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Part 106: Chapter CIII - It had to be done and it had to be done by me.

Chapter CIII - It had to be done and it had to be done by me.

Just after Mazzy finished her eulogy Foundling has problems dealing with the sun.

I like the guy but holy shit is he verbose.

Merella breathes her last. Poor woman. :smith:

There's some really neat gear for Foundling on the Shade Lord's corpse.


Imnesvale can breathe easy. :)

Foundling talks a bit about the Shadow Weave, on that note...

This is Foundling's spellbook, you can probably guess what mage spells they're based on. Some of them are pretty much the same as their weave counterparts, some have extra effects.

Mazzy is a good egg. :)

Anyway, it's time to do a little celebrating, you know what that means.

Score, we'd better rest at the inn until nightfall.

Sandrah and Valygar will be talking a lot this chapter.

This romantic encounter is mercifully short.

We'd best head back to Athkatla, first stop is the Copper Coronet.

As far as Sandrah banters go this is pretty inoffensive.

This'll never get old.

Mazzy owns. :allears:

Mazzy praises Sandrah while lamenting 2nd edition's race restrictions.

Anyway, time to head to the Adventurer's Mart.

Ribald knows everyone, it seems.

Looks like we'll have to pop back later. Might as well catch some shut-eye at the nearest inn.

Foundling *loves* to talk.

My poor, aching heart... :negative:

We finally meet Gloria but we'll have to wait a day for the results. Even more time we need to kill...

Sandrah's healing skills are paying off. I'm a bit disappointed Valygar's avatar didn't change to display the smile.

We've seen all Sandrah-Mazzy content so we'll replace her with Jaheira.

I figured I'd steal the gold from Sir William but looks like we'll have to go to Brynnlaw first. Bummer.


I really don't know what to say.

We check in with our apprentices and give them a new task.

Foundling is starting to lose HP, I think it's about time to check back in with Gloria.

A quest for a sword, what a cliché.

Once we're at the City Gates we automatically go to the hidden sanctuary.

That's right, Sandrah's not the only person who gets her own chapters. This one is even voiced by Foundling's voice actor.

Best be on our guard.

I get the feeling that whoever made Chloe doesn't like Valygar all that much.

We're immediately saddled with yet another quest.

Lots of wolves to battle, no big deal.

The witch's sanctuary is very serene, there's chimes playing in the background and everything.

Despite her words you can't actually rest in this place, too bad. Guess we'd better move on.

Along the way we encounter spectres that shimmer this way and that. Pretty neat and hard to actually get a good screenshot of.

Don't be fooled by the hag's mundane appearance, she packed quite a wallop.

We do eventually manage to kill her and plant the seed in the lake.


Stop ruining my favourite characters, Roxanne! :argh:

That's it for this area, time to move on.

We're getting close to our goal.

This seems to be the place, but we're not alone.

We manage to avoid a confrontation.

This area is pretty small, those two rock outcroppings have the eyes we need. After popping them into the statue...

Sometimes being a Bhaalspawn pays off. :allears:

After they run we can head through the portal that opened.

These enemies are called 'faded-to-grays' and they're pretty fun to fight. The music in this area is also amazing.

We find this armor while exploring the place.

After heading south we run into the sword altar.


I'm actually pretty jealous, that's a sweet-ass sword.

A guardian appears to try and stop us to no avail.

...Yeah, I don't get it either.

And with that we're done with the altar, time to leave.

We might as well end this chapter where we began it, leaving this area takes us back to the city gates.

Ah, another adventure beckons! If we hurry we can just make it in time to go along with him.

We finally get these two talking to each other again and it's about Valygar. :cripes:

We're back at the Shadow Temple and Foundling is about to start the ritual.

Again the music is just great.

Screenshots don't do this scene justice, I liked it alot.

We're forced to deal with the dragon in Foundling's body. I had to summon the hamster to draw its attention.

We eventually managed to bring it down, leaving Foundling battered on the floor.

We get this ioun stone out of the whole thing, not bad.

Thankfully we can heal him.

And I guess that's that for Foundling's quest. I have to say that I really enjoyed it, it was a nice palate cleanser after all of Sandrah's bullshit and my screenshots can't really do it justice.

Next time we'll go on a little excursion to Icewind Dale.