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Part 139: Chapter CXXXV - What will happen to the part of the essence that is within me but which I use in the name of Eilistraeee and Mystra and have no intention to apply in an evil way ever.

Chapter CXXXV - What will happen to the part of the essence that is within me but which I use in the name of Eilistraeee and Mystra and have no intention to apply in an evil way ever.

The titular Throne of Bhaal, our long journey is nearing its end.

I have no idea how Melissan got to be twice as tall as she originally was.

Balthazar decided to keep to his word, he'll be joining us for this encounter. :respek:

After a bit of verbal sparring between me, Melissan and Irenicus another familiar face is summoned.

Speaking of familiar faces.

Leave Imoen alone, you monster! She's been through enough! :argh:

More villains join the fray.

You really want to get your ass kicked a third time? :smuggo:

There isn't a riddle that our counselor can't solve, bring it on!

One down, two to go.

Sandrah also solves the second riddle, but the third will have to be answered without her help. :ohdear:

Suck it, baboon!

Melissan does a thing and Imoen transforms into the slayer (again). It's best not to attack her since we don't want her to wind up dead.

We head straight for Bodhi and bop her on the head until she gibs. :black101:

Imoen is back to normal and decides to get the hell out of here before her IQ drops any further.

There's three pools we have to deal with in total.

Interacting with them causes monsters to teleport in.

Interact with the pool again and you get teleported back to the beginning, completely restored.

Same with the second pool.

And the third, I decided to summon Mystra's Army and they quickly prove their worth.

Sendai, Yaga-Shura, Abazigal and Illasera get summoned.

Thankfully Sarevok decides to stay loyal to us.

Melissan knocks us on our ass and fucks off back into the throne, leaving us to deal with the brainwashed FiveFour.

Half our party deals with Sendai and Yaga-Shura.

While the other half wails on Abazigal while Skie shoots arrows.

...I'm sorry, what?

For some inexplicable reason Illasera turns into Skie when she's at low health. There's no sprite change or dialogue that indicates this, I almost missed it the first time around.

She's the last of the five to fall.

Melissan decides to face us herself.

She soon finds out that she bit off more than she can chew, however.

It doesn't take long for the battle to be interrupted.

Melissan is defeated, we have won! :toot:

Enough about that though, it's Sandrah's time to shine! :suicide:

We are summoned before Mystra, with Elminster by her side. Qilandhra also joins us here and Balthazar arrives shortly after this screenshot was taken. Melissan is also lying around in the corner there because why the hell not?

We can't say we didn't see this coming. :jerkbag:

Sandrah really doesn't get enough praise so it's nice to see her finally getting some well deserved respect.

...That physically hurt to type. This is horrible.

Midnight was never truly Mystra to begin with, it was always supposed to be Sandrah.

...I could literally be doing anything else right now.

Stop looking at me like that, I'm uncomfortable enough as it is!

Sandrah accepts, of course. No shred of humility to be found.

Looks like it's my turn now, I'm getting goosebumps!

Balthazar willingly gives up his Bhaalspawn essence.

Qilandrha deftly deflects suspicion away from herself by making a totally-not-suspicious comment.

Sandrah's word is law, however. Mary Sues have to stick together.

Leave my Bhaal essence behind or accept my destiny and become a god? Choices, choices...

My companions offer their opinions on the subject.

I choose mortality.

After the cutscenes it's time for...

The epilogues and credits, the game is over...

So yeah, this obviously not the way to go. Roxanne didn't even bother giving Sandrah an epilogue. We're obviously not supposed to do this.

Godhood it is then, I suppose.

And so ends Throne of Bhaal and with it the Bhaalspawn saga...

...This is not the end for us, though. Sandrah Saga adds TWO more storylines to continue Sandrah's story.

The first one starts right away but I'm obviously getting ahead of myself, Return to Faerun will have to wait until a later date...

...What of Jen'lig, though? She was awfully quiet this chapter.

Jen'lig's story was supposed to be concluded at the Throne of Bhaal but she bugged out, causing her to get stuck in oldMystra's throne-room while me and Sandrah teleported out to the new and improved throne room. She was the best part of this whole thing and now I can't even show you guys how her story ends. :cripes:

Next time we'll see what Return to Faerun has in store for us. Again I want to thank you all for sticking around through this meandering trainwreck. It's all downhill from here.