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Baldur's Gate Trilogy - Sandrah Saga

by Vichan

Part 9: Chapter IX - She has no steady boyfriend at the moment.

Chapter IX - She has no steady boyfriend at the moment.

Shaken after encountering the Illithid we head further south.

Little does Jen'lig know that an unseen entity is controlling their every move.

I'm running out of things to say here.

I much prefer his BG1NPC conversations.

After these distractions we arrive in the southern Coastway, notable for having almost nothing of note happening in vanilla BG1. No quests and only two (quite memorable) people to talk to.

God damn it, Sandrah. Stop ruining Imoen. :argh:

The amulet shown here can be delivered to a guy in Beregost. It used to be a part of the BG1: Unfinished Business mod before being added in the Enhanced Edition.

Speaking of Unfinished Business, it adds this guy who we'll see more of down the line.

Lord Foreshadow hinting at Neverwinter Nights here.

Imoen and Sandrah being as far away from me as possible is a comforting thought.

One person left to talk to here, the infamous Portalbendarwinden!

I think Imoen is still suffering from the Illithid attack.

What an interesting character.

And that's all for this area. So little to do that I managed to fit it all in a few screenshots even with all vanilla content attached.

BG1's cutscenes are amazing.


Gods, I thought we'd never get here.

I thought Kivan was just the coolest when I first tried BG1NPC, maybe that's blinding me to his melancholic whining.

After a fade to black Haiass gains a level! (I think this is dependant on reaching set points in the game, not actual battles fought)

This encounter kicked 10 year old me's ass more times than I can count. Now she goes down before even managing to land a hit.

While a good night's sleep sounds nice I was really hoping to visit the local store to see what's in stock.

Why does Henning get a portra-

Oh no...

Please, no...


After a fade to black we get the hell out of there.

Yes, *I* am the one in the limelight. :rolleyes:

Sandrah's a 'woman of the world' alright. Like she'd respect Imoen's crush if Henning didn't only have eyes for Imoen.

Garrick seems oblivious to Sandrah's little therapy sessions.

After finally getting some rest at the Nashkel inn.

C'mon, Sandrah. Why would anyone ever get that impression?

We soon run into Berrun Ghastkill, the town's mayor.

You'd almost forget that we have a main quest to follow.

Over here we have Valerie, a mod NPC made by our very own Cythereal. She has crossmod content with Sandrah and I'd *really* love to bring her along but since her content's spread out too much that won't be possible...

...Not in this playthrough anyway. :imunfunny:

A visit to the Nashkel temple nets Sandrah another cure disease spell.

Sandrah really gets around. (There's another hint there, by the way. See if you can spot it!)

Going back to the store didn't do anything. Maybe it's for the best.

In the local tavern we meet quite the celebrity.

Garrick fanboying out is hilarious.

I think we can all see where this is going, though.

I don't know how much more of this I can take.

We get a book out of the conversation, let's examine it.


Leaving the inn (while giving a certain bald man and his hamster a wide berth) Sandrah spots someone dangerous.

We will get to him in time, not to worry.

Effective, though maybe a bit harsh...

We find this cloak next to the Ankheg armor, interesting.

I get the feeling we'll run into her again.

Anyway, it's been a long day. Time to sleep some more at the inn, let's hope I won't get any horrifying nightmares while I'm at it!

And just like that the beast claims another victim. :gonk: