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Part 35: What Happens Tomorrow

May the participants fight with skill, honour and courage!
I'm going to get picked first. I know it. He'll pick me first and then my opponent will be a bear or something. There will be a bear in this tournament.
All weapons, styles and schools are permitted.
"Ladies and gentlemen, our first contestant is Duran of Eastern Sword! He will be fighting against a bear. Why? Ha ha. We just thought it'd be funny. It'd be funny if he had to fight a bear, right?"
Each match will continue until a contestant forfeits or is unable to continue fighting.
"The bear is called Ted. Say hello, Ted. Ted has rabies."
There will not be a bear.

I bet I get picked first, though. I'm going to be the first one out.
I mean, it's one thing to lose your first match, but to actually be the first person who loses? That's the one people remember. That's the one my grandkids'll find out about.
Not that I'll ever have grandkids. "What's that? You lost the first match in the tournament? OH WOW, it's like your bed just catapulted me out the door, that's amazing, bye!"
Duran. Duran.
You are, regardless of what happens in this tournament, a stronger person than you think you are.
You are not your dad. You will not ever be. That is a good thing. Be you.
Now stop rambling. Got a headache.
Um. Thanks?

May the first competitor step forth!

You shall face Sir Gustav's son...
oh god please tell me i have a brother i don't know about

Hey, you know what? This might be alright. Losing to the hero of Kaleila. Least that's what everyone would expect.
You'd better win this. Then I can say I fought the champion.
I will.
Also, don't kill me. That would be nice.
No promises there.

That was embarrassing.
You could've finished me with a bomb, at least. Do me a favour.
Yeah, I usually don't think about how to fight. I just sort of do it.
Ah well. Not to worry. Science is a capricious thing. Leads you places you don't expect, shows you things you wouldn't believe, takes your money and your clothes...
Well, the last one's usually the drinking. But you'd be surprised how science and alcohol go together.
Wait, wait, I've got it. A sword-bomb.
Ladies and gentlemen! It is my great honour to present the championship belt to the winner of the Kaleilan martial arts tournament! Our beloved hero, Yumil!

In light of his decision to represent himself, I shall not dedicate this victory to any particular school. Instead, let it be a testament to the power of youth. Indeed, I believe this is our youngest champion yet by no small amount.
We shall have to keep a closer eye on our children, Kaleilans. They are clearly more dangerous than we ever thought possible. And I say that as a parent myself.
So, my friend! Would the mightiest warrior in all Kaleila care to say a few words?
No. Not, not really. Thank you.
...alright then.
In that case, I, as your king, shall-
Oh. Actually, there is something.
Ah, good. Please.

What if I said the world was going to end?
Well, think about it. What if you found out the world was ending tomorrow? What would you do?

We all have things we want to do before we die. A lot of us would be running around trying to do those things, but there wouldn't be time. I mean, what if you wanted to write a book? You'd never get it finished properly.
Or what if you wanted to find someone? Like if they just drifted away all of a sudden and you wanted to find out why? You'd never know.
Or...if you wanted tell someone you love them.
Okay, I suppose that'd only take a minute, but it wouldn't be right. Not like that. It'd be like you're only saying it because you're scared, you're desperate. To make yourself feel better. Or because you just want to hear them say it back.
You can't do it like that, when everything's all wrong. You have to say it when everything's fine. Then you both know you aren't just...saying it.
So, you should all...we should all think about doing some of those things. Now. Because you never know what'll happen. You never know when you'll have to go. Even if you're young. Sometimes it all just ends and there's nothing you could have done.
Um. That's all. Thanks.
Er, yes. Well. Some wisdom beyond his years from our champion there. Thank you very much.
Say, Ms. Seer. You're dynamite. Want to be handled with care?
You're not my type anyway. Just wanted to use that line.


Be honest. Is anyone really surprised by this?
Yes. Actually.
Anyone who isn't fat?
What does that have to do with...I'm not even fat! What?
Special, this human. Learned the hammer well, better than many dwarves. Deserves victory. Rudrud loses without shame.
But know this. He will not lose again.
...I'm sure he won't.
Congratulations on your victory.
Yeah. Thanks.
Would anyone mind if I went on my way here? I'm really tired.
What, not going to stay for the food? They're serving barbecued...
Pork? Lamb?
They're serving barbecue.
What is that?
Meat. Better not to pry, I find.
I'll scan some for later.
Save. I'll save some for...I'll take some home with me.

Straight to Fana's house, of course, with the belt around my waist. This would be just what she needed. What we both needed.

But it was kind of late, wasn't it? She'd probably be asleep by now. In fact, Helen would probably be asleep by now. I wouldn't want to wake them up for something as small as "I just won the tournament. The Kaleilan tournament. Not the Rhoan tournament, the Kaleilan tournament."

Best leave it until tomorrow.


What are you doing here?
Geez, make me feel welcome, why don't you. We're friends! You won! Time to celebrate!

Here's to your victory, champ.
Is that what I think it is, and if so, where'd you get it?
Yes, and don't ask.
Come on. Not like our parents'll find out, is it? One advantage of being orphans. We're men whenever we say we are.
I suppose.

Man. First the war, now the tournament. You really left me in the dust, huh? Guess I can't call you a "have-not" anymore.
I just got lucky. If you'd found the book, I'd be saying the same thing to you.
Heh. In that case, any chance you'd let me borrow it for a while?
Yeah. Thought not.

How many years ago was that?
Don't know.
Yeah, well. It was nothing to you, I guess. Me, I was...
It wasn't that long after I lost my family.
Meant a lot, you know. Just to have someone to talk to. Someone who knew.
Is it hot in here? Are you hot?
Not really. You alright?
I just feel a bit...fuzzy. In my head.
All that excitement today. You're probably exhausted.
I suppose. I felt...
When I came in, I felt fine. I think. Now I'm...
Do you think we...we could do this tomorrow? I really just want go to...