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Part 8: Chapter VIII - Oh bloody me, where's ma brain.

Chapter VIII - Oh bloody me, where's ma brain.

Time to work our way through Beregost. Let's talk to Breagar first.

I'd accept but I'm afraid he'd talk my ear off at every opportunity.

Poor Kivan. I wish someone would help him.

I forgot to screenshot this the first time I was here but Sandrah gains an ability every time she visits a temple, it seems. Nothing noteworthy yet, though.

Just after deciding to rest outside of the temple...


...Well, I suppose it's nice to be included for once.

Later, during the night...

And with that the healing process could finally begin.

Deciding to explore the temple surroundings we stumble upon a nobleman.

Sandrah's extensive knowledge even extends to one-note 'whatever' side characters!

In the north-east I fought some vampiric wolves that kicked my ass to the Hells and back. Luckily Sandrah was there to heal us up.

While nursing our wounds Garrick tries to lighten the mood.


That's funny, I don't remember a cave being here. Thankfully for us he decides to run away towards the direction of said cave. Once inside...

Eep. Let's leave this for later, shall we?

I'm a sucker for Kivan's BG1NPC content, I'll admit. Let's head back to town.

The screen fades to black afterwards, yugh...

Let's check on Landrin.

The tea even heals you. :)

Almost done in this town, finally. There's a few loose ends to take care of, though.

It sure is, Imoen. :gbsmith:

We head to Feldepost's to get Firebead his book.

A scroll upstairs, huh? I don't think I've ever bothered to explore there in my many hours of playing.

Oh God, Firebead fucks! :gonk:

In a nearby chest we find the scroll.

Interesting. Before we can do anything with it there's something we have to straighten out.

Oh God Sandrah I'm so sorry reload reload relo-

Good idea, let's try it out!

Who's Alzaligrundel? Who's N.? What's all this about a portal? The plot thickens!

Next we go to the large house in the northeast of Beregost. Travenhurst manor.

Believe it or not we'll see this place again later.

Oh boy, wacky shenanigans incoming.

We exit to a downpour.

I definitely prefer Jen'lig to Sandrah, that's for sure.

And with that we're FINALLY leaving Beregost. We'll get to some other odds and ends (Kagain) later. The next two screens should be light on content so hopefully we'll reach Nashkel before the end of this chapter.

I chose answer 3 instead of 2 at the end there, my mistake. Nice talk tho-

Oh shit!

No conversation about the fight we just had, but Sandrah finally recognizes the dagger I took from Gorion's corpse.

The conversation ends after that no matter what you pick.

Seconds later Sandrah decides she has more to say.

And mere seconds after that...

At least they're not shacking up, not yet anyway.

After some fights I decide to rest again, when I wake up...

God, the chemistry is just unreal.

Bub Snikt, the walking Wolverine cameo, has a portrait now. He didn't want to join our party though. Shame.

That's weird, I don't remember a cave being here.

A wounded elf?


This is followed by a fight with a heavily wounded Illithid, luckily he tried to eat Imoen's brain not knowing that there's not much to devour to begin with. He goes down without much effort and we receive a whopping 4000 XP(!)

Illithids on the Sword Coast? What is this, Baldur's Gate III?