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Baldur's Gate Trilogy - Sandrah Saga

by Vichan

Part 115: Chapter CXII - You have made the expected progress from the fledgling young priestess under your mighty father's wing to a powerful cleric, Sandrah.

Chapter CXII - You have made the expected progress from the fledgling young priestess under your mighty father's wing to a powerful cleric, Sandrah.

We start with some Jaheira romance shenanigans.

Jaheira and Edwin make way for Yoshimo and Korgan.

He seems trustworthy, I don't know why I don't bring him along more often.

Anyway, there's four options in front of us and I'll show them all to you this chapter.

We start with the Shadow Thieves.

Not this aga-

Oh, that's right. Anomen's actually here now.

We meet up with Aran Linvail who immediately saddles us with chores.

Farewell, Mook. We hardly knew ye. :smith:

More tasks...

They don't stand a chance.

Neither does this guy.

...Is this a Chloe-specific thing?

It doesn't take much to save her.

Gee, thanks.

Next up is the vampire stronghold! For the sake of brevity I'm not going to be focusing much on these areas aside from mod content.

I didn't expect to run into an NPC here, she's replacing Korgan for the time being.

The child vampire's here, I use the special sword to slay her. I'm thinking of continuing this particular quest after our return from Spellhold though.

I doubt Ninde will stick around long enough for them to talk again, but who knows.

All vampires are slain, which means...

Bodhi used to give me a lot of grief, she gives up in seconds this time.

Sandrah finally has something to say about our quest and it's so inane. Figures.

That's it for the Shadow Thieves, aside from other mod content Sandrah really didn't have all that much to add here. Let's make a save and reload so we can try...

I haven't picked Bodhi in well over a decade.

Nothing gets past Chloe. :colbert:

I do get the feeling that's someone keeps watching me from far up above...

This had better be worth the time and effort.

Meet one of the earliest NPC mods for Baldur's Gate II.

Poor Mook, she can never catch a break. (Also holy shit does Arkanis Gath pack a punch)

Quite an odd bunch.

That doesn't sound so bad.

Piece of cake.

Sounds like quite a tall order, we'd best get to it.


After a long, torturous trek through the Thieves' Guild we face Aran Linvail.

Don't try to outsmart Sandrah, Chloe. You're not suited for it.

Speaking of Sandrah, why is she so silent!? You'd think she'd have a lot to say here!

You didn't think I'd leave this place empty-handed, did you?

That experience.

That's it for Bodhi's route. This time Sandrah didn't have anything to say at all. Maybe the mod options are better? Let's start with Malficus.

Yes, I'm actually that good at puzzles. This didn't involve trial and error at all. Stop looking at me like that! :negative:

Assassination, this'll be interesting!

Once this flask is in your inventory it can never be removed even after the quest. Great.


I'm getting a bad feeling about this.

Korgan and Anomen do not get along. Shocking.

We have to do the Thieves' Guild again, be thankful that I'm saving you guys the trouble by skipping to the end.

Aran falls again.

Great, it's off to Maztica for us!

I'm thinking we just fought the wrong enemy.

I'm really curious as to what will happen now.



...Seriously? :negative:

You're seeing that right, for some reason it just takes us back to the Thieves' Guild route. Is this intended? Is it a bug? Is it laziness?

...I guess we'll just move on to the Order of Aster. Sandrah was subtly hinting that we should take this option so hopefully she'll comment a lot here.

...We're getting right to it, huh?


Third time's the charm, I suppose.

Looks like Bodhi's next.

Get back here, coward! :argh:

The name might be different but this mage is exactly the same as the Thieves' Guild one, this time he actually dies like he's supposed to.

This is barely different from before. :negative:

Hold on to your hats, people.




Fuck it, we're going with the Thieves' Guild option.