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Part 36: Minor Setback

Prepare to be refuted, asshole.

Yumil! Yumil, wake up!
(Oh my god. He's not.)
Not what?

Oh, fuck me, no. NO.

How did he know to do that?!

Sorry...dunno what happened there. I...

Rex? Where are you going?
Is that...?

Rex. Give that back now. I'm serious. This isn't funny.
...I'm sorry.


I discovered that night that I could run much, much faster than I thought.

Unfortunately, so could Rex.

The slums. Fortune-Teller Alley. The arena. I chased him through everything, heeding nothing. I chased him knowing that he would tire and I would not. As long as he held the book and I didn't, I could run around the world.

Give it back and I will!


Empty threat. He had the book. I couldn't have shot him because I had no gun.

Not because he was my friend. Not because I didn't want to hurt him. Because I had no gun.

He led me to the town square, and that was where it should have ended. He was staggering, nearly bent double, and still I ran and ran and ran. My legs screamed. Anger screamed louder.

I almost had him.

Sorry, kiddo. If it's any consolation, I'll regret that for a long time.

That worked out rather well. Forgive me for not thinking of it sooner.
Still. Nothing like a good war, eh? I certainly had fun. Did you have fun, my prince?
I had fun. here...
Man. so much in my life.
Fascinating. Whenever you're ready, then.

Be ready. Very soon.
Sir, have to promise to bring my sister back first. Please.

You'll do it, right? I want your word that-
You imply that I'm dishonest.
No, I just -
I gave my word already. So either you think me a liar, or you're deliberately wasting my time. Which is it?
Neither? Then do as you're told.

Here. I'm sorry. Sorry about that. Just nervous.

Hello again, my beautiful little tome. It's been too long.

And hello to you four. I know you're in there.
Yeah, hi. You realise this is one giant waste of time, right?
The book isn't yours. Which means we don't have to help you. Which means we are coming out to kick your ass very shortly. So how about you give it back and we'll forget this ever happened?
Damn and blast. I hadn't thought of that.
Apropos of nothing, how was your ale?
We'll dry off.
Eventually. And elsewhere.

Much as I enjoy the banter, our reunion will be short. I think the four of you have earned a holiday.
Give my regards to your hosts when you arrive.
Are you insane?! If you get rid of us, we can't-
Can't create the new world. I know.
Except that's not what you do, is it? You're just here to offer...what was it, Ur? Guidance and support?
I've done this before. I can manage.
That's just a theory, you idiot! What if I'm wrong?
Then this world will be the last.

The cycle has gone on long enough. We will have perfection, or we will have nothing., what about my sister?
What about her?
You said you'd bring her back. That was the deal. I want her back.
Are you familiar with the term "lesser of two evils"?
Either I go back on my word, or I bring another human into the world. And so I choose the lesser evil.
Go away.
But that's not fair! You promised! Please sir, you promised! You can't!
Can't I? Look there.

Look at him. Look at your "friend."
Betrayal. Hurts. Remember that.

Now. To reiterate; go away.

Marvellously done, my prince!
If I may, there is another who requires your attention.

Perceptive as ever, Vermin.
Ah, my dear Olly. You've aged hideously.
And you've got something on your face.

The entire left side of it. In the theatre now, are you?
Comedy and tragedy. Sad, but laughable. Suits you perfectly.
You're going to die, crone. Just a friendly reminder. And it will hurt.
Not as much as your whipping did, little man.
Be quiet, slave.

It wasn't unsalvageable. It wasn't.

I saw the town square, the beating heart of my home, ripped apart. I saw its people dying, struck by whirling debris or crushed beneath rubble. But it wasn't unsalvageable. Buildings could be repaired. Casualties...they didn't have that much longer to live anyway. Knowing the end, as I've said, transforms everything that comes before.

I could have endured it all if she'd just stayed indoors.


Alright. This is not what I signed on for.

Highness! If I may, I'm not exactly seeing how this facilitates the ideal kingdom!

I'm just saying, we might have different views on "ideal"! Maybe you could put the tornado down and we'll talk about it!

Ah crap.

Ah crap.


Ngh! I can't...

My prince!

Is...this isn't supposed to happen. Is it? Prince Valdo?
I can't control it. This body is too weak.

We are leaving. We are leaving now.
You heard the man! Double time!



Is there anything I can do, my prince?
Shut up.

Only a minor setback, I'm sure. We'll-
Shut up. Shut up. Just move.

You know that talk I asked for? I am no longer asking. We're having it. Right now.
What the hell are you?

More importantly, I am short of patience. Die.

Shame. He was a fine general.
One more word and you join him. MOVE.


Tsk tsk. Litterbugs.


Over here! We've got a survivor!