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Part 16: Chapter XIV: The Ghostly Side of the Ship Graveyard

A serious adult?

Yes, they found an emergency fix.

That's good.

Yes. ...Although, we didn't find a way to save the village... Though the fact there was a fix for the water in this own could be a big hint for us.

What makes you say that?

If we ask the alchemist who fixed the water equipment, we might learn something useful that could help!

We might be getting ahead of ourselves.

We don't even know if there's equipment like that near Lugion Village, or if it's causing the problems.

That's true... But...

There's no use overthinking it. You need your rest, you know.

Kortes is right. You've been working nonstop since we got to Stellard.

I don't know what would happen if you came back to the village with a permanent frown on your face.

Hm... Miss Shallistera, why is your friend not here?

You mean Shallie? She said she wanted to let her mom know she came back safe first.

I see. In that case, why don't you get some rest? You must be exhausted.

I will. Good night, Teo and Kortes.

Music: Good Night

A family's burden

Shallie... Coming home so suddenly... Isn't fair... Now... You've found out...

What're you talking about? Mom! Mom...? Mom! Oh no...!

(Doctors say she just needs some rest, but I know they're not telling me the truth... I don't know what to do! Is there anyone who could help...?!)

I have no idea what kind of illness she could have... Do you know anything, Raoul?

Sorry, I don't know anything. The best I can do is introduce you to a doctor I know.

Oh no...

This might not be the fastest solution, but you could ask the chairman...


Your mother used to work for him, he might know something.

But will he even listen to me?

You don't have time to ask questions like that! Get going!


Shallotte, what's wrong? You look pale.

My mom, her name is Nady... She used to work for Perriend, and...

Nady was my superior. I know her quite well.


What about Nady?

She collapsed today, but the doctor doesn't seem to know what's wrong...


You said she collapsed?


I see...

Do you know anything, maybe?

I did speak to her after your father's accident. She was already ill with an incurable disease at that point.

Incurable disease? My mom was sick?

An affliction of the heart. Usually she was unaffected if she avoided strain, but its progress changes everything. There's still no way of curing it.

No... Then what's going to happen to my mom?

If she's sleeping, you should just let her be until she wakes up on her own... I'll do what I can to help.


If anything happens, don't hesitate to let me know.

Okay. Thank you so much.

I would have liked to see her lend her talent to the Corporation one more time.

Oh, I was just thinking. Now that we've defeated the Sand Dragon, maybe our reputation will change...

... ...Yes.

Yes? That's it?

I was thinking. The Sand Dragon was just living here, right...? I feel kind of sorry for it...

Hmm, now that I think about it...

Normally, it wouldn't do anything unless it was provoked...

...That might be true, but it did attack our ship.

...Yeah. Still... Don't you feel anything about killing the dragon?

It was a fearsome opponent. I think we should be proud we defeated it.


Yes. As a clan of hunters, defeating a powerful beast like a dragon is an honor. Actually, there's a few clans I know of that have hunted dragons. The reason they're so rare today is because of great hunters like them. I'm proud to follow in their footsteps. But beyond that, I'm glad we got rid of something that was causing harm to people.

I guess... I think you're too happy about this... You're even using it as a mark of prestige as a hunter...

So you're saying when someone encounters a dragon, they should just let themselves get eaten?

No... But...

If you could reason with it, there would be more options. But, in this case, it was kill or be killed.

That sounds about right... If only there was another way, though...

I wonder if there really wasn't...

I can't think of anything... And honestly, there was nothing we could do. There's no point in dwelling on it.

A new day! I'm feeling good today, yeah!

(Shallie seems like she's in a really good mood... I wonder why?)

Perfect timing! I have plenty of new items, so please take a look.

Really!? Well, you do have some stuff I haven't seen before...

...Whoa! Hey, look at that!

Hey, Katla! How much is that!?

What's this? You seem interested. This doll is actually a very rare item, you know? Heh heh heh, I see... How about this much?

Fifty...thousand...Cole!? Whoa! That's way too much! It's a lot of money, but it's also true that automatons are really rare...

I guess we can't help it... I got it, we'll buy it at that price.

Shallie?! Can you really pay that?

My family has some savings... I guess I can just keep working with you to work it off... Ugh.

Wait, you're really buying it!? You saw the price, right?

I don't really want to pay that much for it, but we'll take it.

Grr... It seems I underestimated alchemists. If they're making that much money, I could have charged more...

What's that? You say something?

No, just talking to myself. Anyway, thank you for your purchase! But... Is this really okay? I'm starting to feel a little guilty... Please, take these too! It's on the house.

It is a really nice item...

Shallie, is it really okay to spend that much money on something you won't use?

Eh hehe...probably not, but maybe Albert can help me and mom in the future? He'll get all of Perriend's money some day, so...

Hm... You always have such wonderful things at your shop, Escha...

Ehehe... Really?

Oh, Linca. Welcome!

Hello. I've come to buy some things. Let's see...

Thank you very much! ...Phew.

What's wrong, Escha?

I know this is bad, but... When she looks that similar, it's hard to get used to her being different.

Looks similar...?

Yeah, like Linca back in my home town.

Oh, you're both from the same place?

No... There's just a Linca in my home city who looks the same and has the same name.

Huh? I'm sorry, I don't think I understood that. Am I just dumb...?

To be honest, I don't really understand it either.

I've heard a saying that there's always 3 people who look the same as you somewhere in the world...

Or maybe... They're twins?

Hmm... She did say she had sisters... But that shouldn't make them look THAT similar...

Ms. Linca's sisters... We should ask her next time!

It's really dark under your eyes...

It's because of what's going on... We don't have enough employees, yet the work just keeps increasing. To be honest, I feel awful.


This might be a little out of left field... But why does government work always involve such useless procedures? I feel like just tearing it all up!

How can you joke with such a straight face...!

I'm not kidding, this is really how I feel.

That's even scarier!

That reminds me...

I understand her feelings more than ever, now.

Oh I know, Solle! Try thinking about sweets! I'm sure you'll feel a lot better!

And now I'm even more stressed out because the sweets I made didn't turn out the way I wanted! Just thinking about it makes me shake...

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to!

Take some deep breaths, Solle...

Solle. Here! Do your best. Survive!

Om... Escha made this... They're always just a little too sweet... I'll just have to clean up this paperwork to show her how it's done...

Looks like Solle cheered up.

I helped!

Actually, I had something for you two. Just a moment... Ah yes. I have good news for you. I've received a message from Central... They have high regards for your investigations.

Whoa, that's awesome!

Thanks to you, the budget allotted to our branch will be greatly increased.

That's good... It sounds like our hard work is paying off!

Central's accepted us... Doesn't that mean we're pretty amazing!?

Personally, I think they took too long to acknowledge your accomplishments.


They'll likely assign you more important investigations in the future. Prepare yourselves for the worst.

Could that have been...

His way of complimenting us...?

We did it!!

With an increased budget, you'll be able to retrieve more materials in the field and return them to your workshop. This budget is on a provisional basis, as long as you continue to deliver results that they approve of.

So basically, just don't get lazy?

We can do that! Let's see what Raoul is offering today...

A lot of survey teams are headed toward the Dusk Sea, but there's a number of monsters there that could make things difficult. If you could reduce their numbers, that would be a big help.

Yes, it's right here.

Oh... Sorry.

No worries. Please take your time.

Okay... No, wait, that's all for today.

Oh... That's too bad. Please come back again.

Heeey, Master Wilbell!

Oh, so you're here too.

Um... Wilbell, do you have a hard time around Ms. Rosemia?

Huh!? W-why would you say that!?

I'm sorry if I'm mistaken, but... After watching you just now...

Oh! I kind of thought so too! You seemed kind of...scared!

...Hahh. I didn't realize it was so obvious...

So we were right!?

There's nothing wrong with Rosemia herself, but... She seems a lot like the Grand Master.

Grand Master... If I recall, she was Master Wilbell's master... She's a super powerful magician, right?

Right. She looks and speaks really gently... But she's actually SUPER strict. Rosemia reminds me of her, and that makes me really nervous.

(So even Wilbell can get scared... Oh! Miruca wanted to come by the ship today! I totally forgot!) Um, Shallie, Wilbell, I'm sorry, but I have to go back to the ship now. Can you two wait here? We'll be headed to the Dusk Sea after I get back.

Sure we can. I've still got a lot to teach you, Shallie.


...I heard about your mom, Shallie. I'm so sorry.

Thanks master. I only wish I could do more. I'm...gonna go talk to Perriend about mom. I didn't know she worked for the Corporation for so long.

Good idea. I'll be here when you're ready.

Oh, Shallie. Why are you hesitating like that?

Um... I heard that my mom worked for you. But it seems kind of hard to believe...

Nady's decision to resign was quite sudden...

Um... What was my mom like when she worked here? Was she still kind of airheaded?

S-Seriously... I mean really!?

She had the courage of a warrior, yet she was extremely attentive to detail...

Ms. Nady was the one who taught me how to work as a secretary.

R-Really...!? I-I can't even imagine...

Shallie, you should come visit more often. I'd like to hear more about how Nady is doing.

...Okay! (I guess Mr. Perriend isn't just a scary old guy...)

My village is pretty small, so there weren't many girls around my age. That's why I'm really glad to have met as many people as I did after coming here... I'm so glad you're spending time with me.

...I don't think I'm really that interesting of a person...

That's not true! I always have a good time during our talks, Miruca.

Nobody's ever said that to me before...

Really? Well... Maybe it just seemed obvious to them.

That reminds me, I tried synthesizing something the other day, but it didn't go so well... Could you take a look?

Here... The quantity here is wrong. Want to give it a try now? We have the ingredients. I'll watch.

Really? Maybe I'll take you up on that offer... Hehe, although I get nervous thinking about someone watching...

Yeah, I think so too.

I notice you're stirring a little quickly... Slow it down a little.


And make sure you add that liquid in the right proportion...

Oh yeah... I always make so many mistakes when I'm alone... Miruca, this might take me a little while to finish. You don't need to be here for the whole thing. When I finish adding the ingredients, it will take a while for the final material to come out.

I see... Well, I'll be going back to my shop. Goodbye.

(Hm... I should ask her to come along to the Dusk Sea before I leave... And I'm making a gift for her, so I have to be extra careful. Here goes...)

Welcome... Have a seat.

Thank you! Um, this is a gift...

...Did you make these yourself?

I didn't know what else to bring...

Hm, sweets... They're all irregular shapes and sizes... But that makes it seem very heartfelt and thoughtful... Were you making these in the atelier?

Haha, yes. I was trying to make something nice for you, but wasn't sure how to make things like this with alchemy. They didn't turn out how I like, but...

...These would be really relaxing to have with tea. Thanks.

I'm glad you like them...

(Hahh... I always feel really calm and comfortable around Miruca...) Did I interrupt you?

No... I was getting pretty bored, so I probably would've run off if you hadn't come by. You always show up right before I'm about to ditch work. It's perfect.

That's good...


(I'm glad I can help Miruca relax by coming here...) Miruca, would you like to come with me and Shallie to the Dusk Sea? We have a lot of hunting requests, so it would be a big help if you were there.

Of course. Um, where's Shal?

Wilbell said she had more training for Shallie, and that's when I left.

I see. Let's get going.

Music: Blurring Sand

So this expanse used to be an ocean...

...Yeah, this is weird.

...What is?

There's nothing around here.

Isn't that because of the Dusk?

That's not what I mean... I don't feel the power of spirits around here. If it used to be an ocean, I should be able to sense the power of spirits that were here... This is a strange place...


Well... We can worry about it later. We should just complete our assignments here.

Travel the world... That could be fun.

I want... To write a book. Something kids could read.

A book, huh... That's a pretty simple dream.

What about you?

After this journey is over, I want to reconsider my life... Hahaha...

(Maybe I should think about what I'll do after all this... Shallie asked me the same question, but I don't think I've ever really thought about it. Hm.)

Oh, hello Rose!

Are you working...?

Yes, you could say that... But I'm collecting lost items whose owners are unknown. You don't have to be so afraid.

(It's like she read my mind... What a strange person.)

I know you think my work is unusual, but isn't it sadder to have all these items left in the Dusk Sea? Their previous owners can't use them anymore, and they can be used for the living's sake. The only real difference between one who is alive and one who is dead is the fact that they have life...

Ahaha... (Whoa, does she know what I'm thinking...!?)

Those who lost their way and died, and items that lost their owners, are all equally lost in my eyes.

The people who come out here... They're mostly hunters, right?

Many people, in fact. Treasure hunters, explorers, but yes, most of the people I work with were very courageous types... ...But not all of them were the same. Some were merchants traveling between cities, others were families, others came here for research... Because of that, sometimes I find important items far more valuable than money.

I... See...

This may be a cruel land... But these items remind me that the people here have not forgotten their hearts. These items are far too priceless to sell.

(She might be strange, but... She's not a bad person...)

Were you two here for any reason?

Um, we had...some jobs we needed to complete around here. We were also looking for a ghost ship that was seen near here. Have you seen it?

No, but I feel the strong presence of the dead in this area. I would not be surprised if it was around. Now then, I'm sure we'll meet again. Farewell.

I'm not even sure where we are, but...

I can feel it. The ghost ship has to be close to here.

We're already really far from Stellard or the eastern continent. I'm not taking this ship much farther. If the ghost ship is there, fine, but just so we're clear.

I know. My source said the ship was around here. If it's not, well, I'll keep looking.

Music: Within the Feelings Left Behind

Whoa, what's with this place?

Can feel. Strong monsters around.

How curious. This region doesn't seem nearly as affected by the Dusk as I would have thought. This could be very interesting.

The ghost ship... I... I finally found it...!

You did it, Jurie!

It really seems like a place where you'd find ghosts...

It's called a "ghost ship", so it would be weirder if there weren't any. ...Anyway, let's go.


With how obviously old this place is, the wood is bound to be weak in places. Everyone, be extra careful here, and watch for the slags. They seem to have infested this ruin, as well.

There are stairs in this back, and considering the size, this might have been the place where they ate meals. Fascinating...

Does something about that door over there feel...odd to anyone?

Always. Danger. For treasure hunters. Must be. Brave.

I agree with Homura, but something definitely feels unusual about that door. Let's be very careful, and keep your eyes open, everyone.

Huh...? I feel like I've been through here before...

No, we've definitely been here before. Wilbell, do you have any ideas?

I'm familiar with a lot of witch magic, but this doesn't feel like that at all. I wouldn't know what that was.

Hm...why don't we try going back through the door we just came out of?

Could this be where the captain lived?

Looks like you were right, Shallie. Still, it doesn't look like we can go deeper into the ship without passing through that door. I wonder how...?

Jurie, didn't your book mention something about a light and truth?

Yeah, it did... Well, whatever it is, we don't have it. There's nothing more we can do here for now. Let's head back.

You're taking all my business! My sales have been terrible! You have to do something!

Oh, how unfortunate that you're trying to blame your own misfortunes on me.

That's because it's your fault! If we both sell the same things in the same city, then business will drop for both of us!

If we sell the same things in the same way, then we should have the same sales numbers. This just means that I'm selling better merchandise for a better price. I think this just illustrates the difference in skill between us.

Rrrgh... You're selling things way too cheap! This...and this! These normally sell for double what you're asking!

Oh dear... What's wrong with selling good quality items for a reasonable price? It's far better than selling junk for a high price.


I don't think Katla can win this...

She can't really argue against that...

And who was the one saved by those unscrupulous collectors again? I recall discovering countless people just like a certain someone collapsed in the desert... I also recall treating them and saving their lives.

I-I...! Rrrgh... I'll get your customers some day! You'll regret this!

I look forward to the challenge. Please come back again.

(Ms. Rosemia... Seemed to be having fun...)

(Perriend sent me that letter...) Shallie, can I catch up with you later? My mom wanted me to do some work around the house.

Oh, yes, see you later!

(A knock?) Yes? ...Who could it be? Oh, Ms. Linca. What is it?

I apologize for coming by so suddenly, but would it be possible for you to come to the Corporation right now?

Huh? That's okay, but... (Wh-What could it be? Could this be about my mom...?)

I apologize for calling you here so suddenly.

N-No, it's okay!

How's Nady doing?

Um, she kind of spaces out a lot, but she's always taking care of me... Even though I want her to rest.

So she starts working if you leave her alone?

Yeah, that's right! ...Oh, sorry for shouting...!

Don't worry about such manners. Young people should be energetic.

There's something the chairman wished to tell you, Ms. Shallotte.

Huh? What's that...?

Your father was an alchemist who came here from another city...

...So I've heard.

I was quite irritated when he took Nady from me, and brought her to the lower city. ...That may be the reason I came to dislike the lower city... How childish of me. But that also shows just how much I relied on her as a subordinate.

I see...

When Nady decided to resign, I was still a relative novice, and I felt quite helpless as a result.

After you were born, I asked Nady a number of times if she would return, but she always refused. ...She said that she had already made her decision to leave.


Shallie, does Nady seem happy?

...Then she must be happy.

C'mon, Mr. Perriend! That's enough talk! We still have no idea what could happen with her, she might be fine! She hasn't collapsed again!

...That's true.

...Yes, you're right. I was simply feeling nostalgic, and a little gloomy. If it's okay with you, would you mind talking like this once in a while? I'd like to look towards the future.

Huh? Of course! No problem!

Hey, you're accepting that request? I'll explain it for you. This request is for gathering Slag coins. They want quite a few of them.

Slag coins...

I'm not sure if you're aware, but a long time ago, they were used as currency around here. Just like it sounds, they're made from Slag fragments. There's actually a fair amount of work put into the details. Still... Not many people know about them. Nobody uses them, either. I don't know why someone wants them... Anyway, I'm counting on you. Try not to let down the client.

Okay, I'll do my best! Wait...are these Slag Coins?

You had them already? Jeez, I wonder why YOU'RE collecting them. Maybe they're coming back? Anyway, I'll be sure to let the client know. Nice work.

Teo and Kortes both went off somewhere, so it's kind of boring without anyone to talk to...

Maybe I should go see Shallie? But, hmm, there was that time before...

Hello, Shallie!

Today at home, my mom was all like...

...Oh, hello Miruca.

Huh? Miruca?

Something like that happened before... Hmm, what should I do...

What are you worrying about, Shallie?

Oh, hello, Kortes. Well, uh... Well, there was this one time I went to go talk to Shallie, but Miruca was there, too, and her expression was kind of...


What should I do?

...Why don't all three of you just meet up?

But then who should I go to first? Hmm, I don't know...

Jeez, that's all you're worrying about? If you're going to go, just go! Go!!