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Part 21: Chapter XXI - kissa me quickly.

Chapter XXI - kissa me quickly.

The Mighty NIMBUL goes down like a sack of potatoes.

Rasaad approaches us afterwards but we're not interested in him.

Life on the road doesn't sit well with Xan's sensibilities.

Welcome back, Branwen!

Oh, I'm thirsty alright. :heysexy:

It's like she never left. :swoon:

Sandrah and Branwen immediately turn to theological matters.

Our pleasure, Ghastkill.

Before we go to Beregost to kick Tranzig's ass let's check in on Imoen's squeeze.



Those stats ain't nothing to sneeze at either.

I think Henning would be better off without their 'ideas'.

Just as we arrive in Beregost...

Looks like we're back to see Henning, let's take care of business here first though.

Xan is no match for the unending hunger of the Beast.

You said it, brother.

Let's take the vial of mysterious liquid to Taerom.

God, Sandrah's equipment is in REALLY bad shape. :downs:

Taerom's no stranger to mysterious liquids.

No sooner do we arrive at Feldepost's to deal with Tranzig when...

Why don't I get wined and dined like that? :(

Vengeance was swift.

Good thing we're in a bar then!

I'd say Branwen has a poor taste in men but... :colbert:

One person dressed in pink is enough, thanks.

Is Jen'lig trying to flirt with me?

That's the spirit! (Almost missed this convo)

She's in a *really* good mood now that Tranzig's dealt with.

Don't worry, Xan. Our goals are aligned. :hai:

Time to go back to Henning.

The moonblade does make him a lot cooler, I've got to say.

It's a pity he's such a downer.

It's nice of Sandrah to finally address the whole 'open relationship' thing of her own accord, I guess.

I guess we can check in occasionally.

On to new adventures, I hear there's a statue garden somewhere east...