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by Vichan

Part 163: Chapter VLIX - I know some women like that, the sweat, strength, power of the bull, the lion, yeah, the panther.

Chapter CLIX - I know some women like that, the sweat, strength, power of the bull, the lion, yeah, the panther.

After routing the slavers I decided to head to Nashkel for some R&R.

Haiass still being around seems to be a feature, not a bug. Weird.

Let's get some rest.

Cyric is basically Edwin as you can see.

And just like that we've got a new quest, looks like we're off to Waterdeep!

After we've had some sleep, of course.

Waterdeep is accessed by going to the little wilderness area in front of it, just like always.

This leads us right into an ambush.

There's no avoiding this fight, they're easily dispatched.

The caves they're talking about is the area where we faced off against the collector.

On our way there I decide to stop at the Temple of Mystra.

Most of the people here don't have anything new to say but there's some changes here and there.

Anyway, it's east from the temple to the graveyard.

We're ambushed again here, no biggie.

Our first dungeon, exciting!

We've covered this area before and there's not much to add, most of the time we're up against these guys.

This'll be interesting.

Kelemvor transforms into a panther and attacks his brother.

His minions are more of a bother than the man himself.

After the fight Kelemvor transforms back and passes out.

Poor Kelemvor... :smith:

Going north leads to a dead end, nothing but combat.

Instead we have to go east through the ice chambers.

This force field that barred the way before (or rather later) is open to us now.

This leads us to a lava area with wyverns and drow.

At the end is a drow encampment, one of the drow talks to us and flees. The rest rush to their deaths.

This scroll might come in handy, we'd better take it with us.

A nice looking area, it looks even better in motion.

Next up is a small area filled with basilisks and various spiders.

At the end two drow are waiting for us next to a pretty convincing Drizzt statue.

After all these hours Roxanne still amazes with the riveting dialogue.

Nisstyre opens the fight with a blast that even sends her on our ass.

Tsabrak is first to go, in no small part due to the fact that Nisstyre isn't really interested in fighting us until her flunky is near death.

A big mistake on her part.

Little did Drizzt know that he'd end up banging Midnight, her daughter AND her granddaughter over the course of decades.

Drizzt hands us the amulet and storms off.

Our next stop is Suldanessellar, one can only guess who we'll find there.

At this point it occurred to me that I didn't check to see if the NPCs had any PIDs.

Turns out that they do, Cyric and Kelemvor at least.

...I think it's best that we don't mess with the timeline too much.

A beautiful area. :allears:

On our way back Cyric tries his luck with Midnight to no avail.

Next time we'll see if there's anything to do in the Friendly Arm Inn before heading to the fabled city of the elves.