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Atelier Shallie DX

by Jerry Manderbilt

Part 17: The Other Side of the Cloudy Glass - My Fated Person (DX)

Part XXIX: The Other Side of the Cloudy Glass - My Fated Person (DX)
Original Ending

Music: Rusty Sky - Epilogue

Shal. Quit spacing out during synthesis.

Oh! Right…

Aren’t you getting tired? You’ve been working non-stop.

I’m fine! It makes me really happy to see my customers so satisfied with their orders…

You didn’t hear? Escha was saying that there’s finally going to be a regular route opening to Lugion Village…

What!? That was today!?

…Are you curious? You should go.

Thanks, Miruca!

…*Sigh*. She’s hopeless. I guess I’ll watch the cauldron for her.

First Vierzeburg, now Lugion Village… This city is getting to be quite the hub!

I thought a certain old man would complain about giving up autonomy to Central…

I don't need to hear it from you, kiddo.

Raoul! Mr. Perriend!

Hey, alchemist! You're so late showing up I thought you'd passed out or something.

I wouldn't do that!

I heard unique, rare crops can be grown in Lugion. This trade route will definitely help us grow. Olson's work continues to inspire me. Shallie, you should go there and expand your own perspective.

Heh, I guess my dream of buying a ship before the route opened didn't happen…


Hehe! I wanted to surprise you. I really wanted to see you…

Me too… I wanted to see you since you left! I missed you!

I wanted to see you more! I couldn't even sleep knowing I'd get to see you again so soon!

And I've been losing sleep this entire time!

Oh, Lotte, I got a request from Mr. Perriend… That was…

To investigate water sources in various spots around the Dusk Sea?

This environment is fragile and fleeting, and it's humanity's responsibility to preserve it.

Lotte, do you want to hear my wish?