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Azure Dreams

by Krysmphoenix

Part 43: Fin

The RNG hits!
The RNG hits!
The RNG hits!
The RNG hits! You die...
Do you want your possessions identified? [ynq] (n) y

a - a level 99 Pulunpa hatched in the Tower named RNG
b - The -1 Seraphim Sword.

Do you want an account of creatures vanquished? [ynq] (n) y
This list does not include kills made while cheating.

376 Pulunpas
135 Noises
452 Trolls (Hammer)
313 Flames
350 Cyclones
270 Baloons
339 Manoevas (v1)
148 Manoeva Clones
385 Blumes
186 U-Boats
177 Clowns
225 Dreamins
155 Trolls (Bow)
173 Volcanoes
123 Griffons
53 Krakens
61 Nyuels
47 Trolls (Sword)
71 Garudas
36 Manoevas (v2)
5 Barongs
33 Pickets
24 Arachnes
30 Weadogs
14 Unicorns
12 Vipers
6 Stealths
1 Snowman
2 Mandaras
1 Naplass

Total: 4229

Ghosh defeated 13 times.
70 Traps removed.

Do you want to see the stats of your monsters? [ynq] (n) y
In order of acquisition.

Tower Pulunpa - RNG

Do you want to see your attributes? [ynq] (n) y

Final Attributes:

You had transgressed.
You had cheated.
You reached the 40th floor of the tower for the fourth time.
You are dead.

Goodbye Mamoru the Monster Tamer...

You died in The Monster Tower on floor 40 with 4113 pieces of gold.
You were level 99 with a maximum of 4294967283 hit points when you died.

Mamoru-Tam-Hum-Mal-Neu died in The Monster Tower on floor 40. Killed by a level 99 pulunpa named RNG.

Final Post-LP Note: Avatars. I decided to get an avatar at the end of this LP. Also check for Epee Em's Battle Network LP if you can, he said he was going to archive it.

Krysmphoenix posted:

Alright. Now for some final business. With this final update, I now officially declare this LP to be over! I included all of Jegan's side-notes into the first post already, and reorganized them a little bit. I'm going to do a little work on the posts, maybe include some of the conversations because I do want this LP to be put into the LP Archives...once I figure out how to do that.

Thank you all for reading this, this has been fun, and once again my sincerest apologies that I could not beat this game the proper way. That said, this LP couldn't have ended the way it did without that little bit of cheating. Remember to NEVER make the RNG angry.

I'm going to leave this unlocked, so you guys can still post, clear up any final questions you guys have.

In addition, Starclamp has expressed interest in buying me an avatar. If you have been following Epee Em's amazing LP of the Mega Man Battle Network Series, you'll know that Starclamp has been quite generous in the past. In fact, so generous that I'm going to politely say
For the love of the RNG don't spend any more money on avatars, smilies, whatever! You've spent enough!

I recently got a job, so I'm going to purchase this avatar for myself; it's my way of thanking you for spreading joy to other goons already (and it's cheaper). Besides, I've been pondering about getting one for a while already.
What do you guys wanna see? Should it be rather Azure Dreams themed, or perhaps something more referencing the RNG?

Turos Kensei posted:

Just wanted to thank you for a great LP.

...and I also apologize for that whole Orphan thing. I hope we can still be special friends.

EDIT: Actually, for your avatar you should get Orphan's status screen with the following flavor text. "I can't believe I let you guys name it this..."

Alpha Kenny Juan posted:

This LP has been quite enjoyable. Kudos to you good sir. First one i've participated/followed that was actually completed.

Seconding the forbidden-loving hell out of this!!!

Krysmphoenix posted:

You know I really hate to break it to you, but I'm pretty sure Orphan's status screen won't fit.

Turos Kensei posted:

I'm sure a fellow goon can help you work something out.

Starkclamp posted:

I'll clean this up and give it transparency when I get home. For now, this is good and fits, so it's a demonstration that it's possible.

Krysmphoenix posted:

...I can't believe this, not again... Well, if we're going to do this, we're going to do this all the way.

Alright, I don't think "I can't believe I let you guys name it this..." would make a good flavor text for it. Perhaps this?

Of course using whatever new image Starkclamp produces later on.

Sprite141 posted:

Seems perfect to me.

Starkclamp posted:

There we go.

Krysmphoenix posted:

And there we go. Thank you for working on that, it actually looks pretty good.
See Starkclamp? You can help get people avatars without spending money!

Starkclamp posted:

You're welcome! Tweaking elements and practicing my graphic design is pretty fun for me.
Yet without spending money, I somehow feel empty...
Just teasing you Starkclamp, but you have been a little generous with other people's avatars already.
Anyway, thanks for everyone who followed my LP and stuck around to the end, I really appreciate it. And thank you for reading this. It's been a blast.