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Part 71: Postgame


This world's end will come. But only someday. Kullervo tried to hasten its destruction, but now he's gone. So this world can continue.
What a vast world it is! Let's go see all the other countries that exist!
Kullervo never realised...all the good this world had.
Anyway, Yumil! With the book, you can see a little of the world to be!
I bet you're curious! Let's take a look! Oh, I can't wait!
What's written in the Book will make up the new world. The next world we from everything you've done so far.
So, open the Book! I want to see the new world!

Whoa. What's this now?

Let me take you back. Way back.

Didja Redo posted:

For those who've played the game, I know something else happens after you beat the Chimera, which I didn't mention. For narrative reasons, I'll only be covering this at the end. But then the end is the only time it comes into play, so that's not a big deal.
It's time we addressed this "something else."

After you defeat a major boss, the book will ask you a question, which you answer with the code of your choice. Those answers will alter various aspects of your new world. Once you beat Kullervo, you can go to Sunny Hill and open the Creation Door page...

...which will let you sneak a peek at the result.

There are ten questions in total, and each one affects a particular attribute.

1. The wide sky above you... (The sky.)
2. The towns that house the people... (The building on the right.)
3. Those who fill it with life... (The inhabitants.)
4. The rhythm that fills it all... (The background music.)
5. The majesty in one's eyes... (The angle of the camera when you talk to people. LAME.)
6. That crafted by the living... (The miscellaneous objects lying around.)
7. Wrapped, swirling, flowing things... (Weather effects.)
8. All the sounds of life... (The sound of your footsteps.)
9. The land that births, supports all life... (The texture of the ground.)
10. All the mysteries and unknown secrets... (What the inhabitants say to you.)

How shall it be in your world?

Answers can be changed whenever, so you're free to mix and match and see what the game comes up with.

You've already guessed that it isn't as exciting as it sounds, but I'll confirm it anyway.

First, you're limited to this one area. You can't leave Sunny Hill while in the new world, nor can you use the Creation Door from elsewhere.

As for the questions themselves, there are a lot of duplicate results, and few bizarre or interesting ones. For example, in question one, the vast majority of codes will give you a plain blue or grey sky. Still, there are still a decent number of possibilities, and more than I can reasonably show you.

You aren't missing much, though. From what I can tell, they only reuse assets from elsewhere in the game barring one or two cases, so the whimsy is limited. You won't see anything new, and even things that should have obvious results often don't. Answering the weather question with Ice doesn't make it snow. Answering the ground question with Fish won't make a river.

And no, answering every question with Dog will not create Puppy Planet.

This is what you get. See what I'm saying? It's just Yumil's house, the grass texture from Grana Plains, and a rock. Nothing we're unfamiliar with.

I can't be too hard on them, though. There's only so much they can fit on the cart, and many of the answers would be too abstract to work with. "How will the sky be in your world? Justice!" What are they supposed to do with that? Be fair.

There's also one saving grace; the inhabitants.

Did you notice? The person by the house is always your girlfriend, but the ones on the left are new. Aren't they?

Not quite! They're actually horrifying chimeric recolours of one character's head atop another's body. Or sometimes talking monsters.

These range from fairly normal-looking, like Kamurex here, to...

Well. Let's not hasten to judge. A shave, a paper bag, a vow of silence...

Moving on.


Four more of these things to see, none of them worth your time. If you've been keeping your CP up, you'll probably unlock them all right away.

The first is for the final Judgment Link tournament.

We talked about the Judgment Link tournament. It is a dark place and I have no plans to revisit it.

The second gives you a rematch with Amorphes, which you can already have whenever you want. He's not even harder this time, although you do receive a slightly improved version of his crappy broadsword.

The third give you some jewels to collect, which are probably worthless to you by now. If there's anything left to buy, just gamble.

Last, there's an extremely long, boring endurance battle against almost every non-boss monster in the game, which rewards you with a sword for which you no longer have a use.

You know what's strange? I used to be an obsessive completionist. There was a time I'd have actually done all this shit, even if I didn't have anyone to show it to. I think Avalon Code might have cured me. Thanks, Matrix Software!


Any left? Nope. Couple of minor sidequests, maybe, but there are no major story developments after the credits. You're just faffing around at this point.

Heath, as we discussed, is alive, and finally available for conversation and gift-giving. You can hook up with him now, if you're playing as a girl and are a terrible person.

Werman... alive. And again, you can chat with him and give him gifts. Either visiting hours in this dungeon are lenient, or "I'm the Kaleilan Hero god damn it" is finally starting to work for Yumil.

He's pretty chill about his plan for conquest going up in smoke. Then again, it wasn't really a plan for conquest. Kullervo wanted to destroy the world to build a new one, and, uh...seems like Werman was aware of that. What was he trying to accomplish? Was this all because of the bet with Olly? Even if Kullervo had taken over, Werman wouldn't have conquered the world. He'd just be acquainted with the guy who did.

You know what, this dude's fucking stupid. Put another notch on the pointless character tally.

And then there's Valdo.

I said several times that we had yet to meet the last male love interest, and technically that was true. We've never met Valdo, only his demon possessed corpse. You still knew it had to be him, right? Do you not even see how pretty and tormented he is?

He still has the angry red eyes going on. I assumed it was Kullervo's influence, but apparently he just looks like that.

Hold on, though. How can he possibly be alive? At least the last two cases were ambiguous. Heath confirms twice that Valdo was assassinated, and in his recap, he says Kullervo can only possess dead bodies. How you gonna wriggle out of this one, Avalon Code?




You don't mean

They do. They do mean. This was foreshadowing.



That's it. That's the end. LP over. Goodbye. Goodbye everybody.


All done?
I think so.
Let's take a look, then.

It's, um. Just the first draft, mind you.
Lot of editing to do.
Actually, I've been thinking about starting over. We still have time, right?
Keeping that statue.