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Part 51: Snotface

Where are you going? The castle's that way.
I need to do something first. I probably won't be seeing Rhoan again.
Hey, don't start with that now. This is gonna work. I know it will.
I didn't say it wouldn't. I said I probably won't be seeing Rhoan again.
Too many memories?
Just doesn't really feel like home anymore.

Yumil! Did you see the monsters?
Oh, those? I already took care of them.
With the book?
With the book.
Okay. I thought you might.
Hi Mieli!
Hey youuu.
Meeni-a. Hello.
You talked!
She talked!
I know. Isn't it great?
What happened to that thing on your neck?
Found a k-key.

Who's this?
Um. My name is Ur.
Should she be able to...?
Alright then.
My dad has eyes like that.
Like what?
Two different colours. Do you know what that's called? Heterochromia.
My eyes aren't the same colour?
You got one blue, one red. Kinda gives me the creeps, to be honest.
Well I think it's cool. And Ur doesn't need his mum to make him talk to girls, so you can just shush your face Mr. Rempo.
Yes, Rempo. You just shush your face.
Okay, I just got owned by a single digiter. Kill me.
Meenya, listen. I've got something important to ask you. Do you remember when everyone started ignoring you?
They still are.
Yes, but do you remember when you first noticed it?
I dunno. Not really.
Maybe something happened just before then?
Yumil. Are you sure?
Enough is enough.
Oh yeah! It was my birthday.
What happened on your birthday?
I got presents.
I got a cake?
Alright, so after your birthday. Did you start feeling a little different? Like something wasn't quite right?

I don't wanna say it. You'll think it's weird.
Meenya. I have a magic book with eyes. Nothing is weird anymore.
...I feel like maybe I'm supposed to go somewhere.
It's like when I stay out too late, and I know my mum and dad are calling me even though I can't hear them. That feeling.
So why don't you go?
'Cause I want Rex to come too.
I keep asking him. But he doesn't listen.

Wait here for a minute, alright? I'll be back.
Sorry I owned you, Rempo.
Yeah. No. It's cool.


Uh. Hey.

I figured you'd be out doing the hero thing.
I need you to do something for me. Quickly. Come on.
Hey, watch the sleeves.
Shush. Walk.
When'd you get so tuggy?

Stand here. Don't move.
Dude, you're acting like a guard. You keep this up and I'll have to spit on you.
Look. I'm not asking this as a joke, so take it seriously.
What would you say if Meenya were here?
If Meenya was standing in front of you right now. What would you say to her?
What kind of question is...
Wait, how do you know her name? I never told you.
I asked around. Answer the question.
I don't know, okay? Why are you even asking? This is stupid.
It's not stupid. There are plenty of things I'd want to say to Fana, and it hasn't even been that long. You must have something.
So what? Why do you care?
I'm asking you a favour. Are you saying you won't do it?

Imagine she's standing in that spot right there. You can take as much time as you want. Just say whatever you want to say.
Okay, okay.
Hello, Meenya. Uh-
Not to me. To her.
Hey snotface.

Hi Rex.
You look, um. I dunno how you look. Good, I hope.
You look tired.
Me, I'm...tired, I guess. Haven't slept well since you went away.
Just knowing you're not gonna be there in the morning keeps me awake. More than dad's snoring ever did.
I still see Duran around sometimes. Don't really talk to him. But, uh, he's doing alright, I think. Still wears those flowers.
Heh. I remember you saying you wanted to marry him.
I did not!
Not to me, mind you. To your friends. But we all heard it. You were yelling pretty loud.
It was a dare. They dared me to say it.
Oh, this is Yumil, by the way. We met a little while You know. We've been through a lot.
He's a bit upset with me right now, though. And he should be.
Did some pretty stupid things to try and get you back. I don't think you'd be proud of me at all.
Sometimes, when you miss someone a lot, all you can think about is how much you miss them. You don't think about yourself or anyone else. You don't think things through properly. Then you end up hurting someone.
It's not your fault, though. Don't you ever think it's your fault. It's my fault.

This is all my fault. I wanted to see you so bad.
If I...
If I could just pull those ribbons one more time, and mess your hair all up like I used to, I'd be the happiest big brother in the whole world.
And I'm sorry if I ever made you think different. If I ever ignored you or acted like I didn't want you around, I'm sorry. I never felt like that, not even for a second. I love you. You're my little sister and I love you so much.
I know.
That's all. That's all I can think of. Love you.
Love you too.

Meenya. Don't you think you should go and see your parents now?
But what about...
I'll keep Rex out of trouble. Don't worry.
He'll come to you when he's ready. And when he does, he'll have a lot of stories to tell you.
Won't you, Rex?
Yeah. Yeah, I will.
Do you have a handkerchief? I think he needs one.
I'll see what I can do.
Wait. Before you go.
Handkerchief. Spell it.

Good girl.

That's all I can do.
You don't have to say thank you. Just make them good stories, okay?
Wait, Yumil. Could you just stay here for a couple minutes?
If that's alright?

He needed a hug.

Luckily for him, I kind of did too.