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Part 4: First Investigation

: So, where shall we go first?

: The garden was the murder scene, so let's head to the lounge first.

Psst. Hey, Falcon. Did you see that?

: See what?

That housemaid totally just did something shifty.

: Shifty?

I think she just pocketed something from that drawer. You should totally call her out on it!

: Excuse me, mademoiselle!

: Y-yes? Are you two policemen?

: No, no. We're private attorneys. My name's Jayjay Falcon.

: And I'm Sparrowson.

: Oh, how rude of me. My name is Couline Duhaut. So, uh, what can I help you messieurs with today?

: We're investigating the murder that took place last week. Do you mind if we ask you a couple questions?

: That's fine. Let me just grab a chair.

: We're looking for the room where the photograph was taken prior to the incident. Would you happen to know whether this is the right room?

: Oh, yes, you're in the right place. I saw the photography session for myself. Let's see... the camera man was standing... Just about where you're standing, actually, Monseiur Falcon.

: And where was the camera pointed?

: Right at the clock above the mantelpiece. The Baron insisted on using that very location.

: Now that I'm looking at it, something isn't right about that clock...

: I know! The painting on it totally clashes with the decor!

: I was thinking along more obvious lines.

: Oh, that clock has never had hands in all the years I've worked here. I think Baron Rorgueil just keeps it around as a conversation piece.

: Well, we're conversing about it, so I guess it's working.

: It's a peculiar detail, though. I'll make a note of it.

: Is there something else you wanted to ask?

: You were a little nervous when we came in. You thought we were police officers.

: Is there something we ought to know? Anything you need to confess?

: No, no. I suppose I'm just a little nervous after all the drama of last week.

: Are you sure there isn't anything that you're hiding?

: It's okay to tell us. We're defense attorneys. That means we help people get away with criminal acts.

: Right, and -

: Wait. What? No! That's not an accurate job description, Sparrowson!

: It isn't? Oh. What do we do, then?

: ... I'll tell you later.

: Honestly, messieurs, I have nothing to hide. Was there something else you wanted to ask?

: No further questions. Thank you, mademoiselle, you've been a huge help.

: It's no problem, messieurs.

I know you two saw me... stealing... as you came in. I appreciate that you didn't give me the third degree about it. You see, I'm trying to save up to follow my dreams, and... well, never mind, I'm rambling.

: It's no problem, mademoiselle. To be honest, we have a much larger crime to worry about. Although, I should probably ask: I don't suppose you've been stealing anything else? Silverware, perhaps?

: Ah! You know about that? Yeah, I suppose that was me. It started with a couple of teaspoons - I didn't think the baron would miss those. But, uh, well, yeah, I suppose the habit got a little away from me...

: That's one mystery solved, at least.

: I would appreciate it if you didn't tell the baron. He's been really kind, and I would hate to break his trust.

: I see.

: So, where to next, big bird?

: To the garden!

: Hey, Falcon. Do the crime scene investigation thing.

: The crime scene investigation thing?

: Yeah! You know, that thing where you get all eagle-eyed, and analyze every object in excruciating detail.

: You mean search for evidence?

: Yeah! Do that!

: That's not a bad suggestion. It wouldn't be the first time the Parisian police have missed something right under their noses.

: As the OP notes, you can miss things and lose cases and just keep going. But there's no particular reason to miss evidence - there'll be plenty of room to fail during trials.

: The screen is darkened to make it clearer where we're searching. Not sure if I'll keep this up when I screencap in the future.

: A finely-crafted horse statue. The mane almost looks life-like.

: Would you say it be-hooves you to stroke it?

: No. No, I would not.

: Baron Rorgueil certainly likes his horse statues.

: I don't mind the horse statues, but the little cherub people creep me out. Babies should be waddling, not attempting saddleless horseback riding.

: Another beautifully made horse statue.

: You know, my uncle once had a horse that refused to eat hay.

: Oh. That's unfortunate.

: Yep. Eventually we realized that it was just filling up on horse d'oeuvres.

: Ugh. Terrible.

: A horse statue. This one has a goofy face.

: That reminds me of a joke. A horse walks into a bar, and the barkeep says -

: "Why the long face?" Yes, yes, we've all heard that one.

: What? No. The barkeep says, "you've got to stop coming here. You're drinking us under the stable."

: I think it's time to rein in the horse jokes.

: This fountain is finely crafted. It's solid, carved marble. That can't have been cheap. I see nothing but water in the bottom of the lower basin.

: It's a shame we can't see inside the upper basin from here. That would be a perfect place to quickly stash a murder weapon.

: That's... actually not a terrible line of reasoning. We ought to wade in to take a closer look, just to be sure.

: Yeah, I suppose we should.

: Oh, I apologize. I wasn't being direct enough. What I meant to say was, "Sparrowson, go wade into the fountain and take a closer look inside the upper basin."

: Me?! No way! If you want to go wading, do it yourself.

: I'm a respectable lawyer! You can't expect me to roll up my trousers and paddle around a fountain like a duck in a lake.

: Yeah, well, you don't pay me enough to justify getting my sweet threads wet. Look. There's only one reasonable way to settle this. We'll flip for it.

: Flip for it?

: Yup. I'll flip this one franc coin. You call the outcome.. Get it wrong, and you go for a swim. So, what'll it be? Heads or tails? Napoléon face or... plant squiggles?

: "Plant squiggles"? It's called a wreath, Sparrowson. Sure, I'll bet on the "plant squiggles".
: Here I go.

: It's heads. Should have gone with the ol' Emperor, Falcon.

: Gah! Fine. Hold my shoes.

: I almost feel bad for cheating.

: Almost.

: Ah, you're back. Had a good swim?

: But I did find a mystery item in the upper basin. It's no murder weapon, though.

: What is this? It's brown and sticky. And it smells weird. Don't tell me that you picked up a -

: Very wet cigar butt? Possibly belonging to Baron Rorgueil? Correct. But that shouldn't be too surprising - it is his house, after all. I'll stash it in the evidence folder, just in case.

: Good call. But are you sure you don't want to take another dip? We still have time.

: Don't push your luck.

: We had a good look. Thank you, baron. But we actually have some questions for you.
: Please, ask away. I have nothing to hide.

: Baron Rorgueil, I would like to ask about your activities on the night of the murder.

: Oh ho, am I in trouble?

: No, no. Nothing like that. We're just gathering the full picture.

: I see. Well, let me think. The guests arrived at five o'clock, and we all sat down for dinner in this very hall at six. That part went magnificently. The photographer arrived at seven o'clock, but it wasn't until seven thirty that we had our picture taken. My housemaid discovered the crime scene soon after that.

: I see.

: Is there something else I can help you messieurs with?

: We met your housemaid, Couline Duhaut.

: She's a courteous young lady, isn't she?

: Yes, she was more than willing to help us with our investigation.

: I'm glad to hear it. Did you two want to ask something else?

: I think that will be all, Baron. Thank you very much for your time.

: It was a pleasure. Have a delightful day, messieurs.

: I hope so.

: Don't worry. If everything goes wrong in the trial we could always just...

: Terrible. Just terrible. Let's head back to the office and get some rest.

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