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Baldur's Gate Trilogy - Sandrah Saga

by Vichan

Part 123: Chapter CXX - (smiles) Maybe that explains your knack for drow companions and some of your skills in the bedchamber.

Chapter CXX - (smiles) Maybe that explains your knack for drow companions and some of your skills in the bedchamber.

After our adventures in Menzoberranzan we decide to rest at the Copper Coronet.

With Sandrah's help Vichan manages to piece together where to go next. A welcome change from Sandrah straight up telling us. We have to take our victories where we can.

This friendship thing is a welcome change from the usual romance talk.

On our way to the sewers we decide to check in with our stronghold.

Beating up some Talos worshippers? You needn't ask!

Die! :black101:

And that concludes the priest stronghold. :)

On our way to the temple we run into some more Talos priests.

Our destination is the smaller building to the north of the main temple, I forget what it's used for in vanilla. With Sandrah Saga it takes us to...

Oh God, not another dragon...

I will never understand some of these portrait choices.

The guardian gives us a name we're not familiar with after having just said that he's not authorized to give names. :doh:

The entrance to the archives is to our right.

The archivists inside have things to say about our party members but they're not interested.

This guy would've said something about Amber here but I haven't got that particular mod NPC installed. I hate being reminded of my greatest mistake, although I guess it's a blessing in disguise since this LP would have been much longer otherwise.

You might want to get comfortable, Sandrah's entry is quite long.

Apparently Sandrah is a descendant of Qilué Veladorn, quite a pedigree! We'll be sure to ask Sandrah about this as soon as we get a chance. At any rate we're done with this place.

While Sandrah's distracted I put Vichan back at the head of the party as we head back to the Copper Coronet.

On our way there our favourite saturday morning cartoon villain has things to say to us, he damages everyone before throwing us back to Athkatla.

For those of you who didn't want to click the aforementioned link; Sandrah has got you covered.

Screw that, we're continuing this right now!

I won't fault any of you for going cross-eyed at all this stuff but I reckon it'll be important going forward.

That's it for Sandrah's quest, let's get some other mod content out of the way.

Edwin seems to be bugged so (s?)he won't be joining us after all.

I ditched Viconia in favour for Nalia, a stupid decision as we'll soon find out.

This is the place Solaufein told us about.

A favor for a favor, this might be useful! :)

The romance continues.

This camp is where Eilistraee's followers hang out. We're not going to cover all of the Drow in great detail, minor quests will mostly be skipped.

God damn it, I knew I shouldn't have ditched Viconia. :doh:

We'll correct our mistake later.

Yes, Sandrah managed to solo a demi-Lich without breaking a sweat.

I popped back to Athkatla to put Viconia back in our party, Nalia falls to the wayside yet again.


Anyway, we'd best pay Elhan a visit.

That was easy enough, time to head back.

And with that our training can begin.

That was easy enough, next challenge!

Next we get roped into some combat.

And finally we learn a new skill. There's no description for it, maybe I'll get the chance to show what it actually does. No promises.

And that's pretty much it for Eilistraee's Clearing, let's see about this bonfire.

Gah, bear! Kill it! :black101:

Don't mention it. :smuggo:

We say our goodbyes to everyone and shed some tears.

Sandrah and Viconia talk for a bit about Qilué.

Back in Athkatla, let's close this chapter off with some endgame content.

We're gonna see about getting some of Kangaxx's body parts first.

Easy enough.

"Ask me about LoomKangaxx."

I'm confident that we'll be able to deal with Kangaxx, Sandrah is invulnerable after all.

We also deal with the Twisted Rune while we're here, it's mostly unchanged from vanilla so I'm not going to cover it here. Sandrah did get a skill shortly after entering the area.

Time to head to the Docks to deal with Kangaxx.

Oooh, Chloe content! She deals with one of the goons and then...

...Chloe bugs out. Killing the other guy manually and she repeats herself. What a shame.

It doesn't take long for Kangaxx to show his true colours.

(I dropped Saerileth in the house above the tomb but she was nowhere to be found, too bad)

It only takes a few whacks for Kangaxx to transform...

Only for Sandrah to deal with him without taking a single hit. I have no words.

Next time we'll continue the Fishing for Trouble mod, Region of Terror will be dealt with afterwards. It won't be long until we're finally done with SoA!