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Part 138: Chapter CXXXIV - Weeen.

Chapter CXXXIV - Weeen.

We're back at the Pocket Plane for another trial.

Literally slaying our innocence. Gruesome.

We head back to Amkethran to find out what the Elven Tome can do. Since I want to be done with ToB already I'm not going to get into it any further than this.

Sendai's Enclave is next!

We meet a friendly woodcutter who's more than happy to help out! :downs:

Oh boy, recently dug graves. Totally not suspicious.

We got ambushed in the clearing! We'd better let the woodcutter know! :saddowns:

Of course the woodcutter is a drow as well. It does not end well for him.

The entrance to Sendai's lair is revealed to us.

Irenicus will be awfully quiet concerning Sendai, probably because he already has a soul. He still had this conversation with Sandrah about her soul though, it feels sort of out of place here.

Time to battle our way through Sendai's lair! :black101:

We find a key on one of her flunkies which leads to...

Sendai's pretty stereotypical as far as antagonists go.

I don't feel like killing slaves so spider alley it is.

After the spiders there's this crossroads.

To continue we have to kill this lich to get a wardstone. Easy as pie.

This brings us to another cutscene.

"You have failed me for the last time!" :witch:

She sends another one of her minions to an early death.

Wardstone in hand we head to the next floor of this dungeon.

...After we talk to Jen'lig about her post-ToB plans though.

See you in about a minute. :smuggo:

Take that! :black101:

Another door opens.

If these goons didn't talk they wouldn't even be worth mentioning to be honest.

Another good scene coming up.

I wish he could join us. :allears:

Sendai only has one minion left, it seems.

Jen'lig's nice enough to warn us beforehand.

Die, you glorified squid! :black101:

Mithykyl tries to get the drop on us to no avail. Sendai is all alone now.

Sendai summons multiple statues of herself, each of them a different class.

Good thing they only activate one by one, the drow that keep rushing into the room are barely worth mentioning.

Eventually Sendai herself tries to face us but by that point it's far too late for her.

Before dying she has something to show us.

Balthazar's a traitor! :argh:

Before we can even process this information we get teleported back to the Pocket Plane.

Some answers, finally!

So the five were approached, huh? Who could have possibly done this!?

Before we can answer we're back at Sendai's Enclave. (Sarevok actually initiated this banter in the middle of Sendai's fight)

Someone approaches...

I guess we shouldn't be surprised who Sendai's sponsor was.

We follow Sandrah's advice here and end things peacefully. I get the feeling we'll run into her again.

Oh God, could Cyric really be my sponsor? I do feel like I'm going crazy but I thought that was just my experiences with Sandrah Saga haunting me in my dreams.

We use the teleporter to get out of here, it seems like and old friend is there to greet us.

Elminster's 'ye olde English' is really bad here.

Elminster lends a helping hand by informing us that Saemon is back in Amkethran. We'll have to look him up when we get back there.

You might have noticed someone else hanging out with our party, as soon as our conversation with Elminster is done...

She sure doesn't look like Sendai's daughter.

We send her to Eilistraee's enclave and get the hell out of here.

...Did Sarevok's alignment switch back? :ohdear:

Back to Amkethran to face Balthazar. :hai:

I'm not holding back against these assholes any longer! :black101:

Scratch that, I almost forgot that we have another Pocket Plane trial to see to.

Who could it be this time?

Cyric! We were just talking about you!

After a bit of verbal sparring with Sandrah it's just me and him.

Quite the productive conversation, to be honest. He's really not that bad of a guy once you get to know him.

His minions die like the chumps they are.

...This room is really creeping me out. Let's go back to Amkethran.

Uh-oh, that's not good.

I'm pretty sure this is a part of Iylos' quest which, like the man himself, seems to be bugged as fuck. Mercifully they disappear into the ether without anything else breaking.

The guy's such a snake.

We'll give him one more chance, Irenicus vouches for him after all.

We leave for the monastery immediately.

Smooth sailing so far.

And off he goes again, some things never change. Good thing Balthazar's minions are easy to defeat.

Balthazar awaits.

I love playing dumb even though we already have all the information we need.

I knew it, Balthazar's a Bhaalspawn as well! Did he say Melissan approached him?

He's obsessed with ridding the world of Bhaalspawn but not so obsessed that he won't take the time to praise Sandrah. :suicide:

It takes some convincing but I think he's coming around...

Normally a fight is unavoidable here, the Ascension mod adds a diplomatic option here.

Back at the Pocket Plane, once again.

This'll be good.

A priestess of Bhaal, huh? How many have we crossed paths with by now?

That's the thing about evil priestesses, very untrustworthy.

We almost come to blows here but the Solar stops us, we have one more trial to do after all.

We've just arrived back at Amkethran and Sandrah feels it necessary to hijack the plot at this crucial moment.

I'm having another baby! :swoon:

We traipse through the garden towards the giant fan that seems to denote exits and entrances in Elminster's house.

Across the battlements...

Into the gatehouse that obviously doesn't actually lead anywhere.

And finally through the front door of our beloved she-bear's house.

:suicide: :suicide:

I don't know what I expected.

Gorion you're barely a year old, how are you so articulate?

And that's pretty much it, we're teleported back to Amkethran shortly after this. I couldn't even record the fact that Khalindra's voice seems to come from one of the dogs running around the place.

Time to head back to the Pocket Plane.

Just one more trial left.

That wasn't too bad, to be honest.

All children of Bhaal are either dead or on our side. We quickly leave this place because that face scares the crap out of me.

Next time we'll face Melissan and deal with our heritage once and for all. :hai: