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Part 110: Chapter CVII - Hey, loverboy, I have two of that outlets.

Chapter CVII - Hey, loverboy, I have two of that outlets.

I think the birth of my son deserves its own chapter, don't you?

Using the teleport spell we got from Landrel takes us to the gardens of Elminster's estate.

A heavily pregnant Shar-Teel wading through the muck to take out bandits is a sight I would definitely have wanted to see.

We immediately head for Sandrah's room.

Looks like we're right on time!

Here it comes...



...Really? Why is the baby's avatar ZeldaKid from Chrono Cross? Why is the voice coming from a cat?

What is this, Gone With The Wind? I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to say that anymore, let alone to a child.

We're doing Citizen Kane now?

Fucking ew... :barf: Why don't I get a choice in all this?

Wait wh-

There's so much wrong with this on so many levels that I don't even know where to begin, I'll leave it up to you guys to dissect it all.

Let's not leave just yet.

Time to pay a visit to Shar-Teel's new digs. Before we do so...

Angelo wouldn't have reacted to Shar-Teel's birth but it might be worth bringing him along now.

Now, now, Sandrah. Don't sell yourself short!

All this talk about blood is making me dizzy, let's just move on.

This is the Westgate which can be found east of Elminster's house. I don't get it either.

The little hut there leads to Shar-Teel's house.

We run into these jerk-offs again. They're easily dispatched since there's only two of them.

Oh, hey. It's the house I specifically mentioned liking before! :swoon:

Angelo has this moment even if he'd been present at Shar-Teel's birth. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.


They sure do grow up fast. And he even talks!

After this we fade to black, when we return...

Shar-Teel's so flustered that she's forgotten the name of the city she's commanding.

And that's all we can do here, at least for now.

Shar-Teel has named her dog after Sandrah's mom because of course she did. :jerkbag:

And that's pretty much it for Waterdeep for the moment. Next time we'll continue our adventuring by crossing the last big vanilla sidequest off our list. :)