. The Union appreciates your continued support.

Of course.

Central will also conduct its own detailed investigation. A capable agent will be sent to lend you their support.

A capable agent?

Oh... I see... Thank you. (Hmm, the way he said that sounded off...)

Oh, before you go, one more thing. Come in, everyone.

I'm really looking forward to working with everyone.

Give shiny. After finished.

We work.

Awww, they're so cute!

In the future, please give me a detailed list of all the search equipment you take outside of town. As long as you do so, I can have the homunculi here replace anything we use.


That's correct. The homunculi are incredible workers, and there's that can be made with alchemy that the homunculi cannot reproduce. Isn't that correct?

Yes. We work. Hard.

Can do anything.


We don't have any more work today. Please get some rest and we should have more work tomorrow.

Of course! Thank you very much!

The reliable girl

Oh, Shallie. Excellent job, you really saved me there.

It was easy!

Really? That's good news at least. You can go home for today.

Uuhmm, there was something I wanted to ask, chief...

...Huh? Chief?

Please, give me more work to do! I want to try everything!

You can't just come out and say it like that... I don't really have anything for you to do...

This might be the perfect chance...

For what?

If we're going to require more surveys, it would help to have more personnel. I didn't see any issues with her work today... Shallie, was it?


Maybe we can start by giving her some easier jobs.

That sounds fantastic!

Are you serious?

Do you even have to ask?

Well, it is YOU we're talking about.

I don't know... What are your thoughts, Solle?

We can't really keep talking with her around... Just agree so she'll go home, okay?

Oh... I get it.

You're just trying to get rid of me?!

Well if Solle says it's a good idea, I suppose I should try to find you more work.

Really?! Ohmigosh! Thank you so much, Raoul! And uh...Solle!

Don't worry about it. Though you should be prepared for your work to e strictly assessed.

Come find me when you want work. I'll find something for you.


Make sure your reports are more detailed in the future, though.

Oh no, was here something wrong with my report?

Not exactly wrong, but if you want better pay for these kinds of jobs, it would help to gather additional information.

Not to mention, you can find more rare materials to help with your alchemy. It's beneficial for both of us.

Oh, I see... Gotcha!

Also, I've brought some more homunculi to help with my work here. They'll be able to make any items for your work outside town. As long as you submit a detailed investigation report before you leave town, I can have them supply you with any items you use a lot outside of town.

That sounds great! Thanks Solle!

Crossing paths

Solle's hard to talk to, he's actually a super nice guy. (I should tell mom!)

Well at least he appreciates our work... Let's just keep this up, Shallie.

Yeah, you're right...

(Did... Someone just say my name?)


Miruca! (Who was that I saw just now? Wait a minute... Weren't the people who were just here wearing similar clothes to that old guy on the ship...?)

That was weird, I thought I heard someone calling my name...

It's probably just your imagination.

(...Was that girl's name Shallie, too? She looked like a local... So full of energy!)

Well, anyway, we should get back to the ship. We need to talk to Teo about what we do next.


A big step forward

Nothing. I just thought I'd visit.

Oh, hmm... That's weird, you never stop by for no reason...

Are you telling me I need a reason to come by your house?

Uh, no! That's not what I meant, but you're welcome to come today! I have news.


Ah, Shallie, welcome home.

Miruca is here to visit, too.

Hello, Miruca! It's been a while.

Hello. So, what was this "news"?


You're getting to the business already? Seriously?!

Quit stalling and say it already!

You want to know that badly? Well, hmm, what should I do...

...I'm leaving.

W-Wait a second! I'll say it, I'll say it, sheesh. Aheh... Well...

Well, a lot of things happened today, but I finally got some real work! Raoul asked me to perform a survey outside in the Lush Valley, so I went and did it! I actually met an amazing alchemist, too!

An amazing alchemist...?

Yeah! Her broom flew and everything, and she flew me back to Stellard! And when we got back to Stellard, I asked her to be my master, and she said yes! Now I can learn great new recipes and make more incredible things.

Shal, I'm not sure that was alchemy...

Anyway! Raoul said that in the future, I'll start getting better jobs and making a lot of money!

That's great, Shallie! Now you can work hard to become Raoul's second in command!

Haha... Ah, I don't think that's going to happen...

It's okay, you can work 24 hours a day! You'll be up there before you know it!

You think so?

Uh, no. She'd die at that rate.

But I am really happy about getting more work.

It's because of all the effort you've been putting in this whole time.

That's great, Shal. Also. If you're ever having trouble with work, let me know.

Is that really okay?

Yep, I'm sure you'll need help if you start getting more work.

Thank you, Miruca.

Also... I'm curious about this "master".

Oh, that's... Nothing you need to worry about.

I can be concerned if I want, it doesn't have anything to do with you.


Haha, Miruca, you're always so blunt.

...Anyway, let me know when you're going out of town. See you.

What? You're leaving already?

Yes. Good-bye.

Why did she even come here?

Hehe, Miruca's a good friend.





I want you to find what you really want to do with your life...


Music: Listen Here!

Music: Humming in the Atelier

Shallote, why don't you get some sleep? It sounds like you've had a long day...

Not yet! I have to tell my master about this! I'll be back!

Moving forward

Oh, welcome back!

Sorry about asking you to look after the ship.

No need to worry. By the way, how did the negotiations go today?

Well, it seems we'll be here for a while at least. The city is run by two groups: the Cooperative Union, and the Corporation. The man we spoke to at the Union said that he would be able to help us with the water problem in Lugion if we helped them with the water issues in Stellard.

It's possible that the issues in Stellard are connected with the water problem in Lugion. So that's why we're thinking of staying and helping with the investigations for a bit.

Is that so... Well, you have managed to get some results. That's great!

I'm sorry that we're helping another town when our own is in danger...

In order to cooperate, you must first earn trust, miss. If you show them sympathy and support, they will repay the favor.

You're right...

We're still going to need to get stronger if we want to keep this up. If we don't, we'll eventually run into trouble in more distant areas. I really should be training more...

Yeah, I should be studying alchemy more, too... So I can help everyone.

Are there really that many places to investigate around here?

I'm pretty sure Raoul and Jurie are familiar with that area. We should ask them.

I can train myself in alchemy and fighting as we investigate, in order to help the people in town! It might be a while before we can help the village, but we can only do this one step at a time.

We'll be helping, too, miss, so you shouldn't worry about a thing.

Just do whatever you can, Shallie.

Okay... Thank you. Both of you.

We should accept more requests from the Union to get started.

Burning spirit

Hey Shallie, what's up?

I have something to tell you... The official from Central says he has some work for me...!

Official? Oh, you mean Solle.

You know him? As I'd from my master!

Uh, kinda... Anyway, why are you telling me about this?

Until now, I just kind of went through life without a goal or purpose... But I wanted to start thinking about that kind of thing, so that's why I wanted to talk to you.

Oh, I see... It is good to have a goal, that's true...

Do YOU have any goals, Master Wilbell?



As I'd expect! You've become a master, but you still strive for improvement... That's amazing!

What?! You know, I only became your "Master" because you were literally begging me for it...

Well, I... First I want to make some actual money... That way my mom can actually relax...

It's good to care for your aging parents, but do you really have the skills to command that much money?

That's why I became your apprentice, so I can learn more alchemy!

Oh, that's right... Heh... Just do your best and try not to overthink it! Try making a lot of different things. That's how you'll eventually get better at alchemy.

Eventually... Really?

Don't worry, I'll help you however I can!

Hehee, I knew I could count on you. But...


(Does she really know how to do alchemy? She talks like she does, but...) Oh uh, nothing. It's nothing. (What do I want to do after making so much money...?) Oh, don't worry about it! Anyway, can we go out of town now?!

Um, no. I just arrived in this town, so I have some things I need to take care of. Don't worry! I can help you with your adventures soon.

Yes! Thank you master! I should get to work!

Merchant far from home

(Was there a shop here before?)

Oh, miss! Miss! You must know what you like if you're checking out my shop.

Not... Particularly...

Come now, just take a look!

I uh... Ahh!!

You're asking how I'm doing? Why, thank you!

Wha--! But I never...

Never mind! Listen to my story of why I became a merchant! I've come a long way from home as a travelling merchant so I can support my brothers and sisters...

Oh dear... I'm sorry!

Don't worry! I'm glad you took the time to stop by and check out my shop!

(She seems like she works really hard...) Oh, and uh, I'm an alchemist, so if you ever have anything that is useful in alchemy...

Ohh! An alchemist, you say? Well no wonder you're so gorgeous! My shop is known for carrying only the best, rarest items.

Come, come! Check out my items!

Uh...maybe later! I've got a lot to do!

Hey Shallie. Here are the job postings for today.

Hm, all of these items and monsters can be found in the Fertile Sea. I'm sure can do a lot. Oh, it looks like we already have a few Phlogiston for the delivery.

Great! Well, you can turn that in right now if you want.

Sure! Let's see, we need to go outside for...

These three jobs! Alright, I'll see you later.

Sure. Do your best out there.

It's nice to know things have calmed down, but... Can we really earn the trust of the people here?

As long as you keep trying, I know you can.

Alright, let's get to work.

What kind of creature was this?!

I have no idea, but it might even be a dragon's bones. Dragons are much rarer today, but you'll still find a few of them. A dragon as big as this, though...

Ugh, I don't want to think about it. Anyway, when we finish here we should probably head back and report the completed jobs. Plus, we need more supplies for future investigations.

The water quality isn't you think we could take some water from the town fountain?

It should be okay with Raoul, as long as we don't take a lot. Do you know where Stellard plaza is?

Um, no, I don't think so.

Okay, I'll show you the way.

The fountain is just ahead.'s beautiful.

This is why everyone is working hard for Stellard. To protect this water and this city.

And me and Kortes need to work hard to bring this to Lugion.

Well, I'm also here to protect Shallie, but you're right. This might be our last chance to save Lugion.

Well, that should be enough for now. I need to get started on my alchemy for the day.

I have some...things to take care of, too. See you two later.

Things? Ah, whatever. Let's head back.

So this is what dad was talking about with learning more complex alchemy... I need to keep improving my skills to get better effects, too. Well, all I can is keep learning.

Music: Explanation!

Hm... Maybe I can find some alchemy books in town. I still don't know to make better items. Maybe that girl has some?

Shal, are you sure you want to come this far out?

Are you kidding?! This is still so close to Stellard! We need to gather ingredients and fight monsters, too!

I guess, but still, don't push yourself.

Don't worry!

Music: Sweep! -1-

Miruca, what's that weapon of yours called?

I call it a pilebunker. It's based on a design I worked on in Central. It fires nails out extremely quickly, I can also increase the output all at once to attack at close range, too.

Wow... That's amazing! How do you---

Ahhh! Miruca!

Don't worry about me. Just focus on the enemy.

I had no idea the valley was so big... And what are those bones?

Maybe a Sand Dragon? I have no idea.

Let's just hurry up here... They kind of give me the creeps.

It looks like someone has been through here recently.

Yeah, there's not many materials. Let's split up and find what we can.

Wow, great job!

At least I can be of help to you on your adventures.

Oh, she has three books for sale. Can I have Cooking for Beginners?

Of course! Excellent choice! I also have Craftswork for Beginnners, too! Only 80 Cole!

Only 80...? Okay, I'll take it!

Shallie, I accepted some jobs for materials in a forest south of here. You interested in going along with me?

Sure! Let me just get Kortes!

Music: Sandy Sea -Vegetation-

Wolves... I guess they can't all be exciting.

Wow, not bad Shallie.

That was easier than I thought it would be...

I...think we should avoid that monster, though. We've completed all of our work here, anyway.


Shallie? Why are you staring at your arm? Do you feel bigger or something?

Not even close!! I just... Thought my muscles felt stronger... People made fun of me for being small and weak... But I can change too!

Hmm... They when don't you show me how strong you are? Go ahead, try and knock me down. You better get ready, because I'll try to knock you down, too.

Knock you down? But I--

Here I come! Ya!

What?! Ouch...!

Sorry, sorry. But you still have a long way to go. If you get too strong, you won't need me anymore... I think it's just right that you're a bit weak. Sorry, but I have to help dad out with the engine. I'll see you later.

A bit weak...? Hahh... I need to work harder. Hm...I should focus on alchemy for now.

Music: Memorize!

An item for synthesis, and...

And a salve for adventures in the future...

Cleaning up the trash, cleaning up the trash, I can do it in a flash. Hm hm hm. Well, at least I can focus on some alchemy after I finish up this job.

Music: Results Celebration!