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Part 18: Chapter XVIII - The Sword Coast these days is crowded with morons. I'm embarrassed.

Chapter XVIII - The Sword Coast these days is crowded with morons. I'm embarrassed.

Since we've finally decided to tackle the Nashkel mines we make our way over there, Sandrah doesn't seem happy.

Yes, Sandrah. We'll get to the cloth after we've cle-

Sandrah, we're talking about *my* questline here, what do Bhaalspawn have to do w-


Who the fuck are you!? :argh:

Winski doesn't appear much in vanilla BG1 but he's pretty important in the grand scheme of things. BG1NPC expands on this a bit and it seems like Sandrah Saga wants in on the action as well.

Before we can get a word in edgewise...

...He's gone.

Oh boy, time to put our thinking caps on.

So many questions, will we ever get answ-

Boy, Sandrah Saga sure loves chapters.

Time to explore the valley, I suppose.

I think I missed a dialogue here, my apologies.

I love how Sandrah asks questions she pretty much knows the answers to already.

Normally this would be pretty sweet but this is Sandrah we're talking about here...

We can't count on Dynaheir backing us up on this either, it seems. Goddamn Sandrah and her persuasiveness. :negative:

Also 'Boo is a door through which we can touch Minsc's own self' sounds pretty ominous coming from her...

Is my character having a stroke? Will we finally be free of this torment?

Oh God, they're watching? :barf:

I've noticed we can ask her about Minsc now.

Oh God Sandrah I'm sorry reload reload relo-

I definitely approve of her secret admirer and wouldn't find anything problematic about her relationship at all.

We're doubling back a bit so I can get some Shadow Armor from the smith in Beregost.

Sandrah, for fuck's sake...

"I see no problems with this at all. :downs:"

Jen'lig's right. This constant meandering and backtracking is unforgivable. Back to the mines!

Oh hey it's Prism, who's that with him?

Why hello there. :heysexy:

Prism's one of my favourite characters, I don't know why.

Uh-oh, is that the infamous Graywolf approaching us?

Oh, sorry. Greywolf. My mistake.

(Greywolf himself isn't hard but he brought surprisingly sturdy archers, luckily we're overleveled)

Jen'lig's definitely impressed by our prowess. :colbert:

No sooner does he say these words when...

What a shame.

I've always wondered what happened to Prism here. Does he commit suicide? Does the mere mention of Ellesime's name cause him to drop dead? Let me know if you have the answer, it's been keeping me busy for two decades now!

Seems like we have a new party member, which means...

This won't be the last we'll see of them, not by a long shot. For now I think it's best that Minsc and Boo keep their distance though. Dynaheir will be sorely missed.

Not too shabby. She doesn't have anything special equipment-wise. (Don't get used to her though)

Who's going to be our sixth party member, you ask?

Dwarf time! (Don't get used to him either)

What a brown-noser...

Kind of impressed at his portrait, very BG2-ish.

He has a custom class as well.

We equip him with our overpowered axe we got at the gnoll stronghold. Next time we'll (FINALLY) venture into the Nashkel mines!