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Part 161: Chapter CLVII - YOU, miserable descendent of that meddling harper - ALL OF THIS IS YOUR WORK!!

Chapter CLVII - YOU, miserable descendent of that meddling harper - ALL OF THIS IS YOUR WORK!!

Our journey with Sandrah is coming to an end.

A good thing, too. I don't know how much longer I can stand this dialogue. :shepicide:

Using Sandrah's parcel we go back to the Sword Coast.

First up is the conclusion to Melicamp's quest.

You'd think the resulting battle would be one for the ages...

...But it's laughably easy.

Leyala and Melicamp are an item, apparently. Maybe if he didn't have to sit out the majority of our adventure we would've seen it develop.

This is the book Sandrah gives to Melicamp, we've seen it before. I almost forgot that Sandrah being Elminster's daughter was supposed to be this grand reveal. :cripes:

The Gnoll Stronghold, or rather Blackstaff Tower according to Sandrah.

Drizzt waits for us next to the rope bridge.

So Cyric thought up this entire scheme based on misinformation? This is just so...stupid.

The gulps should give you an indication as to what we'll face.

I almost thought Roxanne didn't bother updating the area.

As it happens this area is 'new.'

Cyric's assassins ambush us at every turn to no avail.

A weird choice for an illusion.

Kelemvor awaits us in the fortress and beckons us upstairs.

Once we arrive we come face to face with Cyric.

These have to be some of the dumbest villains ever created. I didn't think it was possible to top Szass Tam but here we are.

Ao teleports in...

But the game acts as if it's Kelemvor who's just arrived.

Nothing gets past this guy.

Ao teleports away with Cyric instead of smiting Sandrah like she deserves.

What a twist, as it turns out this whole thing was Sandrah's doing all along because she cleverly deduced that Cyric and Shar would move against her!

All hail Sandrah, true ruler of the universe! :suicide:

We're not done quite yet, though. Let's head for the Friendly Arm Inn.

I'm gracious enough to throw Leyala a bone once in a while. :heysexy:

The Solar has arrived to the delight of Pelligram.

They both turn into humans and leave us.

We head inside.

We fade to black afterwards, I guess they only know of one way to say goodbye.

Volo sure spits some wisdom here. No happy endings to be had.

Time for epilogues.

I used to get teary-eyed at ToB's epilogues as a kid, now the tears are coming for a different reason.

It's over, it's finally over...


...Well, not quite. The tale of Sandrah and Vichan might be over but there's one more part of this nightmare for us to experience.

Join me next time as we delve into Time of Troubles Revisited, the last part of this abysmal saga!