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Part 29: Side-Note: Alternate Cherrl Parts 6, 7 & 8 (post by Jegan).

1 attack per level, and .875 defence per level.

Alternate Cherrl Part 6

Hi! Welcome! Look here.

This way, it would generate income for your mother, and besides, I enjoy making these. I want you to have this one, the Koh mascot No. 1!
: Thanks! || I don't want it.
No point in doing the first, it just skips a few lines.
No, that's not acceptable. In order for it to sell, the person himself has got to keep it on him.

(The mascot is attached to the purse.) Come again. I'm so happy whenever I can see you, Koh.

Going to have to continue in a bit. I seem to have lost a picture for the next part. Had a save right there for another bonus I'm going to do, which is quite necessary now that Krysmphoenix cheated past floor 31.

Alternate Cherrl Part 7

This window is my store. It's selling pretty well. ....... It's amazing.

Until not too long ago, I'd spend everyday just gazing at the blue sky that reflected on the window. Right now, I'm living in the world outside this window, and although I'm still on this side, my feelings are out there. Yes, life can be so unpredicatble. If I wasn't born so weak, I might have even become a nurse, but then I might not have met you, Koh. Even while I was ill, if I had not thrown that doll out the window, I might not have met you. Life changes with every person you meet, and every decision you make. I hated my life so much. But now I've realized that my life is the color of the sky. To me, the color ofthe sky has always been the color I adored the most. It's the color that symbolizes the world outside the window, and also... My sky colored dream... is to be married to a certain somebody. But if I do marry that person, he's likely going to make me worry continuously, and I might be sick again.

Alternate Cherrl Part 8

Koh. Your character doll is selling like hotcakes. Mother's delighted too. This also is due to you Koh. To me, you're almost God.
: You're exaggerating! || Almost? No, I'm the God!
Again, both lead to the same thing.
giggle. Whenever you have the time, come and see me. Because, well... I worry.

This officially ends the alternate Cherrl romance. Any further conversations are just
Hi! Welcome! I truly believe I am lucky because you come to see me so often! Whenever you have the time, come and see me. Because, well... I worry.

And now a teaser for my next update.