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Aviary Attorney

by Xander77

Part 3: The Baron

: We could head directly to the crime scene, but I'm obviously going to waste a bit of time first.

: I am Jayjay Falcon, defense attorney for -

: I know who ya are. I saw ya come by earlier. But visitin' hours are over. Come back next week.

: Do you think you could make an exception for us?

: Visitin' hours are over.

: We'll be quick.

: I said. Visitin'. Hours. Are over. D'ya bird-brains understand? Parlez-vous Français?

: I don't think he's going to make an exception, Falcon.

: You're right. Let's continue our investigation.

: Heading back to the office gives us the exact same message as last time, but here's a closeup of the office area:

: You only get the closeup very briefly before you enter the location. Apparently each was chose in accordance to proper Paris geography - people who lived there or visit may comment on how appropriate / inappropriate each is. In any case, time to actually move the plot forward:

People with dirty clothes and gaunt faces linger around the building's shadows.

Kangaroos (Camille Saint-Saëns - The Carnival Of Animals )

: I don't suppose you'd happen to have some spare change?

: Here you go. Stay safe, madame.

: Many thanks to ya, messieurs!

: That was pretty generous of you, Falcon.

: Times are tough. Making sure a mother and child have something to eat is the least I can do. But what am I doing, standing here moralizing? Come on Sparrowson, we've got business to attend to.

: Woah, look at this place! Baron Rorgueil must be loaded!

: More than loaded. When it comes to lucrative investments, the Baron is a legend. Factories, chocolate shops, hotels, railroads... the Baron owns a little bit of everything this side of the Seine.

: Is he here right now?

: Yes. He's the smug-looking chap with the impressive mane. But we must approach a man of his stature with tact and finesse...

: How's that?

: Sparrowson, you have the finesse of an inebriated warthog.

: You can thank me later. I think I got his attention.

Baron (Carnival of Animals - March of the Lions)

: And who might you fellows be? More investigators?

: Not quite. I am private attorney Jayjay Falcon, and this is my associate, Sparrowson.

: Lawyers, eh? You know, you aren't the first to have passed through here today.

: Oh?

: Yes, yes. This jumpy, twitchy fellow came by this morning. Asked a bunch of questions, then hopped away before he heard the answers. Most curious.

: Hmm.

: Do you know who he was, Sparrowson?

: Perhaps. I have a hutch - sorry, hunch - we'll be seeing him at the trial.

: A friend of yours?

: Something like that.

: So what may I do for you messieurs?

: We're doing some research on Monseiur Grenwee, the frog who was killed here on Friday evening.

: Of course, of course. Such a tragedy. He was a good friend and a loyal business partner. I suppose you messieurs will be wanting to see the crime scene for yourself?

: Actually, yes, that would be fantastic.

: Well, be my guest. You will find the garden where the murder occurred through the back doors. You may also be interested in the lounge on the second floor, third door to the right. That would be where we gathered for a group photograph, prior to the...

: Unfortunate incident.

: Oh, can we see the finished photograph?

: I am afraid not. It is to my understanding that a photograph must be developed before it can be viewed. It's a slow process. My own copy of the photograph is to be delivered in three day's time.

: That's no good to us. The trial may be over by then.

: Nonetheless, we appreciate your hospitality. Thank you, Baron.

: It's no trouble at all. I'll be here to see you out when you are done with your investigations.