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Part 153: Chapter CXLIX - Mmh - you know how to convince me, you teasing sparrow.

Chapter CXLIX - Mmh - you know how to convince me, you teasing sparrow.

On our way back to the Sword Coast and bored out of our minds, guess we'd better explore the area a bit.

Only because we don't have any other choice.

Her being able to crack jokes about being a former sex slave sure is something.

Izzy's friend is also here, safe and sound.

There's nothing else to do belowdecks (or there is and I haven't been able to find it) so let's head upstairs.

Ah, the ocean. :allears:

This dialogue... :suicide:

A small easter egg here, Noober is hanging out in a nearby boat. If you talk to him enough he'll walk off, presumably to drown himself. His dialogue is the same as in Nashkel though so I'll spare you the entire thing.

We talk a bit about our plans going forward but of course Sandrah prefers to let us in the dark.

After the conversation we pitch our tent on the deck and head to bed.

When we awaken Saemon and Shaleij are nowhere to be found.

We use the gangplank to follow Saemon to the island we've encountered.

Bezantur is represented on the map, by the way. While we were there the game still thought we were in Amkethran but now that we've left we're somehow in Bezantur. This makes no sense.

We soon come across a forest with trapped bridges that spawn low level monsters.

A bit further we stumble upon a village, Faenya Dale to be exact.

The map is extremely dark for some reason, let's get to exploring!

What an odd little man.

Hey, it's that lady from Nashkel way back when! What's she doing here? I have no idea.

Enemies still spawn occasionally.


Buzz off.

Thank you for letting me know. (We can't even enter this place)

...Is there something in the water?

Moving on to some interior areas.

We finally meet some of the winged folk.

This place is the inn.

...Let's just move on.

We can exit this area to the east.

Much better looking than the village, that's for sure.

We can all see where this is going, right?

...I thought I was ready. I was wrong. :suicide:

Referring to a wedding as your 'final total defeat' is weird to say under any circumstances, let alone next to your bride.

Words cannot express how much I hate this.

The entrance to the temple is blocked.

This wardstone found in the nearby statue allows us to pass though.

A good thing as well because Saemon's in trouble!

Shortly after entering the temple we find the remains of Saemon's crew as well as their assailants: Extremely tough Kua-Toa.

There's a lot of them.

They even manage to kill me, these guys hit hard.

After a couple of tries it's on to the next area.

More Kua-Toa and some yeti to boot.

Golems and 'water weirds'.

Culminating in an honest-to-God water dragon.

...Or was it an aqua dragon?

I couldn't make progress in this area and I couldn't go back, once again the LP was in jeopardy. Since I'm the only person who's made it this far Googling didn't help either.

Turns out there's an invisible Kua-Toa here with a shitload of magic resistance. He doesn't aggro so I was at an impasse.

Casting 'Dragon's Breath' solved the issue though. The LP was saved once again! :shepicide:

Saemon greets us after the hidden Kua-Toa bites it.

Time to head outside.

Ithrash confronts us once again.

The Avariel join in and he flees shortly afterwards.


The lovers are reunited and our time in Faenya Dale is coming to an end.

We've seen this particular chapter before, it still sucks.

Next time we'll strike back against the 'Phalanx' so we can end this thing once and for all. Hopefully it won't take too long.