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Part 72: Regarding Sylphy

I want to warn any Sylphy fans (should such a thing exist) that we probably won't be seeing her again. She doesn't leave Georg's house, has NO bearing on the plot at all and is literally just there to be a love interest, and I can't think of any reason for Yumil to pursue that avenue because she is a racist, arrogant, unpleasant person.

She's also a junkie.

Seriously! For one sidequest, she asks you to make her some elf drugs. She claims it's medicine for her dad, but her dad's not sick, and the first thing she does when you bring it to her is "taste-test" it. Then she gets a wicked high, passes out, and says she won't give it to Georg because it's "too strong."

Okay, in all honesty, I doubt that's what they intended. I'm deliberately reading this into it. But if that really was what they were going for, kudos. Surprisingly subtle for this game.

Her quests are also the one time Yumil shows some real personality. Once or twice, when she asks (demands) something of him, he turns and walks off in the middle of her sentence, which is awesome and totally justified. He always goes back, though, and aside from that, he puts up with her.

I wouldn't mind so much if he had his own lines and could give as good as he got. Develop some mutual belligerence until they both end up thinking "God damn it, where's that idiot, I want to yell at him/her some more. Wait, shit, that is the exact definition of love"

That could work, but with a mute protagonist, it's not possible. It's kind of horrible to watch Sylphy being relentlessly nasty to Yumil, going on about how worthless humans are, and him just nodding and smiling. But not horrible in a good way, the way that evokes sympathy or anger. It's horrible because you're supposed to think it's cute and romantic.

Ever see Deliverance? Imagine John Boorman saying "No, actually that was meant to be a tender love scene. Why, what did you think it was?" That's

not even on the same level as what I'm talking about, I am very sorry

Only when she finds out she's half-human herself does she start thinking "WELL MAYBE HUMANS AREN'T SO BAD" Too little too late, lady.