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Part 107: Chapter CIV - The problem with doing completely stupid things is that yourself are the last person to recognise it, am I right?

Chapter CIV - The problem with doing completely stupid things is that yourself are the last person to recognise it, am I right?

Remember when I said we'd be heading to Icewind Dale next? I'm putting that aside for now because it might be best to visit the other locations of the Region of Terror mod first.

We reconnect with Dace while sending Foundling back to the Temple.

We're immediately bombarded with banters.

I hate the 'voice' Roxanne uses for every character, they almost never line up to what the actual character would say.

The beast salivated, its prey was almost ready to be devoured.

We check back with the Thieves' Guild and its a good thing that we did, looks like some old friends will be joining us!

I decided to craft some Shadow Dragon armor in the meantime, when we come back...

I have no idea what he just said but I'm up for it.

Suna Seni is actually in the original game as a random encounter, she was supposed to have a bigger role in the game but was cut for various reasons. More on that later.

I ditched Dace and replaced her with Angelo who will be popping in and out of this chapter.

Whatever you say, we head north and...


Some rogues help us out in this fight.

Anytime, Narlen. :respek:


Oh, I'm definitely planning on settling down, just not with her. I just make her think that so I can keep the relationship going.

...Oh God, I'm turning into Sandrah. :gonk:

It's back to the Thieves' Guild for now.

It'll be nice to have some pocket change every now and again.

Black Lily is going to be our fence from now on, we'll definitely use this so we can get enough money to go to Spellhold. I do feel bad that it's my fault that they've ended up here... :(

I forgot when we first got the option to go here but it's connected to Region of Terror.

Pretty impressive.

We head for the inn in the middle of town first.

We exchange Angelo for this Xan ripoff.

What is it with mods and overly long bios?

Ha, I got that reference.

Oh crap, this one has a time limit. Might want to get it out of the way right now.

The farms aren't too far away.

Esath managed to beat us here.

The farmers are extremely helpful with their prayers. :rolleyes:

Heading north into the next area we run into some orcs. A bit more beefy than usual but we manage to bring them down.

Further north is the ruined settlement which looks suspiciously like the Xvart village.

Sandrah gained some skills after leveling up.

Next to the settlement is this cave, the interior looks like the Nashkel mines.

It's filled with enemies and one of the traps insta-kills anyone who steps into it.

At the end of the dungeon we find the lich responsible for all this.

Glad we've got that out of the way, let's head back to Arlax.

Christ, this guy's almost as much of a pain as Noober. (I cut it out but you get the 'listen - interrupt - kill' prompt after every line)

This town's got its own sewer system.

Down here we run into a Drow who tells us where to go next.

Randall's out, Angelo's in. Before continuing we should head back to the Thieves' Guild.

We were just about to do that, thank you.

Bah, some goody two-shoes is getting in the way of our profits? :argh:

Cooler heads eventually prevailed, Sandrah's head specifically.

With that out of the way we might as well get some rest at the Copper Coronet.

Elminster teleports in to give us an amulet as well as a new hammer for Sandrah. It does 2d4 + 4 damage and gives a -5 to ThAC0 instead of the old hammer's 1d8 +2 and -3 to ThAC0.

Randall is back in, poor Angelo.

Time to walk willingly into yet another trap.

Sure, why not?

That necromancer seemed to be after Randall. Does anyone care?

Lots of Frost Giants here, they hit like a truck.

Inside the cave are Abishai.

Not sure if I mentioned this before but ever since Sandrah picked up the Golem Construction Manual back in BG1 she insta-kills golems before they can even get in melee range. That makes this area a cakewalk

Seconds after the dialogue ends a Tanar'ri kills her. Or maybe it was a trap? Who the fuck knows.

Speaking of which...

Hey, I thought we already dealt with this guy before! :(

The guy's way easier to deal with than the previous time, I guess not having Jarlaxle and Artemis Entreri around helps.

Imoen's going to love these spells. I'm pretty sure they're new.

We save Regis but decide to send him on his way.

Just in case you're curious, here's his stats and bio.

Vichan's nothing if not honest. :colbert:

That's it for Arlax and this chapter. Next time we'll dive back into vanilla content.