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Part 6: Chapter VI - Wow, little duckling, you are a magnificent swan tonight.

Chapter VI - Wow, little duckling, you are a magnificent swan tonight.

I love this cutscene. :allears:

I wish I could say they left the party afterwards but alas.

Who needs guides when you have Sandrah?

We quickly run into some pretty colourful characters.

I love these guys. :allears:

Time to get the ol' calculator!

All's well that ends well.

Now to find a good inn, kick our feet up and enjoy a beer or two. Pub crawl!

Ah, the Red Sheaf. Sounds cozy.

Hey, I've had this conversation before in Candlekeep!

I've lost count how many times 10 year old me died to Karlat because I didn't understand the mechanics at all. 21 years later and I'm hardly any better at it, go figure.

It can't be overstated just how much of a powerhouse Jen'lig is at this point in the game.

During the fight we are aided by a familiar face.

I love Finch. :allears:

Well said, Jaheira. BG1NPC definitely has its moments.

Karlat's corpse kind of clashes with the decor so we're going to drink somewhere else.

Feldepost Inn? I guess we can afford it.


Back when I first played this game Marl scared the hell out of me for some reason. It was only years later that I realised that there was a peaceful resolution to his encounter. It's one of BG1 sweetest moments...

...Damn you, Sandrah. Marl flees the inn shortly afterwards.

Picking those dialogue choices after what I just witnessed took quite a bit of effort. Sandrah rushes up the steps in a cutscene before it fades to black, when we return...

I wish I had the words to describe what I'm feeling right now.

These morninglords are all over the inn, I wonder what they're connected to.

Over here we have a locksmith who can make keys to multiple houses in Beregost. Interesting.

Since Jen'lig is an expert at picking pockets we use her to retrieve Algernon's cloak, except...

Oof, that was a close one. We do eventually get his cool cloak, at least. Finally Vichan is as charismatic as he imagines himself to be with a whopping 20 charisma!

This is going to be a running theme with Sandrah going forward.

We continue our pub crawl by heading to the Burning Wizard.

Over here we meet Rose, caught pickpocketing some poor rube out of his hard-earned cash. The resulting conversation was extremely wordy and she doesn't have content with Sandrah so eh.

This dreamboat, on the other hand...

Kicking Khalid and Jaheira to the curb we invite him to our party. We'll see them again, don't worry!

Let's inspect this slab of beef:

His inventory is remarkably straight-forward. Warhammer, sling, shield, splint mail.

What are we going to do with our spare party slot, you ask?

I can't *wait* to see how Sandrah is going to interject here.

That was...unexpected.


...Do you guys think Sandrah's okay? Really expected her to chime in here.

Let's finish this thing off at the Jovial Juggler!

So rugged. :swoon:

Fade to black, no dialogue afterwards. Maybe that's for the best...

I'd normally end things here but I realised that I completely forgot to give Joia's ring back to her, so a quick detour to the Friendly Arm Inn is needed. One notable thing happened along the way.

Sandrah really gets around.