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Part 117: Chapter CXIV - Gee, I knew and knew and knew always all the time you would be there for me if all else failed, Sandrah. Yes and yes, please send me to Henning!

Chapter CXIV - Gee, I knew and knew and knew always all the time you would be there for me if all else failed, Sandrah. Yes and yes, please send me to Henning!

Vichan is trapped inside of some sort of tank, Irenicus and his minions stand before him. Meanwhile Sandrah and the rest of the party are locked up far away, unaware of what is happening.

Keep this in mind, this is important.

Irenicus drops quite the bombshell or us.

...Or at least it would've been a bombshell if Sandrah Saga hadn't pre-empted this reveal back in the Cloakwood Mines. :doh:

So this BG2:Unfinished Business addition is actually pretty interesting. Early in BG2's development most NPCs were supposed to have some sort of 'nemesis' that Irenicus would recruit to aid him. This would ensure that your encounters in Spellhold could vary wildly. Aerie's nemesis for example was supposed to be a mage obsessed with Avariel, after dealing with him Aerie could even turn into a bird and leave your party. Pretty wild stuff.

All of this was cut during development but Suna Seni is actually in the original game as a random encounter.

Sandrah tries talking to the walls in hopes that they'll answer her, stupid g-

...How the fuck are these two having a conversation when they're in two separate rooms? There is an encounter with Irenicus later on that'd be a perfect time for her to speak up, why does it have to be now? :psyduck:

Everything goes dark.

Another dream but something's...different.

David Warner sells the crap out of these lines. They still manage to give me chills 20 years later.

It's a good thing that Bodhi's an idiot or this LP would've met a premature end.

We finally meet up with Imoen, it's good to have her back...

...You know what that means.

You're probably curious what would happen if I decide to ditch Imoen here, not to worry, I've got you covered:

A tempting option, but we're obviously not going with this.

Chloe gets an upgrade for her swords from her mother.

She also bugs out yet again. :doh:

Our relationship with Sandrah might be slightly less problematic than we originally thought. Small victories.

Something stirs...

Again we're not covering this dungeon in great detail.

This one is from the Imoen friendship mod.


We should've known she wouldn't play fair.

Apparently neither does Vichan, party beware!

Quite the awkward conversation.

Later on we transform again, but nobody reacts to it.

After proving our sanity (sorta) we're out of the dungeon.

These talks are a welcome reprieve from Sandrah Saga's Imoen.

Poor Suna Seni, dying in order to give us information that we would've found out soon anyway. :smith:

We think of a dastardly plan to confront Irenicus.

There is absolutely no way that this can backfire!

With the help of Spellhold's inmates we swarm Irenicus before he can do anything.

He manages to kill all the inmates as he flees though, poor guys.... :negatives:

All except one, apparently.

We swear to redeem poor Yoshimo as we rip his beating heart from his body.

Oh God, I hope they're not going to come to blows before we reach the Underdark. :ohdear:

Mystra shows up to shower praise on Sandrah because we have to be reminded that this is *her* story.

Ultimately deciding that leaving Valygar in Spellhold is too cruel we throw Tiax to the wayside again.

I don't trust this guy at all but we could always use another blade.

Sandrah's actually helpful for once, I always forget to check Irenicus' room.

After her first hint at the Cloakwood the pieces are finally coming together.

I miss cheery Imoen... :smith:

Since we have to wait 'til nightfall we're going to get some well-deserved sleep.

More dreams, and they're getting worse.

That was easy. Let's get out of here before something ha-


We manage to get out of there with little effort.

Saemon's not so bad, we've seen what this blade can do once its assembled thanks to Jen'lig. I wonder what she's up to nowadays...

Oh God, what now?

You've got to admire just how slippery Saemon is.

Damn you, Saemon! :argh: