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Part 104: Chapter CI- Priestess, you impress me once again. So many things connect and make sense when you explain them. You could well be a teacher in Oghma's name.

Chapter CI - Priestess, you impress me once again. So many things connect and make sense when you explain them. You could well be a teacher in Oghma's name.

So, as it turns out Angelo is still alive. Implausible but I guess we'll roll with it.

Well, when you put it like that...

Welcome to the group, Angelo!

What's this about Blackthorne though? It's not another wacky pet, is it?

Ah, just some random mook. Good riddance.

I've never given Angelo a shot before, hopefully Sandrah won't taint the experience too much.

Really enjoying these romance talks.

Ah, random assassins. It's like we're back in Baldur's Gate... :allears:

Hold the phone, Sandrah killed Sarevok!? I'm pretty sure that's not right, hold on.

Yeah, look. Sandrah's nowhere to be seen! Lathander's Lightbringer struck the final blow...


Asking her about Angelo via PID leads to...

Imoen, Viconia, Jaheira, myself, Sandrah and Minsc. I remember it clearly.

Words were exchanged.

I faced off against Semaj...

While our other party members were busy taking care of Angelo, meanwhile Tazok was really miffed about being ignored.

And last but not least we have our loyal counsellor, facing off against Sarevok one-on-one. :swoon:

Sarevok fell, Angelo played dead, Tazok just wanted to be seen.

I remember now, this is how things unfolded. :hai:

Safe in the knowledge that Sandrah is indeed the protagonist of this game we rest at the Copper Coronet.

This is so silly and I absolutely love it. :allears:

It's nice to have these moments to remind me that BG2 owns.

No way are we going to let a child-killer live. :black101:


We take care of some Guild business before heading over to our other stronghold.

Now that that's dealt with let's take care of another 'big' quest.

Anomen in, Valygar out.

Time to head to the sewers to deal with this supposed cult.

Ah, Keldorn. :allears: One of my favourite NPCs.

He'll be back, I'm sure.

Infiltrating the cult we're immediately given a task, might as well play along.

Oh boy, I don't think keeping these two in the same party for too long is going to work out. :ohdear:

This cult doesn't seem fun at all! :saddowns:

On our way down we find some outcasts from the cult. The sarcophagus in this room seems important.

Good idea, let's wait a bit before opening it.


There's so much going on here that I'm not even sure where to even begin.

This banter is much better. Glad to see there's still adults in this party.

I love these riddles.

Our Space Hamster takes care of the beholders.

Quite the downer, this fellow.

It took me ages to figure this thing out the first time I played this because my English sucked. If I was still confused I would have appreciated Sandrah's hint.

Honestly this is one of my favourite exchanges in SoA, it just has this certain feeling to it.

Of course Sandrah ruins it moments later. :doh:

Boy, is he in for a surprise!

Doesn't sound like much of a plan but sure.

We meet up with Tad and slide down the pit.

The undead are everywhere, yuck.

And some of them talk? :psyduck:

We're forced to kill them. :smith:

There's also a lich down here because why the hell not? Let's just move on.

Where would we be without Sandrah?

We find the other part of the rod and combine it to create the Rift Device.

With the device in hand he's no match for us.


Jesus Christ, Sandrah. What the fuck do you have against Keldorn!? There's one person coming across as prejudiced and single-minded her and it sure as shit isn't the paladin. I can't wait until Keldorn apologizes to Sandrah, we all know it's coming.

We did a lot of good today. :)

I wish he could have had his sight restored though.

We deal with the scarcophagus while we're at it.

...Yes, I put the Space Hamster in the wrong place. I suck at this.

21 years and dozens of playthroughs and this moment will never cease to be satisfying. :allears:

Everything's back to normal. :)

After some Harper talk we head to the temple of Lathander.

And with that we've got ourselves a THIRD stronghold. I passed on installing a 'multiple strongholds' mod and as it turns out I didn't need to anyway.

Really setting a good pace in these last few chapters, let's hope we can continue doing so! :)