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Part 130: Chapter CXXVII - Some good willing Tamoko cannot be compared to a woman like you.

Chapter CXXVII - Some good willing Tamoko cannot be compared to a woman like you.

Things are not looking good for Saradush.

Good thing we're here to set things right! :black101:

Melissan seems like a good egg, let's trust her completely. :downs:

The tavern seems like a good place to start.

Who would've thought these two would butt heads?

Look at Sarevok being paranoid.

Anyway, tavern.

Nice to see that some things don't change, even during a siege.

Sandrah is absolutely right, Melissan is definitely up to something! (These dialogue options never fail to disappoint)

We're immediately approached by a monk who's very keen on joining our party.

This does mean we have to say goodbye to Imoen, at least for now. Iylos has Sandrah content and Imoen's has all but dried up. I will wind up regretting this decision later down the line.

For now though Iylos does his best to fit in.

Decent stats and equipped with a lot of unique gear. I actually don't mind characters like this showing up in ToB as opposed to right outside Candlekeep like a certain counselor. :jerkbag:

Hey, I remember him.

That's right, Volo's hanging out in Saradush! He's got a lot to say about our party members.

Aww, no fair. I wanted to hear what he had to say! :(

You tell him, Sarevok.

Christ, these dialogues are wordy.

Volo knows a little something about everyone, it seems.

Just as masturbatory as I expected. :jerkbag:

That's pretty much it for Volo, I might check what he has to say about every single party member later on. No promises.

Boy howdy did this exchange rub me the wrong way, especially that last line.

Iylos is not being upfront with us, we'll have to keep an eye on him.

Oh, hey. It's that guy who blew up in front of us back in Trademeet! We'll see if we can't help him out of this predicament. It's not like he'll come after us decades later, right?

These guys are really starting to annoy me.

There, much better.

Elves and dwarves together at a table, war makes for strange bedfellows.

Irenicus has some choice words for all of them.

Anyway, that's all for the tavern.

Lots of Bhaalspawn hanging around here. I won't bother talking to all of them.

Not the largest of cities, is it? Exploring it all shouldn't take too long.

This name sounds familiar.

Oh, I remember this guy as well! He sure picked a good time to relocate.

Retrieving a lost spellbook? Sounds kinda beneath us but oh well.

Nothing to see here, just another person entranced by Sandrah's awesomeness.

We're one step closer to cracking the case of the missing spellbook, exciting stuff.

I really hope Jen'lig sticks around this time.

Sandrah sure has a hell of a lot to say all of a sudden.

There, Lazarus has his spellbook back. Time to purchase a certain scroll...

...So we can spook Viekang into leaving. I know I could've just let Irenicus memorize the spell but I prefer it this way. I'm fairly certain there's no way that this random act of kindness will bite us in the ass years later.

The militia headquarters is our next stop.

I'm sorry, did I interrupt anything?

A person was potentially framed? We have to investigate this!

Yeah, he's definitely innocent. I can just tell.

Santele's house isn't hard to find.

I knew it, time to pay this Kiser a visit!

His house is just across the stairs. (Saradush's architectural style isn't as nice as Trademeet but I still like it)

Dude's a fop.

Let's go along with this for now.

I'm really enjoying these talks so far. Maybe Sandrah has just lowered the bar, I can't tell.

...I-iyolos? Are you okay?

This is the moment I've been dreading; a messed up dialog.tlk file. It causes dialogues to get shuffled around which leads to incoherent ramblings like this. Iylos is probably not the only mod affected by this, time will tell if this'll impact the LP. Looks like Imoen might be back sooner than we thought.

We're obviously not going to kill Errard, it's time to finally give Kiser his just desserts! :black101:

We find Kiser in his basement and deal with him. Jen'lig's opening salvo is always so satisfying because it blows whoever he's targetting on their asses. :allears:

Jen'lig owns and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise. :colbert:

Sandrah's definitely going to take credit for redeeming Sarevok, isn't she? :cripes:

The Santele kid is alright, thank goodness.

That takes care of that, now I think it's about time we find a way to get to Gromnir.

Uh-oh, I'd better intervene here.

Good thing I was here to help. :smuggo:

We'd best head for the local temple to see if we can help.

I ran into this encounter near the docks, I'm pretty sure it's a mod but I don't know which one.

That's a temple, alright. Who's that heading towards us?

Oh, boy. It's Caelar's uncle! And he seems to have a plan to rescue his niece. More on that once we get out of Saradush.

We get the elves a roof over their heads and also learn about a possible way into Gromnir's castle. (Pyrgam Aleson was one of the 'whatever' NPCs we could ask questions, I didn't bother to include him but he's mentioned here)

Time to see if the rumors are true.

Yep, vampires. Who would've thought.

Irenicus is such a creep.

Not going to bother covering the prison in its entirely because :effort:, this encounter is found at the very end. Time to head on to the next area.

You can run if you want to, I'm going after Gromnir! :black101:

We free some prisoners on this level and head for the next floor.

Ah, we're in the castle proper now. Gromnir can't be far.

Sandrah thinks this is a great moment to talk about Khalindra's second child again. This'll be extremely important later on.

Oh, Iylos... :ohdear: I was just starting to like him as well.

Here we are, Gromnir seems to be holding court.

Gromnir might actually have a point.

Irenicus immediately rushed for Gromnir so he could melee him, hilarious.

Gromnir's another reference to a member of the Bioware forums. "HAH! Good fun!" was the way he used to end his posts.

Irenicus has this to say as soon as Gromnir bites it, paying no heed to the fact that there's still a battle to win. (I reloaded the fight just to make this screenshot, I kept accidentally skipping this conversation because I pressed pause just as he started to speak)

Why does Melissan sound disappointed?

Looks like Yaga-Shura is next, although he seems like a tough nut to crack.

Irenicus will not be upstaged by other mod NPCs when it comes to warning me about upcoming plot twists!

See what I mean? I want to be the one to talk sense to Sarevok, damn it! :argh:

Maybe if I'm quick enough I can beat Sandrah to it. :hai:

That's it for Saradush, it's time to head back to the Pocket Plane.

Next time we're going to welcome Imoen back and see about freeing Caelar from her predicament!