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Part 17: Chapter XVII - Thou are nay the one!

Chapter XVII - Thou are nay the one!

The gnolls are dead within moments, the drow approaches us shortly afterwards.

OMG it's Drizzt! :swoon:

Before we can even think of attacking him a certain someone chimes in.

Sandrah and Drizzt know each other? Who could've guessed! I should ask her about it sometime...

First things first, though. We have a diary to find! No sooner do we reach the next screen...

Isn't it awkward when you say goodbye to someone not knowing that you both have to head in the same direction?

The parchment looks like a dead end, I guess we'll have to find ourselves some gnolls!


We head west to Bear Bridge, when we arrive...

...Friendly gnolls?

It seems we've started a new religion, sweet!

The gnolls haven't even left yet before we're approached by Drizzt yet again.

We've spent days trying to track down the journal only for Drizzt to steal our thunder in hours time. I'd complain but...

Dynaheir's journal is back to its rightful owner! Let's celebrate with a PID.


Speaking of PIDS, we were supposed to ask Sandrah something...

Those allergic to Mary Sue's might want to bow out of this one.

This is terrible even by fanfic standards.

The plot thickens, looks like we're heading to Firewine...

...It might be best to make some progress in the main story first, though. This iron crisis also deserves our attention.

Bjornin might want to dispute that particular fact, Sandrah.

Jesus Christ, Sandrah. What are you doing!? :gonk: