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Baldur's Gate Trilogy - Sandrah Saga

by Vichan

Part 3: Chapter III - Scarry. Like bloodhounds.

Chapter III - Scarry. Like bloodhounds.

Determined to make up for lost time we hurry towards the Friendly Arm Inn. Just as we enter the Coastway though...

What is it about this old man that's got Sandrah so worried!?

...Nope, still not getting it.

After the old man tells us to head for the Friendly Arm Inn (Gee, thanks) he leaves us. Immediately afterwards, however...

Imoen channeling her inner cavewoman there at the end. Riveting dialogue.

Before we move on it might be a good idea to discuss player-initiated dialogue (PIDs for short). The BG1NPC project adds them for every NPC in the game, showcased here by talking to Imoen:

Those surrounded by asterisks are usually followed by random tidbits, Imoen has quite a few of them. I think the other two have answers based on your progress in the game. I'm going to hold off on trying these on Imoen for the moment...

...Because Sandrah Saga also includes PIDs, shown here:

Saying that her hammer's stuck has her casting spiritual hammer, by the way.

More cryptic clues, this is enraging! (The conversation after this is a repeat of 'Where are you from, Sandrah')

I'll be sure to ask Sandrah about certain companions whenever I get the chance. Before heading to the inn I made sure to beat up an ogre carrying girdles, one of which is connected to a quest. The other is cursed and turns you into the opposite sex. You didn't really need me to tell you this, though:

Oh, Sandrah. What would I do without you?

Fucking finally, I thought we'd never get here. Just as the inn's in sight however...

Don't be silly, Sandrah. You know perfectly well who Gorion i-

What the fuck is Lancel Lannister doing here?

More clues as to her father's identity. If you guys see an old man with a red hat around be sure to let me know!

The courtyard is home to interesting new characters, let's talk to them after we've met with Khalid and Jaheira though.

Well said, Imoen!

Tarnesh is not match for our combined might.

After looting Tarnesh Imoen spots something shiny.

I worry for the Realms...

This is from the BG1NPC mod and the first in a series of banters peppered throughout the game. Sandrah mod expands on this by giving Imoen the 'scribe scrolls' ability.

Anyway, enough dilly-dallying. Let's go ins-

I really hope these banters are front-loaded.

Once inside we run into Jopi, normally he approaches you to talk about the Iron Crisis, but now...


Anyway, we *finally* get to talk to Khalid and Jaheira. After their initial conversation where they recognize us and lament the fate of Gorion the conversation takes a turn.

Keen eyes may spot another clue there.

And with that we are a family of five!

Jaheira's portrait is...a thing.

We head for the upper floors to deliver the girdle, pick up an additional quest as well as acquire some really nice pantaloons. I did notice something interesting on the upper floor, though.

Who the fuck is Jen'lig? I'll look around and see if I ca-