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Part 5: Chapter V - These are trouble times indeed.

Chapter V - These are trouble times indeed.

We talk to Joia and make ourselves ready to retrieve her ring. Not the hardest of tasks. The guide does warn me, however:


The mod adds a couple of encounters to the outside of the FAI. They make the area outside of
the walls slightly more dangerous but also more rewarding. The quest for the flame dance ring
adds a challenge to equal it to the reward you receive for it.

Bah, I've got two characters with OP gear, how much trouble can a couple of hobgoblins give me?

Ha, this'll be easy. (Jen'lig will always open combat with this)

Not long after we run into the hobgoblin carrying the ring.



Is this all you can conjure, Roxanne?


The eastern part of the map is home to two groups of hobgoblin wizards. The lower group loves to cast lightning bolt in unison, killing most of my party in one hit. Needless to say I died. A *lot*.

Jen'lig managed to get it done, however. They seem to be carrying berries.

I bet Sandrah can tell us what they are!


Poor Khalid... :(

When we explore the west side of the map we find...

That's...kinda random. At least they went down easy enough. Jen'lig got to level 4 after this.

Speaking of random, there's a horse hanging out in the south.

What if we pick the rude options?

...And after that the conversation continued as normal.

And that's pretty much it for this area, at least for now. And you know what that means...

It's a quickslot item. I wonder what this th-

-ing is capable of.

Ah, it gives her 1 extra point in dexterity as well as master thievery. The book disappears afterwards.

Nothing left to do but head to Beregost, nothing happens while we're on the road until we decide to rest at the city outskirts.


Remember when I said Jen'lig had no PIDs? Apparently she does now.

Forget about all that, does Sandrah have anything to any new PICs?

Just what the doctor ordered. To Beregost!

I want to close this shorter chapter with some choice words from RoxannePaulaMigrate's experiences with the mod.

Did we all just rush to judgement? I can't wait to find out!