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Baldur's Gate Trilogy - Sandrah Saga

by Vichan

Part 103: Chapter C - Sandrah!! The girl who always let me lose every thought I had for every word I might have wanted to tell her.

Chapter C - Sandrah!! The girl who always let me lose every thought I had for every word I might have wanted to tell her.

Let's see if we can continue this pace.

They make a great couple...

...We have to say goodbye to Haer'Dalis though, at least for the time being. :(

Warning: Lots of monkeycheese incoming.

This is why Haer'Dalis had to get the boot. There's a reason why I'm subjecting you guys to this, we'll get to that later.

Turns out Edwin doesn't want to be in the same party as Neera, not that I blame him.

This area is distorted for lack of a better word.

That goes for NPCs as well.


At first I thought this was a barrier but it's a river. :psyduck:

The bridge seems to be out.

Appearances can be deceiving.

There's more monkeycheese in this area but my sanity is frayed enough as it is.

Next area.

Time to make the round through camp.

We met Zaviak in SoD and we'll definitely be visiting Wilson in the future as well.

I won't blame you guys from skipping these next few images.

...See what I mean? :suicide:

We're leaving this for later. With Neera in tow we make for the Umar Hills.

How do they know each other...? No matter, they let us pass.

We decide to let Valygar join us. Let's breathe a collective sigh of relief that his portrait was left alone.

After this riveting bit of dialogue we head back to the Athkatla slums.

As is tradition.

Time to explore this strange sphere.

Good for you.

Trippy. Imagine having to move around with a bird's eye view of everything!

Poor Valygar, he has no idea what he's getting into.

I'm not going to cover the sphere in great detail, suffice it to say that we collect a lot of key items here.


Scared of halflings? :smuggo:

Oh my, they weren't kidding around.

We shove some ore into the furnace...

...power up a golem...

...And use it to beat up an elder orb.

Pretty interesting that Lavok has a unique sprite.

A demon heart? No problem!

Die! :black101:

I've got the order memorized by now.

I always manage to completely forget about this guy. He's no match for us.

The urge to rename Valygar is hard to resist.

Sandrah gets a new skill after battling some wolves, using it on Valygar turned him into a squirrel permanently. Good thing I saved.

We start up the engine and head back to Athkatla.

This is why we brought Neera. Two strongholds, bitches! :dance:

Valygar can stick around a while longer.

I keep finding these scrolls, they'll come in handy in the future.

Heading back into the sphere we agree to help the Solamnic knights.

Cowled Wizards butting in on our affairs again. :argh:

Our wise counsellor makes a good point, though. We might as well play along. :hai:

Ah, the Adventurer's Mart. :allears:

Arranging transport was easy but expensive.

Outside we run into a familiar face.

Gaelan Bayle was kind enough to arrange this for us, we'll shelve this for later.

We run into the collector again in the Graveyard District. What a creep.

This quest always gets to me. :(

What a shitty way to go, we'd better help them.

What kind of monsters would do this? We'd better investigate this right aw-