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Part 30: Chapter XXX - 'twas all blood and blurry, n' I guess I killed some orcs with empty hands, huh?

Chapter XXX - 'twas all blood and blurry, n' I guess I killed some orcs with empty hands, huh?

We arrive at the Cloakwood mines.

Albert is waiting for us just south of the entrance, what's he point us to?

Child slaves? They must be liberated! :black101:

The resulting fight was pretty hard, one of their mages summoned a horde of diseased rats for some reason.

One by one the children come up to us. They use the same dialogue as the child slaves in BG2.

Our party is united in their hatred for slavery, Safana is probably busy admiring her own reflection.

This fight is unchanged from vanilla but I just wanted an excuse to share this exchange.

Imoen's picked up quite the reputation.

After another small fight we head into the mines proper.

Coran's fun to have around. :)

Safana finally makes herself useful by teaching Imoen how to pick locks...

...Actually not useful at all because she's a mage. :doh:

Just wait until you've experienced Sandrah's healing touch.

Who are we kidding, he probably already has.

Not much else to do here so we go one level deeper.

We'd better make a small detour before storming Knowlod's level.

For some reason the slaves at Cloakwood had a real impact on me as a kid, I really wish you could meet some of them again later but alas... :(

Know who else had an impact on me? Fucking Yeslick. He's also one of those 'forgotten' NPCs because he's somewhat out of the way and comes without any equipment at a time where probably already have a cleric. I really wish him and Kagain had been switched around.

Farewell, Safana. :wave: You were nice enough to have around but it's dwarfin' time now. :black101:

Oh, Coran. You're incorrigible. :allears:

Time to storm Knowlod's place! This orc quickly runs away to warn everyone.

We follow him to this area which was filled with orcs, including shamans and priests. Fireballs and lightning bolts aplenty but we got it done in the end.

We find these keystones which we will use to reach the next area, before we do that however...

Imoen means business.

Mental note: Ask Sandrah about Sarevok when we get the chance.

(Sidenote: that URL is something else)

Travenhurst was the owner of the large mansion we visited the first time we were in Beregost, I told you guys he would be important!

Ulgoth's Beard, huh? We'll probably run into Haynalt later on. :)

We reach this area next.

Battle is joined, it's a big one as well. Jen'lig immediately rushes forward like she's wont to do, why is Imoen going with her tho-


She wipes the floor with everyone, as expected.

They're awfully calm about the whole thing. I'd object but I'm still trying to find words for what we just experienced. We'll DEFINITELY ask Sandrah about this as soon as we get the chance.

Helg sounds like a cool dude, I hope we get to meet him. :)

Finally we reach Knowlod, Henning is lying just beside him.

He's a pushover.

Henning's body is self-explanatory, Travenhurst's purse offers interesting possibilities that we'll be sure to explore once we get out of here.

And just like that she's gone... :negative:

Yeslick immediately gets chatty. Isn't he just the best? :allears:

And just like that she's back. :swoon:

With Henning safe in Waterdeep we're free to clear the rest of these damn mines, after that we'll deal with this Travenhurst fellow after which we'll take a well deserved vacation to the isle of Lendore.