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Part 128: Chapter CXXV - Truth often comes from the mouth of children or fools. May his prophesies be just tales to frighten children, one thing stays true. Only a Bhaalspawn will prevent the return of...YOU.

Chapter CXXV - Truth often comes from the mouth of children or fools. May his prophesies be just tales to frighten children, one thing stays true. Only a Bhaalspawn will prevent the return of...YOU.

Imoen is right, it's time we end this. :hai:

Elhan's forces get right to work liberating the city, we should join them. :black101:

A beautiful city, I can see why the elves are so protective of it.

We start by retrieving a stone horn from the appropriately named House of the Horn.

Haiass gains another level, I'll forgive you for forgetting he existed but the amount of pathfinding issues that are caused by him and Pelligram is staggering. :negative:

Ah, children. They're the future.

Failing to answer the riddle correctly triggers an acid trap, that explains all the corpses.

Poor Haer'Dalis.

I just feel bad for these guys by this point.

With pleasure.

Gee, who would've thought that plan would backfire? Khalid and Dynaheir are dead because of you! :argh:

Overleveled and I still couldn't save them... :smith:

Awesome scene coming up.


Don't worry, I've got it covered! :black101:

The stone harp is appropriately found in the House of the Harp.

Very tempting to betray him after this.

Sandrah heals someone, gets recognized as a friend of Suldanessellar and even gets to summon Rillifane's avatar. Is anyone surprised by this point? :jerkbag:

Who needs healing when we've got Sandrah?

A dragon to the northwest? We'd better check that out!

Let's try something different.

See? It doesn't always have to end in bloodshed! Thanks, Romantic Encounters!

Rillifane's temple is next!


Rillifane's avatar is summoned.

The avatar summons some spirits who immediately set to work dispatching the invaders. An awesome moment that is kind of cheapened by having Sandrah gain said avatar as a summon prematurely.

No time to rest...

...The tree of life awaits!

These nuts'll come in handy later, I'm sure.

This area is still jaw-droppingly beautiful in motion 20 years later. :allears:

Ah, yes. My faithful companions.

Sandrah, my steadfast and loyal counsellor without whom this LP would not exist.

Chloe, the fearless Kensai whose company I enjoyed a lot more than I would have ever thought possible. Apparently she's way worse if you're in a romance with her but even then I doubt she'd have held a candle to Sandrah. It's a shame her content bugged out.

Imoen, my childhood besta friend. Thanks to her many, many banters with Sandrah I don't think I'll be able to look at her the same way ever again.

Valygar, who I've never brought along to Suldanessellar before. He hasn't been in the party for the entire duration and his content with Sandrah wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Haer'Dalis is only here because Jaheira bugged out. I miss her already. :smith:

Irenicus awaits.

Someone on a message board somewhere once mentioned that Ellesime looks like David Bowie in the movie Labyrinth and now I can never unsee it.

I told you these nuts would come in handy!

The parasites summons some elementals to defend themselves to no avail.

Just one more left.

There we go.

Ellesime is free!

Ellesime unmasking Irenicus as an edgelord is one of my favourite things about BG2, it's extremely obvious on subsequent playthroughs.

Wait, she's leaving?

Looks like we'll have to do this ourselves, or rather...

Mystra's Army, never leave home without it.

It doesn't take long for Irenicus to fall.

Something's wrong, though.

Valygar! :argh: Not n-

...This is not good.

I love how unfazed Haer'Dalis is by all this. :allears: It's even better when he's coupled with Jan.

Right you are, Imoen. Irenicus will pay for this! :black101:

Sandrah gives us the lay of the land, we're going to tackle this in counter-clockwise order starting from the top-left.

Sandrah gains two summons as soon as we enter this area. (Indira is an NPC mod for BG1 that I regret not installing)

Heheh, taint.

Kevin Michael Richardson sells the hell out of Sarevok's lines here. You can tell he had a blast voicing Sarevok again.

We also recover Gorion's dagger!

I guess we'll see how this place out in ToB.

We're obviously going to go with the good options every time. I've heard it mentioned that Sandrah turns on you if you pick all the evil options but when I tried that it didn't work.

Imoen's taken from us once again... :negative:

I obviously choose to sacrifice myself.

This gets us another tear, now on to the ne-

...Skie? What's she doing here?


Apparently Skie's given herself up to Bhaal now and she's also the one who was really responsible for the murder of her brother. I'm flabbergasted.

...Let's just move on.

I don't need no stinkin' cloak. :smuggo:

I completely skipped over the Sandrah option initially, here it is:


That takes care of all the challenges.


Say what you want about Irenicus, he sure knows how to make an entrance.

You'd think Sandrah would have something to say here. Oh well.

I got lazy and decided to just melee Irenicus with everyone, to my surprise that was all that was needed.

Fitting that Sandrah managed to strike the final blow. After a fade to black...

...We're back in the land of the living!

You know where this is going...


Oooh, a ceremony. I can't wait!

But first some well deserved rest.

After some more lovin', that is. :pervert:

...Another dream? Sandrah and Skie are there, who's the th-


Now THAT'S a sequel hook.

And that's all she wrote for Shadows of Amn! Don't let the amount of chapters fool you, this took a lot more effort to get done than the BG1 portion of this LP and I've been completely drained by the experience. From Throne of Bhaal onwards things will be a lot more linear which should be much easier to deal with overall. I'm going to take a break for a while but I am still fully committed to finishing this monstrosity, hopefully for the sake of my sanity I'll be able to get it done by the end of this year. No pressure though.

Once again I want to thank each and every one of you for managing to stick around. Watching you guys react to the insanity that's been going on has made the entire thing worthwhile. :)