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Part 105: Chapter CII - As gladiators you will be worth a fortune...and those pretty girls will grace any lust chamber and make their owners rich.

Chapter CII - As gladiators you will be worth a fortune...and those pretty girls will grace any lust chamber and make their owners rich.

Before attending to our clerical duties we accept this quest. We'll get to it at some point.

We'll pop back later to see how we did.

Time to keep up with the Firecams.

...That didn't go as expected. Time to pay this Sir William a visit. :colbert:

Sandrah also weighs in, for Maria's sake.

Sir William turns out to be quite reasonable. :)

We've gone through Keldorn's Sandrah content so I should really just let him spend time with his family but I want Carsomyr back. :argh:

Kind of random to put this here but I picked up Mereth's hairband in the bridge district.

Edwin will replace Keldorn for the time being.

I think it's about time we leave this city, we make for the Umar H-



There's two versions of this event, one with Keldorn and one with Anomen. They're similar to the point that it's not worth doing both versions.

We head west.

He teleports away before we can deal with him.

Heading north from here leads to a big battle with slavers.

Endrath is among the fallen. :black101:

Edwin can barely contain his excitement.

There are a LOT of children in the northwest, they approach you one by one to thank you.

These two are going to come to blows sooner rather than later, it might be best to keep them separated as soon as I get the chance.

One named slave is left but we can't interact with her no matter what we do.

As a matter of fact I couldn't find anything else to do in the entire area, looks like this encounter ends on a bit of a whimper. Oh well. Back to Athkatla it is.

Keldorn in, Edwin out.

Keldorn out, Haer'Dalis in.

It's about damn time.

Hey, look who it is!

...Ouch. :negative:

Don't worry, little guy, you'll be alright. I've seen the play.

Reactions to Anomen are mixed.

Rise, Sir Anomen. Upgraded stats and new armor to boot!

We run into Sirene on the way out, I don't think she'll be joining us this LP.


That's it for Sir Anomen. He might be back but I doubt it.

For reasons I can't get into right now Haer'Dalis has to stay in Athkatla for now, Angelo will replace him.

Anyway, we were supposed to head to the Umar Hills.

Valygar rejoins us.

We fade to black but not because of implied sex for a change.

We finally check in with the mayor. Let's track down these ogres first.

They're not so bad, let's inform the mayor.

Back to Madulf.

God damn it, I always forget I simply have to check back with the mayor. Let's get some sleep first, I don't think they'll mind.


The Collector gave Sandrah a haircut and took some of it with him for good measure. A weird fetish or the setup to a subplot? With Sandrah Saga you never know.

I love this part of the quest. :unsmith:

Merella's cabin is abandoned, we do get a clue as to where to go next.

I'm a big fan of the BGT world map. I promise I'll cover it somewhere down the line.

The tone is set as soon as we enter this area.

The wolf runs away. Get back here, coward! :black101:

Not now!

Turns out she's actually pretty cool.

The older I get the more I appreciate these conversations.

We arrive too late to save Anath but we manage to avenge her.

Since this place is a temple Sandrah gains a skill.

Since this chapter is long enough as it is I'm not actually going to cover this area in detail.

I love Mazzy. :allears:

Sandrah's nice enough to solve the statue test for us.

Sandrah doesn't get nearly enough praise for her healing skills so this banter is appreciated.

This is from the Mazzy Friendship mod. :)

I doubled back to Athkatla to check back with the Thieves Guild, while there I also ditched Jaheira. You'll see why in a bit.

What do we have here?

He sure loves to talk. (I failed to screenshot two bits of dialogue correctly where he gives you some odds and ends he took from Mazzy's party)

This dragon's toast, no-one makes Sandrah sad and gets away with it! :argh:

The battle is joi-

Not now, Chloe. Anomen's not even here! :argh:

Sandrah strikes the final blow which gives her some abilities. (I still haven't figured out what they actually do)

Thanks for nothing, asshole.

We might as well help him out, welcome to the group!

What's a shadow adept, you ask?

Sounds pretty interesting, I've got to say. :)

He also has some unique gear. Time to head back and search for this token.

A laughably easy encounter.

Looks like he's still not out of the woods yet, luckily Sandrah has some advice for him. Let's take care of the Shade Lord first though.

We're so ridiculously overleveled that the Shade Lord dies in moments.

Daylight returns to the forest, and Mazzy memorializes the people she lost.

On that bittersweet note we're done for now. Next time we'll deliver the good news to Imnesvale and see what we can do to help our newest addition to the party.