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Part 102: Chapter XCIX - The two of you in couple on my leash - that is my vision of paradise. Just a tug left or right and the one there will crawl up to me to pleasure my flesh, aaah...

Chapter XCIX - The two of you in couple on my leash - that is my vision of paradise. Just a tug left or right and the one there will crawl up to me to pleasure my flesh, aaah...

Enough meandering, let's get ourselves a stronghold!

...After we've introduced Isra to Salvanas, that is. :heysexy:

We passed by the guildhall the last time we went to the docks but now it's finally time to pay the Shadow Thieves a visit.

This merchant seems new, we're already stocked to the gills on OP gear though.

Oh boy, this is pretty bad. Not Sandrah Saga levels of bad but...

Well, when you put it like that... :smuggo:

Sandrah really is oncorrigible, at least she sticks to flirting this time around.

Letter of transfer in hand we make our way to Mae'Var's guildhall.

I don't know if the word 'holocaust' was the right one to use here...

Mae'Var's guildhall is a stone's throw away from the other one.

Everything's going smoothly so far.

The guildmembers all point us towards the cellar.

Mae'Var's quite the character, let's do our best to stay on his good side for now.

Poor guy, I wish there was anything we could do for him... :smith:

This guy's got it even worse, sheesh.

We leave the guildhall and start heading for the temple district.

I bet Sandrah got a real good look at Mae'Var as she was running away. :argh:

We regale Chloe with a tale from our youth.

I think this is the start of the Isra romance that we're probably not going to finish all the way through.

The collector greets us again as soon as we enter the temple. What a strange fellow.

Getting the necklace from the Weathermistress is easy enough.

...What's that other option?

Oh boy, I can't wait to see what that will entail!

We leave the temple and head back t-

Oh, hey Talos. It's been awhile. (His domain being the same as his temple really made this confusing as soon as we were teleported here)

It seems the replica is so good that even Talos himself is fooled.

Anyway, after this little exchange we're teleported back.

Wait, Edwin? Our Edwin? To the third floor!

On our way we pass the door picking room.

We get distracted while heading up.

With this particular bit of business dealt with we can continue.

It IS our Edwin! He hasn't changed a bit and is as thirsty as ever.

You're Goddamn right you will, my remaining shreds of sanity depend on it. :shepicide:

Speaking of loss of sanity, we have ourselves a date.

When is that door getting fixed anyway?

Well, that was certainly an experience.

Jaheira suspects nothing.

Enough of these silly diversions, we've a quest to complete!

Gethras used to give me a lot of trouble in my early days of BG2. He's no match for Sandrah's hammer.

Nothing like the coldblooded murder of a Cowled Wizard to get the blood pumping.

Looks like we're not done quite yet. As long as we're in the Sea's Bounty we might as well catch some shut-eye.

I'm really not seeing the similarities between them at all no matter how much Roxanne loves to harp on it.

You know what that means...

There's so many directions you could go with this but Sandrah just hopscotches ahead of the plot a little. :cripes:

To Mae'Var it is then.

Christ, we've got to go back to the Sea's Bounty again?

There's no upside to him ending up dead so we let him go. I couldn't be bothered to screenshot the dagger.

I can't wait to give this guy a good thrashing.

We gladly welcome Edwin back into the party.

This probably won't be the last we'll see of Isra.

Emcyric is hanging out in one of the siderooms, and because this was obviously written before Sandrah's SoD content she has no idea what's going on!

After a short exchange he fucks off.

I'm trying to summon the urge of care to no avail. Let's move on.

The letter was easy to find, we really didn't need Edwin's help.

With pleasure.

I assume this was supposed to be a Sandrah-Edwin banter but only the first line of dialogue fired. Curious.

Out of my way, barkeep! :black101:

An unexpectedly hard fight but we managed to get it done.


We've finally gotten our very own stronghold, let's check it out!

The entire building is filled with new people but we're not going to get into it in detail, this LP will be long enough.

Very w-

Well, that was q-

See? Being good pays off!

I don't think it's worthwhile to get into specifics here, needless to say I made some changes to maximize our profits.

Swing and a miss, as usual. :allears:


Yeah, we're not falling for that.

You'd think these guys would be harder than Mae'Var but they're extremely easy to take down. Good riddance.

An early bird cameo for someone who'll be important later on. You love to see it.

Nothing I like discussing more than my impending doom. :emo:

And that takes care of the Thieves' Guild, at least for now.

Next time we'll try and continue this streak by taking care of another quest or two. We might even get another stronghold out of the whole thing, albeit in a roundabout way.