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Part 151: Chapter CXLVII - Who's more surprised, thee or me?

Chapter CXLVII - Who's more surprised, thee or me?

Remember this area? Time to explore it.

First up is the brewery.

This got a chuckle out of me.

We sample some beers and get some rumors in return.

That's all for the brewery.

Next up is the treasury.

Filled with some tough slimes.

I get the cloak of Mask from one of the corpses here and head outside before they overwhelm me.

Some of the slimes follow me outside.

They split when you kill them, extremely annoying.

After dealing with the slimes we head for the temple of Auril.

Branwen! :swoon:

She's acquanted with the Red Hoods, apparently. A shame she won't be joining us.

Let's get out of here before I catch a cold.

Remember this windmill?

The slaves we freed are hanging out here, I almost forgot about them!

The second item we need is in the court house that we can't enter. :negative:

Nothing left to do but head back to the Foreign Trade District, next up is this unmarked building.

It's full of lizards.

Lots and lots of lizards.

This is the aftermath of a lengthy and frustrating fight.

We free some slaves, everything seems to point to Samas Kul.

Izzy's friend is also here.

We're too late to save her lover but at least we can send her to Saemon's ship.

This building is marked 'Mage Tower', I wonder who lives here?

Nothing on the first floor, let's head upst-


Wait, he doesn't know that we're...?

You'd think the ruler of a nation like Thay would be up on current events but apparently not. :shrug:

This scroll will come in handy later, you'll see.

Let's see what the Legion Headquarters are about.

No promises.

This area's full of knights, most of whom have nothing to say.

Some of them are even hostile.

Nothing else here, though there seems to be a backroom.

How many chapters would it take for Sandrah to work her way through all the Arthurian Knights, I wonder?

Brelm used to hang out with Ribald back in Waukeen's Promenade, he seems to think he's still there.

Another familiar face from the Adventurer Mart.

That's it for this area.

Almost every house can be entered and some of the inhabitants even have unique dialogue.

Anyway, it's time to head to this Guild of Foreign Trade we've heard so much about.

A knight approaches us and tries to be a hero, his loss.

What are they feeding these people?

The next floor has these weird floating portraits, is this intentional?

How many familiar faces are we going to run into?

Our honesty is rewarded and they both move on.

These are the alternate options.

Enough with the lizards already, sheesh!

Those paintings still bug me. We take the right stairs up first.

One day they'll learn not to cross me.

Today is not that day. :black101:

God damn it, looks like we have to head back, taking the left stairs up in the painting room this time.

Those chanters to the south are the ones casting the spell effects, they're not hostile to us for some reason but the spells still hurt us. I choose to leave the room and let them be.

One of the chanters in the next room was hostile and dies instantly to Giran's magic missile bow, what an idiot.

That's it for this floor, time for the next one!

This floor is colorful to say the least.

There is no pink room.

Poets, yuck.

This is more like it.

Further along we reach a throne room where we fight some skeletons while two people watch.

I'm sure these two get along like peas in a pod.

How does Samas Kul know who we are while Szass Tam is oblivious?

I have to admit my eyes glaze over while reading this on more than one occasion.

Anyway, the sword of mask is found on one of the thrones in this area.

A map of the area, note the colored rooms.

Nothing left to do but head out, this door is one-way and leads us to the door that we couldn't enter before.

On our way down we stumble upon a dining area that I completely missed on the way up, weird.

With both items in hand it's time to head back to Shabella.

There's a red wizard hanging out in front of the court house now, we still can't enter the place though.

Back to the temple of Mask.

We run into Baylan Gael again, he beckons us to follow him.

He leaves the area after this exchange, a smart move on his part.

And a very stupid move on Shabella's part, she dies almost instantly.

Her flunkies don't fare much better.

I loot the two mask items from Shabella's corpse and leave the area.

I am not looking forward to dealing with Xephistagoras again, let me tell you.

The next story events took an eternity to trigger to the point that I feared it was bugged, I wanted to showcase things I might have missed in Bezantur but this was the only thing I could come up with.

Colano shows up and...

We're taking into custody.

Next time we'll deal with the actual trial, or lack thereof, and see if we can't track down the enigmatic leader of the Red Hoods. (As if he was enigmatic to begin with.)