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Part 11: Chapter XI - What a tease...what a fruit to be plucked...aah...

Chapter XI - What a tease...what a fruit to be plucked...aah...

We begin this chapter with a conversation with Branwen.

Courtesy of BG1NPC, you can tell because Sandrah's not butting in and Branwen doesn't talk about her.

So romantic. :swoon:

We leave Garrick at the carnival, I'm sure he'll be able to amuse himself without us.

By popular demand we invite Edwin to the group, don't get used to him though. Back to Ulcaster!

Branwen is great, isn't she? :allears:

Sandrah immediately asserts her dominance as soon as we arrive in Ulcaster.

Jen'lig is determined not to wear out her welcome.

After a 'whatever' fight with some skeletons something interesting happens.

Should've been nice to Sandrah, I guess.

Sandrah might not like it but killing off Edwin so soon would be a waste.

Basically cursed, huh? We're going to have to find a way to cure that. For now we'll follow Sandrah's sage advice.

Little does Edwin know that he's lucky to escape the beast's hunger. (Although in his infinite wisdom this could also be 4D chess on his part)

Branwen sure likes to talk.

We run into this fine gentleman while exploring the outskirts of the school and dispatch him without much effort. This triggers a conversation with Jen'lig.

It seems her progress is triggered by fighting certain battles. Neat.

Looks like we're going to start our first dungeon crawl! (Spoilers: I managed to clear the entire thing in one go with the help of Jen'lig's werebane, most characters were level 5 by the end of it)

While resting in the dungeon we share another moment with Sandrah.

'Long and intense' is also how I'd describe this LP.

This is how banters should be written. :colbert:

We find this strange diary on a corpse. Sandrah couldn't identify it right away so we have to rest outside so Imoen can cast identify it. (Not sure why there are so many restrictions when the damn thing is unusable anyway)

Branwen is one of BG1NPC's romance options.

A Rashemen scout, huh? What could this mean?

An important piece of the puzzle not only to our story but Sandrah's as well.

Edwin's a bad influence, I shudder to think what would happen if Sandrah wasn't here.

Speaking of Sandrah, she's acquired a new ability.

Let's cast it and see what it d-


Bless your heart, Jen'lig.

That's pretty much all she wrote for Ulcaster. I don't think I've ever tackled it before the Nashkel mines before. Then again this isn't your ordinary playthrough.

Lore dumps are the keys that unlock my heart. :allears:

And with that our first dungeon crawl is officially over. Next we'll head to Beregost for some R&R.