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Baldur's Gate Trilogy - Sandrah Saga

by Vichan

Part 27: Chapter XXVII - Do not become hopeless just now, my poor besta friend.

Chapter XXVII - Do not become hopeless just now, my poor besta friend.

We press onward, slaying many spiders along the way.

They make a great couple. :allears:

We encounter Centeol's cave, a pretty interesting area.

Centeol knows Jon Irenicus. But wait, there's more.

A lot of NPCs in BG1 have unique dialogue if you charm them, this includes people like Thalantyr but also enemies. Centeol is my favourite because of the way she foreshadows BG2. (In the original BG1 she references Jon Icarus, this was changed to Jon Irenicus somewhere along the line) We'll also run into Tanova somewhere along the line. Neat. :)

We oblige her, collecting Spider's Bane and Tiber's brother's corpse in the process.

...Of course Sandrah's knowledgable about the subject as well.

You'll be happy to know this is a Sandrah-lite chapter. On to the next area.

This chapter is all about Jaheira, baby! Here she warns us about the Shadow Druids.

Some druids are friendly...

...Others are anything but. Thankfully they're laughably easy to dispatch.

Over here we have the most forgettable NPC of BG1, Faldorn. I always forget she exists until I reach this area only to forget about her again as soon as I leave the Cloakwood. She's voiced by the same person who voices Jaheira so having them both in the party is quite the trip, especially because they argue constantly. She has content for Jaheira's quest but we simply don't have room for her. We might add her to the party later on to see if she interacts with Sandrah but in all likelihood Roxanne forgot she existed as well.

Farewell, whoever you are. :wave:

Oooh, a literal treehouse!

So cozy as well!


For all his bluster he dies almost immediately.

She attacks us after this, I hope this doesn't come back to bite us. Next area.

The Enhanced Edition doesn't even have a cutscene here, a travesty.

The druids assaulting Beador aren't that hard.

I always forget where to go after this and this time was no different. Mostly because Beador gives false directions. Asshole.

I can't wait to see how those two will interact with each other.

This guy sells quite a lot of high level spells, not bad for a paltry 300 coins.

Sandrah's *really* rubbing off on Imoen.

Being completely lost I stumble back to the first area.

Oh, Raiken! I can't believe I missed you coming in here.

Pah, we can handle a bunch of common bandi-

Oh sh-

Take this! :argh:


Oh God there's MORE? :gonk:

(This was quite a hard fight, the fact that I suck at this game really shone through. All these screenshots were of failed runs)

What a battle.

Shortly afterwards I realized that I wasn't even supposed to be here today. I needed to go back to the treehouse we JUST visited, thanks Beador...

Compared to the fight we just had this one wasn't even worth mentioning.

We do let the poor sod go because why not?

Maretha is saved, all is right in nature!

A nice quest, if a bit convoluted.

Farewell, Khalid and Jaheira! :wave: It was nice having you back for a bit but we have to make way for a certain charmer. And Eldoth as well!