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Part 144: Chapter CXL - I's got this wonderful fur case nobody noticed it yet, it's the PINK that makes it so special. I'm warm, haha.

Chapter CXL - I's got this wonderful fur case nobody noticed it yet, it's the PINK that makes it so special. I'm warm, haha.

With Sandrah's help we pinpoint the location of the graveyard where Nerkio's hanging out.

East from the temple of Mystra, just like she said.

Does L'urieet have a redemption arc? Will it make her less shitty? Only time will tell.

Oh boy, it's my favourite map from IWD2. :allears:

Lots of skeletons here, they're extremely easy to take down.


Nerkio and Sandrah exchange words and he storms off.

We follow him without delay.

Well, I guess we can take the time to appreciate how gorgeous this map is. :allears:


Uh-oh, this can't be good.

What a bunch of buffoons.

They summon some reinforcements including a wizard named Zyntris. Are we supposed to know who she is?

A lich bothers us and is quickly dispatched.

Helmed horrors, really? I eat those for breakfast! :black101:

Even the rats march to their doom here.

Finally a Balor teleports in to his quick death.

Prepare my ass, we don't have the time!

The only thing left on this level are goblins and mists.

At least we've got quite the haul out of the experience. :jerkbag:

On to the next area.

Red Wizards teleport in.

Finally, worthwhile loot!

Uh-oh, you know what this means...

MYCONIDS! :shroom:

Also Talos worshippers. Why not?


These wizards put up quite a fight, their leader is called Relonar. He was the first to die.

We also face off against Zyntris again, it goes about as well for her as the last time she tried to mess with us.

The way north is blocked.

From here we go east and see if we can't progress from there.

These dialogues.... :shepicide:

The toughest nuts to crack in this area are the ice golems, or at least they would be if Sandrah didn't insta-kill them the minute they pop into view.

We run into Scar once again. I miss him. :smith:

...I think these guys are bugged.

This altar holds a block of ice.

Believe it or not taking that block of ice opens the door in the previous area. Before heading there I decided to explore the current area a bit more.

Yep, these guys are definitely bugged.

There's multiple altars with blocks of ice, we don't need any more though.

There's an exit to the southeast but it's blocked.


This is so wrong on so many levels.

The first two are probably items for Cespenar but what the fuck is Jaheira's hair doing here? :ohdear:

Brage's body can also be found here. He deserved better. :smith:

These poor guys. :(

There's some frost salamanders in this dead-end room, they're not found anywhere else on this level.

That's all for this area. (Both northern exits lead back to the same place)

Time to press on.

Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?

Might want to make a mental note of this.

A giant red snake is in the middle of this area. It doesn't put up much of a fight.

Time to head to the next area. (Both the southern and western exits lead back to the Myconid area)

The collector, some other guy, a big red button, bookshelves. The perfect recipe for an epic confrontation.

Nothing happens until you talk to one of them so let's loot the room first.

ST, huh? Who could that be referring to?

Nothing else to loot here, let's have a chat with the two fine gentlemen in front of us.

...Corneil? The guy who sold licenses in Athkatla?

Before I can even react to the bad dialogue the screen shakes...

...And we're transported outside to the graveyard.

Madeen was the guy who kickstarts the Valygar quest in SoA. What's he doing here?

That's some dialogue choice we get at the end there.

...Where is this summer camp anyway?

Oh, okay. That shouldn't be that hard.

The summer camp is east of the Friendly Arm Inn, you can reach it by exiting the area from the west... :cripes:

I've got a bad feeling about this.

There's some demons to defeat in this area, we saw this dialogue before in the area where we met Melicamp.

We leave the area by heading southeast.

That's some stampede.

Izzy and Giran bond over the experience, we even get a fade to black but I don't think it means what it usually means. At least not yet.

This must be the summer camp!

Yep, right on the money.

Quite a neat location.

Enough sightseeing though, time to head inside.

Nothing to do in this area, there's an exit to the north.

In the next room we reconnect with the gang.

I love how Sandrah repeats what I just said, stop taking credit for my already-small contributions! :argh:

Words of wisdom there, I think Sandrah speaks for all of us there.

Wallrick's also here, it's been quite a while since we've seen him!

Yes, helpful. So very, very helpful. :shepicide:

We actually have a choice as to where to go next!

Next time we'll meet up with Midnight and go back to the place where this nightmare first began!