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Part 27: Byuu's Journal: Entry Fourteen

30th day, 4th month, 2 years since the fall of Kahna

As we left Godland and sailed outward, storm clouds were gathering around DamnShip.

In the darkness Hornet had made an entirely rational decision to utilize the bar for once.

I think the journey and the hardships of it have been getting to him a bit.

It's possible that by the time I could hear him he was past buzzed and into maudlin drunk.

While we knew our destination and that the next Holy Dragon the source of the information wasn't clear.. but I had a feeling I'd find out if I kept passing drinks in Hornet's direction.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when, amidst his reminiscing about finding a home with the Resistance and about how we might someday have a future without fighting, Sauzer's name came up.

Somehow he and Hornet were close enough to send letters to each other, although as Hornet read the contents of the letter aloud they didn't seem to exactly be on the best of terms.

That must have been a recent development, because when he started talking about the last time he and Sauzer had been drinking together they certainly seemed pretty close. I'd had no idea that Hornet was another Cross Knight.

Had been a Cross Knight, perhaps. What kind of wars must he have dealt with to want to put down his sword forever?

Sauzer had actually asked to ride around on Hornet's ship some day...if he does, it'll be as a prisoner and nothing else.

Up on the bridge, Zora had called everybody up to talk about Yoyo's condition. She wasn't going to be up to fighting when we got to Dafila, and Zora wanted us to let her rest. I didn't see it as a problem, although relying on Sendak for summons might be troublesome.

As we left the thunderheads, the sunlight streamed through the windows to an almost blinding degree.

Sendak's a bit worried about Sauzer's contact with the Holy Dragons, but considering that we've managed to gain the assistance of three already I think he's biting off rather more than he can chew.

Like Rush I was looking forward to coming to grips with Sauzer at last. I doubted that we could end the war at Dafila, but beating him in the field would completely change the thrust of the war.

It might not have been strictly necessary for Hornet to take us through that thunderhead... apparently that's just something he does sometimes. I can't argue, because it's kind of badass.

Barclay is having some thoughts about retiring someday and running a shop. It's a pretty ordinary dream, but it's good to have one.

Zora's Son can't quite get the hang of the lancer choreography, but considering how effective he's been on the battlefield that's a small fault.

Gunso is also thinking about the future... hmm. Wait a second, where's Donfan?

It turns out that I didn't have to worry. It's ironic that the light armor knights that Donfan is so fond of dislike him so much.

The ladies had him pinned behind the bar serving drinks and not being allowed to leave.

He's like some kind of animal, only released to kill. I'm curious as to where this experiment will lead.

Ectarina's had some success with Hornet... well, kind of. I don't think getting Hornet to drink is actually an accomplishment.

Hearing about Yoyo's troubles is worrying... I'm hoping that over time she'll become able to bear the Dragons within her mind.

Mist was still in bed, although I'm inclined to think that perhaps she's malingering to a degree.

While at the same time Frederica appears somewhat worse off.

I tried to get in to see Yoyo, but Lukia was standing guard and wouldn't let anybody through. With nothing else to do I headed for the shops and the dragons.

The Mini-Devils are a bit scarier when one of them can actually speak.

We were approaching Dafila... I went on the flight deck to feed the dragons, and prepare for our initial assault. Rather than charging into battle with Sauzer directly, we'd decided to attack one of the smaller garrisons around the lagoon and scout out the situation a bit.