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Part 9: Chapter VIII: The Energetic Side of the Talented Girl

The tailed girl

This is such an amazing sight... So this is Stellard. It smells different from Colseit.

The final step

It's ready, miss!

Teo? What is?

We've finally come up with a plan for repairing the ship.


But it seems we need more material than previously expected.

You mean... Stuff we didn't ask the Union for?

Unfortunately, we only requested the minimum amount.

Hmm... What else do you need? The ship looks okay...

Well, I've been able to fix the exterior of the ship and repaired a lot of the damage to the ship. The only problem is that we still can't use the ship to go anywhere. It's stuck until we get some new materials.

I see. Well, tell me what I need and I'll go get it.

That isn't necessary. I can ask Kortes to take care of it.

No. It's okay. I want to work hard and earn recognition. If I don't, we won't be able to save the village.

Alright miss... In that case, you may proceed... But please, be careful.

I will. I just need to get you the materials, right?

Yes. Kortes has already submitted a job request to the Union for many of the materials we'll need. You might want to start by going to them.

Okay. Thank you Teo.

Not at all. It's my honor to help you. You carry the hope of our village.

I know. It's such a great responsibility, though...

Miss, you've proven to me already you can do it. We're all here to help you, and the people of this city are already beginning to accept you.

You think so?

I know, Miss.

Another bright day

Good morning, Shallie. My, you seem excited today!

Really? Hehe, maybe it's because I'm enjoying work.

I'm sure you could build a palace all on your own! I should start finding work for you, too.

That's alright, mom, I can find my own work.

Oh. I see.

You heard Miruca. It's your own responsibility to find and do your own work.

I wouldn't expect any less from Miruca.

I know! I'm proud of my friend. Alright, I'm off!

The great alchemist?

Wait, do you have a new employee?

She's an alchemist we had come by. Didn't I tell you?

Oh, the very capable someone-or-other...

You don't need to exaggerate...

I'm Escha Malier. I've been dispatched here from the Colseit branch. Nice to meet you!

I'm Shallote Elminus! You can call me Shallie. I'm doing my best to become an expert alchemist!

Oh, then we're on the same page!

Huh? Really?!

I started working 5 years ago, but there's just so much to learn... Even my coworkers say its difficult to become an expert.

I think it might just be thoughtlessness in your case...

Whaat! That's not true...

Have you known Escha for a long time?

She started as a rookie when I was working at the Colseit branch.

Solle scared me at first, but he has amazing skills... He still kinda scares me...

Haha, that's enough...

He might come off as a tough guy, but he's amazing at making sweets!

Solle makes. Best shiny. For everyone. We all like.

Wow, Homhom seems like he really likes him...

People who like. Shiny. Never bad. Truth.

How is my ability to make sweets related to my performance as your senior, you two?

Doesn't. Matter.

Exactly! Making sweets is much more important than that other stuff!

*sigh* You're just like you were back then, Escha.

Looks like you're already getting along with Homura! I'm sure we'll get along too, since we both study alchemy!

Ohh, I can't wait! (She seems really cool. A lot of drive to get things done...)

(Obviously she didn't learn well enough) Sorry for interrupting, but here's your next job request.

Thank you! ...Wait, is this... Synthesis?

The requester's name is Shallistera. Oh yeah ,the owner of the ship that came to town recently... Have you met her?

(Is she the girl with the same nickname?...)

You want the job?

Oh! Yeah, I'll take it!

Very good. Make sure you confirm the details with Raoul before you get started. There's no time limit on the request, but the materials are fairly difficult to make. Make sure to be careful with this one.

Oh...sure! Thanks Solle!

Now then, Escha...

Oh...yeah! I have to get started, don't I?

As soon as possible.

Right, time to get to work!

I can't go back and ask Solle, he'd never give me any more work! What do I do?! Okay well... I guess I'll just wander around asking people who look like they might know!

Oh, Escha! What are you doing here?

Well, when I was talking to Solle about coming here to Stellard, I asked him if there was anything I could do here. He told me there were a lot of alchemists here, and it would be great for them if an experienced alchemist could come here and start selling valuable ingredients.

Oh! That's a great idea! Have you started selling materials yet?

No, not yet. I still have to travel a little and find out what ingredients grow around here, and what could be valuable to the other alchemists here. I'm sure I'll find something, but I only just arrived here, so it'll take some time.

I see... Oh! I wanted to ask you something! Do you remember that request from Solle that I accepted?

Oh, that...? That's the one from Shallistera, right? Are you related to her?

Um... I don't think so, but it seems like she's an alchemist here in town. She put in a request for some valuable materials for her ship, but I have no idea where to start with this. I was thinking you might be know something about it. Here's the request...

Hm... These are some unusual materials. I've never worked with them, but I think they might be useful for helping large objects move up and fly off the ground. Items of these quality really could only be used for big objects like ships.

Ships...flying... Master!


Sorry Escha, I have to go! I'll stop by later!

Haha, okay, see you.

Sweets and other things

Oh, Shallie, perfect timing. The alchemist we recruited is here. I'll introduce you.

Ah, I'm Shallistera Argo, from Lugion Village. I still have a lot of alchemy to learn, but I hope I learn a lot with you...!

Hehe, I didn't know anything when I first started, either. So, let's both do our best, yes?

Working hard is one of Escha's more redeeming qualities...

Heh, really?

Uh, do you two know each other?

Solle was my senior when I became an official. He's always been super strict...

That's because...

Solle. Good person. Gives best shinies.

The best... Shiny?

Oh, Homura, you're here too!

Escha. I'm capable hunter.

You haven't changed at all!

You know Homura, too?

I met him a few times when Solle was working in Colseit.

How's Colseit doing, by the way?

Everyone's doing pretty well. The apples harvest this year was huge!

...I'm not talking about apples. I'm talking about the Dusk.

Oh! S-Sorry... There's a lot of people who support the investigation of the Stellard region. After learning that the water source here was having issues, people started worrying... They're thinking the water in Colseit could dry up at any time...

I thought so. Escha, Shallie is here because the Dusk crisis is putting her village in danger too. I hope you support her when she goes to survey the areas around Stellard.

I look forward to working with you!


(The Dusk crisis...)

Oh, also Shallie, there's someone who's responded to your request.

You mean the materials to repair our ship?

Yes. However... They haven't delivered anything yet. Do you mind waiting just a little while longer?

Of course not. I'm just glad someone accepted it! Thank you!

There's no need to thank me, but the person who accepted it was another alchemist. They should be able to finish your request soon.

Another alchemist...? That's great! Okay, I'm leaving now!

An alchemic chat

Escha, hello.

I was talking with Solle and he told me that Lugion Village has a long alchemic history...

Yes. In the chief's household, the child with the greatest talent for alchemy is chosen to be the successor.

Does that mean... You're the next chief?

Yeah... For now.

For now?

It's true I'm not that great with alchemy... Another child with greater talent could be born. Solle mentioned how talented you are as an alchemist... And you're still so young! You have my respect.

Oh Solle. Always exaggerating.

So... Is there any way for me to get better at alchemy, or is it all just a matter of natural talent?

Well it's not just talent. You have to work hard too. Alchemy seems like one of those things that almost anyone can learn, but when you really look at it...

Most people can't seem to understand how it works, and they get confused trying to explain it to themselves rather than feeling it for themselves.

Wow... Exactly what I was thinking! In my case, I thought using alchemy for work was fun. I wasn't that great at first, and I know I still have a lot to learn. There was this co-workrer back when I first became an official... His name was Logy, and he was always so encouraging.

Alchemy to do work... So where is your friend now?

Oh, he's still in Colseit helping Central there. They still need a qualified alchemist there to help the branch develop even after I left.

I see... Hmm...

Shallie, do you not like alchemy?

No no, that's not it... The only thing I have is alchemy!

Just don't think too much about it. You'll get used to it before you know it!

Escha, what kind of place is Colseit? What kind of work do you do? If you don't mind, please, tell me!

Of course. Colseit is famous for apples. There're a ton of orchards there. Oh, and my family also owns one too...

Hm... But wasn't Solle talking about the Dusk in Colseit?

Yes, the Dusk has come Colseit as well. We're been getting decreased harvests for years, so apples are really saving the city now. Central has been a lot more interested in the region since me and Logy solved the mystery of the Unexplored Ruins, so it's a much busier town now than a few years ago.

The...Unexplored Ruins? That sounds really interesting!

You never heard about it? It was a really big story in Colseit and Central, but maybe places far away like Stellard might have never heard of it. Do you want me to tell you?

Oh yes!

Hm, let's see... Well, I grew up in Colseit. I always knew about the Unexplored Ruins, a large ruin floating high in the sky above the city. Nobody had ever been there before, but it was always my dream as an alchemist to go there and find out what it was. Well, after me and Logy looked all over the materials to construct an airship, we went there together.

We found out that the Unexplored Ruins were actually an ancient alchemy laboratory. The girl who was in charge of the facility had sent the ruins high into the sky so she continue working on her research to help the world's plants and hopefully grow all of them back. But...things didn't work out very well for her, and after so long she had forgotten who she was and what she was doing, and...

Well, a lot of things happened, but eventually the Ruins fell back to the ground and me and Logy worked together to make sure the girl and the ruins wouldn't be dangerous.

That's...That's an amazing story! Do you know where the girl is now?

No... She was happy me and Logy set her free from the Ruins, but I haven't seen her since she stopped by my family's orchard shortly after everything had happened. I'm sure she's still somewhere, though...

Um... I'd be happy to help you look for her!

Hahah, don't worry about it. It's not really important right now, but thank you. Oh, I'm sorry... That story took a long time to tell. You must be getting bored, huh?

Not at all! That was really interesting to hear. Wow Escha, I had no idea you had done so many amazing things already... I don't feel like I've done much at all.

Well, it was only because of my friends I was able to do all of that, and you're still young! I'm sure you'll have plenty of amazing experiences here in the Dusk Sea.

Fated crossing

I don't see any difference between this grass and the other grass... Besides, I just wanted to ask you something about alchemy!

How do you expect to learn alchemy from me if you can't pick magical grass correctly? And anyway, It's about the spirit!


Ah...? Your name was "Shallie", right?

Yes... I'm Shallistera.

Oh!! I'm Shallotte.

Shallie, short for Shallotte...

...And Shallistera! Yeah!

What...? Do you have the same nickname or something? Not that it really matters.

Heh... So what are you doing, anyway?

Alchemy training!

Alchemy? Are you...

I'm Wilbell. I'm kind of like this girl's master.

Master Wilbell is an extraordinary alchemist.



Oh, I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to interrupt your training...

Oh, it's okay. I was thinking about taking a break, anyway.

Oh good! Would you like to come by my place? It's really close!

Is that okay?

Of course! Shallie, wanna come?

Wait... Me? But...

Don't worry about it! C'mon!

Okay then! I'm interested in seeing where another alchemist lives and works...

Wow... It's actually pretty decent.

Excuse me... What a cute atelier!

It's not quite finished yet...

No way, it's so cozy and warm!

True... This atelier is a little like its owner.

Stop... You're embarrassing me...

You should visit my atelier sometime, too!

What!? You're an alchemist, too?

Um...yes, I'm currently working as an alchemist here in Stellard. I do a lot of adventuring, too. Have you ever been to the ruins to the north?

The one with all the slags?

Yes. What about the mysterious blue ruins to the east of there?

Of course! Me and master Wilbell here went there a few weeks ago. Wait... Have we gone to all the same places?!

Wow...we might have!

(These two sure became friends fast...)

Oh, Shallie, hello.


Oh, right! Mom, her name is Shallie, too.

I'm Shallistera... Nice to meet you!

Wow, two Shallies! I almost feel like I have another daughter. So happy! And who is this young lady?

Oh, she's my master, Wilbell!


Shallie and Wilbell. You two seem pretty reliable.

I wouldn't really...

I know my girl can be quite the free spirit, so try not to let her attitude overwhelm you.

Oh, it won't, don't worry.


Mom! Stop it, oh my gosh! Just go!

Oh dear. Well. Please, make yourselves at home.

Sorry about her...

No, she's a lovely mother.

I see why you're a little normal, at least.

What do you mean, "at least a little"?!

What?! It's a compliment! Anyway, Shallie...we need to get back to work. C'mon.

Oh, you're going to keep training?

Yeah, I was right in the middle of teaching Shallie about magic grasses when you arrived.

I see... Well, it should be great practice for you in the future! I'm going to go ahead to the Union for some jobs. I'm sure I'll see you later, Shallie!

Yeah! Take care, Shallie!

Emergency help

Please! You're the only one I can count on, master... This is a job I got from Shallie! I'm sure it's really important to her that I finish as soon as possible.

Well...this really is something you should do yourself, but if it's for Shallie, then I'll try. Give me the request form.

Wait a sec... This recipe looks familiar!


Get the cauldron ready and wait!

Wait, what is---?! Oh, she's already gone.

Hahh, hahh... Oh... Escha... Long time no see...!

Oh wow, Wilbell? It really HAS been a long time! I didn't know you were visiting Stellard!

All a part... Of the training... Of a magician!

I see... Well, what have you been doing here? I just got here recently...

Okay well, wait, we'll talk about this later. There's something I need to ask you.

Ask me?

Take a look at this request.

Oh...! This is the same one Shallie showed me. You know her, too?

Yeah, for some reason she started calling me master and asking I teach her alchemy. I don't know much alchemy other than when I was traveling with you and Logy, and with my last alchemist friend.

You never told me much about her... Well, this recipe... Do you remember that airship me and Logy worked on?

Hahh... Of course. You had to travel all over the place to get the materials.

Well, this recipe seems to be based on a similar design. Give me a second... There! It's not perfect, but if you use the same principles in this synthesis, Shallie might get something close to the same idea me and Logy worked on, but with much fewer materials.

That's great! Thanks Escha, see you later!

Hahh... Hahh... No worries! Not a problem.

Why are you so tired...?

Hahh... Don't worry about it. The notes are on the back. Master Wilbell can help you anytime! Now, I think I'm going to go take a nap... See ya, Shallie.

Goodbye master! Let's see... Aha! Adding Gravistones, adding the counterbalance with metallic ingredients... Alright, I know what I'm doing... Let's give it a shot!

Wow... I met three new people today, and they're all alchemists. It's pretty incredible how many people are practicing alchemy here in Stellard. Oh wait... Teo left something.

So we need these materials... I don't think I have any of these two materials. I should check for recipes in town

Hm, Algemein Plywood is a very fine material that can only be made with alchemy, but Mixed Oil and Ancient Stones are materials, but I've never worked with Ancient Stones before... I wonder where you could find them. Well, first I should find the recipe first... Katla or Rose should have it.

Yes, I think I'll take this book.

Excellent choice, and a special price for my favorite customer!

Um... Katla, I have a question. Where can you find Mixed Oil and Ancient Stones around here?

Hmm... Well, I don't travel very much, but I think I saw some in the factory ruins to the north, with all the slags. They're kind of rare there, so you might have to look pretty hard.

The ruins to the north... Thanks Katla! I'll be sure to come back as soon as I need something.

No no, come back even if you don't need something!

Wow, I really can do things if I set my mind to them...! I need to get this to Raoul! I wonder if the other Shallie will be proud of me... I've been on a roll lately... I guess learning the basics and having a goal really pays off!

The advancing goal

I can do really great things like this when I put my mind to it...

That's the spirit! Maybe I can find you an even bigger job...


Yes... There aren't enough collectors to take care of all the people who die in the Dusk Sea. They need burials...

Oh uh... Wow, I don't know about that...

You'll never get anywhere if you're picky about your work, you know.

Oh well uh... Anyway... Please give the item I made to the client!

Oh, so, about that... Do you mind delivering it yourself?

Wha? Me?

I suppose...

The client is in the big ship on the edge of town.

Hahh... Alright, I'll go.

Sorry... And thank you.

That should do it for the Plywood, what's next...

Friends from this day forward

Oh, Shallotte!

You can just call me Shallie. Oh wait, that might be confusing...

Nah... You can just call me Shallie, too. Hehe! Why did you come here today?

What!? (Are these... Materials for the ship?! Shallie was the one who took our order?!) Wow... The quality on this is incredible!

Is this enough? The request only specified a floatation device that could be attached to a large machine, but I'm not skilled enough to know what a large ship like this would need to move...

Yeah, it's amazing! I don't even think I could make this!

It's not really that great, but I"m glad you're happy. Honestly, this is the first time I've done this kind of synthesis... I wanted to do my best, hearing it was for you.

Shallie... Thank you so much!

This is for helping with the ship's repairs, right?


Shallie, you must be from somewhere far away... Is that why you work so hard?

No, I'm not... I don't know much, and I'm struggling to fulfill my responsibilities... It looks like you've found what you want to do with yourself... I look up to that.

Ahah... Actually, I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do.

What? But you can make amazing things like this with alchemy...!

I'm just training in alchemy because I have no other options at the moment. I'm totally broke. It's tough.

...I see...

What is it, by the way? That responsibility.

The water in my village, Lugion, is starting to dry up. I was hoping to find a way to stop it by coming to the city... But...

Oh... Yeah, see, you've really got it down, Shallie.

Haha, no way.

Uh, yes way! You came all the way here as a representative for your village. I could never do something like that! I know a bit about Stellard, so don't hestitate to ask if you need help, and I'll do what I can!

Shallie... Thank you! I wonder if it's because we have the same name... I don't think I've talked to anyone like this since I got here.

Hehe, that makes me feel special. How about this...



Yeah! Let's help each other accomplish the things we need to do, and the things we want to do, too! It'll help a lot to work with a partner than alone. Way more encouraging. Just a thought.

I haven't been out and about much before now, so I'm a bit rusty on the social front. I was so fast to take up an important task like this one, and yet there's still so much I don't know... But I'd be honored if you're willing to work together with me.

Hehe, don't worry about it, Shallie. We're friends! You can relax a bit.

(Friends... I've never had a friend before... I didn't know how lovely it could be...)

So what are you going to go do next? Can you fix the ship now?

No... We still need a few more materials to reinforce the ship and repair some of the damage. I was just about to go and gather some of them. Do you want to come with me?

Hm, actually... I kinda had some other things I needed to do for my own alchemy, and Miruca... Oh! Do you know my friend Miruca?

She's the girl who runs the Imbuing shop, right?

That's her! Great, you know her. She needed me to help her with business today at the shop, so... Sorry.

No no, that's okay. I'm sure we'll meet again soon.

Yeah! See you, Shallie.

See you later, Shallie. Heheh...

Helping others

You're still awake, Shallie? Don't work yourself too hard...

Yeah, I know. I'll go to sleep soon... You should too, mom.

I'm fine.

Mmm... I dunno... You've been looking a little thin lately. I'm finally starting to get more work, so you should get some rest and relax.

Aww, thank you, Shallie. Well, goodnight then.


(Hmm, I'm in a really good mood today for some reason. Maybe because my work is so fulfilling? I've never felt like this before. Is it because Shallie was so happy? Or because I made a new friend. No doubt that's part of it! But... Knowing that I'm actually helping someone is what's making me the most happy.)