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Part 152: Chapter CXLVIII - Ohnonothimagain!

Chapter CXLVIII - Ohnonothimagain!

A very tired and frustrated individual, that's who.

That could've gone better.

Izzy's not about to let us languish, though.

...We're caught again in the very next room, though.

Ah, the district attorney's office again. I only realised after uploading this screenshot.

I have a bad feeling about this.




A knight approaches the judge. (Hidden by the fog of war)

We're free!

I can't wait to thank him! :downs:

Oh, for fuck's sake.

RIP Narghal Rasz. He died how he lived; extremely horny.

Let's just put this behind us and head downstairs.

Colano appears again.

Of course this was all just a clever ruse, Colano seems to be on our side.

You can talk to Sandrah about it.

Another Planescape: Torment area, before leaving this place we head for the back room.

The lantern we need isn't here, looks like we'll have to go to Ithrash's house in the Temple District.

There's some enemies waiting for us on our way back, no trouble.


Anyway, we're back at the Autharch's house.

Aside from the lantern it's still as empty as before.

We run into the man himself on the way out but we manage to bluff our way out of a fight. (His house is WAY too small for him)

With both the lantern and the wardstone in hand...

...We can finally enter the mausoleum.

The enemies here are low level, even our BG1 party would've made mincemeat out of them.

The entrance to the next area is blocked.

Umber hulks periodically spawn in, they come one at a time which makes them extremely easy to deal with.

After killing about six of them this guy appears.

Candrella's married to the leader of the Red Hoods?

....Oh no.

We can move on to the next area now.

This cleric greets us as we enter the Red Hood stronghold.

Occasionally low-level enemies teleport in, this time around we're aided by the guy in the badass armor to the north.

Let's hope they don't have to test out that theory.

There's lots of people down here that you can talk to with the occasional easy fight in between.

Nothing like the sight of cows to get the juices flowing, I suppose.

On to the next area. (One of the few times where I didn't explore the whole map, I'm pretty sure the rest is just more of the same)

Somehow I doubt it.

(Vichan's not actually present, he's just teleported here so we can watch the scene.)

The butler from before welcomes us to the inner sanctum.

I'm not sure this charade is worth the effort, if Szass Tam hasn't figured it all out by now he probably never will.

Gah, the suspense is killing me! But I guess we'd better visit this 'other acquaintance' first.


Take out the forces arrayed against us one by one, that makes sense.

Enough about that, though. It's time to meet the leader of the Red Hoods!


I thought I was ready for this reveal but I was sorely mistaken. Since Edwin has managed to bug out in every portion of this LP I was extremely nervous that he wouldn't show himself here, thus dooming the entire Let's Play that I've spent an ungodly amount of hours on already. Maybe that would've been a mercy.

Even after all these hours Sandrah still manages to get her shots in. :allears:

Hey, Roxanne. Maybe don't use that word ever again? Just a thought.

Why can't we just finish our conversation now? :argh:

The slave we freed is hanging out here.

So is Branwen.

The proper exit is a bit hidden, slightly north of the way we came in.

A map of the area.

We travel through a small exterior area...

...As well as a basement with some hostile rats in it. Going upstairs takes us to the Odesseiron Estate.

Not really, no. Feel free to go ahead though.

Sandrah has a point, this might not be the improvement that they seem to think it is.

I'm going to have to disagree there, Edwin.

...What the fuck did you just say to me?


I feel like punching someone, namely a particular promiscuous young lady.

...We're relocating AGAIN!? :negative:

Your parents suck and so you do, you little shit.

We head for Sharkey's and inquire about the back room.

This takes us to a separate area where Samas Kul, Saemon, Candrella, Edwin and Colano are waiting for us.

Welp, seems like our time in Thay is about to come to an end.

Good thing too because the knights scattered around the city are now hostile towards us.

Even Ithrash bars our way, just like the Bhaalspawn he shares his model with he's invincible so I just ran around him to the next area.

We hack and slash our way through the Foreign Trade District. :black101:

The bugs are gaining on us, we have to go faster! :ohdear:

We make our way to Saemon's Ship and cast off.

And now it's time for some well-deserved rest.

Next time we'll deal with the return journey where we'll crash a certain someone's wedding.